Chapter 464 Publishing

    "Lu Director is early!"

    The beautiful and welcoming front desk lady was bowed, and the sweet and crisp Voice made Lu Chen look at her more.

    Lu Chen studio's front desk has always been Xiaomei sister, recently turned Lu Xi's assistant, which is greatly improved, this front desk is newly recruited recently.

    At that time, Lu Chen just went to Xiangjiang. It is said that the news of recruiting new front desks was released. The beauty of the women who came to apply for them was endless and the competition was fierce.

    Unfortunately, he did not see it, but this carefully selected new employee is undoubtedly very eye-catching.

    Lu Chen nodded: "Early."

    Studio was founded by him, but the general manager's position was always Lu Xi, Lu Chen one's own was originally Music Director, and now is the art director.

    He asked more: "What is your name?"

    The front desk lady smiled sweetly: "My name is Wang Yali, you can call me Xiaoli."

    "Lu Director, Manager Zhang of Shanhai Publishing House is waiting for you in the reception room. Are you seeing him at the office, or?"

    Lu Chen said: "I will go see him directly."

    Shanhai Publishing House is one of the top ten private publishing houses of Domestic. It is headquartered in Beijing. When Lu Chen published the novel “Blue Life and Death Love”, the publishing house won the price of 15% royalty + 500,000 guaranteed. copyright.

    Later, the novel version of "Full House" is also a collaboration with Shanhai Publishing House.

    So far, Lu Chen’s two novels have combined sales of more than 5 million. As a result of the adaptation of the film and television drama, the results are very dazzling. Aside from the influence of the work itself, Shanhai Publishing House is also indispensable. .

    Therefore, in the cooperation list of Lu Chen studio, Shanhai Publishing House is the first sequence.

    Zhang Yaocheng, manager of Shanhai Publishing House, met with Lu Chen. The deputy general manager and editor-in-chief personally ran to the studio to wait for Lu Chen, and Lu Chen certainly had to personally meet.

    "Manager Zhang, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

    In the reception room, Lu Chen once again saw Zhang Yaocheng, a temperament refined middle-aged man.

    Zhang Yaocheng and Lu Chen shook hands and smiled. "Land Director, you are a busy person. It is not easy to find you!"

    Lu Chenxi: "I have been preparing for filming in Xiangjiang recently. It is really a lack of skills."

    Zhang Yaocheng said: "That time, let's fix the contract directly!"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Okay."

    Until this time, Zhang Yaocheng introduced Lu Chen to a young woman he brought: "This is Zhou Wei, my assistant Editor, who is responsible for the editing of "Jiang Hu"."

    Lu Chen nodded at the other party and smiled and said, "Hello."

    "you…Hello. ”

    Zhou Wei’s age in his twenties is plain and ordinary. With thick glasses, she is obviously a little confused in the face of Lu Chen. She wants to reach out and shrink back. Her face is flushed.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's hard for you, let's talk to the office."

    "it is good!"

    Zhang Yaocheng certainly has no objection. He quietly glanced at Zhou Wei, quite a bit of hateful iron.

    Today, he came over with one's own niece, who wanted her to meet the world and meet Lu Chen, the promising young man, to broaden his horizons and connections.

    I didn't expect Zhou Wei's performance to be so bad, and she didn't have the confidence she had at work.

    It can only be said that Lu Chen's Charm is too big, or Halo is too dazzling, so that the young girl like Zhou Wei can't keep calm.

    After Lu Chen’s office was seated, Zhou Wei finally reacted and took a thick stack of books from his briefcase. A total of five books were placed in front of Lu Chen.

    Zhang Yaocheng explained: "This is a sample book specially designed by our publishing house. The title of the book is inscribed by Mr. Fu Guangyuan, the famous Calligraphy family. I also asked Land Director to review it."

    Lu Chen picked up the book placed on the top and carefully looked it up.

    Although it is only a sample book, it is basically not much different from the officially published book. The color laser print has a high resolution of the cover. The four black characters of "Swordsman Jiang Hu" are powerful and powerful, showing the writer's extraordinary skills. Sweeping and a bit of Jiang Hu's temperament.

    Lu Chen is very satisfied.

    "Smiling Jiang Hu" is the test of Lu Chen's IP plan. In May and June of this year, he started the online version of the book in the wave of "Recalling the Ancients".

    At the beginning, the performance of "Jiang Hu" was a breeze, and there were few clicks, collections and reader reviews. It was a bleak.

    However, when Lu Chen continued to update to more than 200,000 words, the results of the book have greatly improved. More and more readers like this book have also received invitations to sign up for the book station.

    Of course, it is impossible for Lu Chen to sign "Jiang Hu" to Inspur, and later slow down the updated Speed, and Pause will update and publish a publication notice when it reaches 500,000 words.

    At this time, "Jiang Hu", the number of books in the book has exceeded 30,000+!

    In the operation of this new martial arts novel, Lu Chen is not eager to seek success. Unlike movies or television, the reputation of a good book needs time to accumulate and brew. For example, the longer the time, the more fragrant.

    Now that the fire is almost the same, Lu Chen will push it to the market through official publication, and then operate it appropriately, paving the way for a series of works such as "The Legend of Shooting Hero" and "Dragon".

    This set of "Smiling Jiang Hu" has a total of five volumes, the whole text is about a million words, the book design and decoration are antique, the layout of the text is regular, and Shanhai Publishing House is undoubtedly very careful.

    When Lu Chen reviewed the sample book, Zhang Yaocheng’s heart was not calm.

    When Lu Chen Studio took the manuscript, the publisher was controversial on the specific terms of the contract, because the author of "Jiang Hu" did not have any fame in the circle, and there was no previous work.

    It is definitely a risk to have such a book. If the royalties are divided into + guarantees, it is easy to lose.

    However, Zhang Yaocheng has seen "Jiang Hu", and learned that after the book's reader feedback from Inspur, he decided to make a contract according to the treatment of the most advanced authors.

    This is not only the need to continue good cooperation with Lu Chen Studio, but more importantly, Zhang Yaocheng has a strong interest in this martial arts novel. His professional sensitivity tells him that in the reading market of traditional books, Jiang Hu "There is definitely a place."

    Therefore, after learning that Lu Chen came back from Xiangjiang, he immediately visited the first time and sent a carefully prepared sample book to ensure that the publication contract could be won.

    Zhang Yaocheng believes that the sincerity of one's own is enough to achieve this cooperation.

    In fact, he was not disappointed.


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