The 460th chapter is so warm

    The times are developing, the society is advancing, and the influence of modern civilization is ubiquitous. Mongolians who have lived a nomadic life for generations are gradually changing the lifestyle of one's own.

    Many young people in the tribe went out. They went to the bustling big cities to see the more exciting world outside. Someone never returned, and some went and returned.

    But for those who leave, or who continue to stick to this land, the prairie will always be their home, their roots, and the care and spiritual sustenance that cannot be erased away from thousands of miles.

    Lu Chen’s "Beautiful Prairie My Home" sang what was not the voice of the herdsmen, so they were particularly strenuous about their touch, and they screamed at the soul.

    Let their moods not calm down for a long time!

    "it is good!"

    The snoring of Uncle Yan Yan awakened those who were still immersed in the song.

    I saw him carrying a large bowl of kumiss and strode to the front of Lu Chen. He said: "Young people, this is the most nice song that I have heard in my life. This bowl of wine respects you!"

    The old man of Guggentana, the Mongolian man, the tiger-backed bear waist looks rough, the square character of the square is dark red, and it must be thick and powerful, and there is always a sigh of breath.

    But he looked at Lu Chen's eyes, all of them were rewards.

    Lu Chen quickly put down the matouqin and took over the huge wine bowl with both hands.

    Uncle Yan Yan is the owner of this hunting ground. It is the head of the tribe. He personally gives Lu Chen a toast. Even if he is drunk, this bowl of wine can not be rejected.

    Fortunately, the kumiss is a low-alcoholic wine, and the nature is not gently, so Lu Chen sent the silver bowl to his mouth and drank the bowl of wine in one breath, without missing half a drop.

    "it is good!"

    Uncle Yan Yan once again sighed aloud, and rushed to the morning to give a thumbs up, and the surrounding herders cheered in unison.

    Lu Chen conquered the group of grassland men with the performance of one's own.

    Zhang Ke, who is not far away, looks in his eyes. He is very impressed. Although he is a director of film and television, he is not a professional of Music, but his understanding of Music is no doubt far more than ordinary people.

    This "Beautiful Grassland My Home", Zhang Ke has never heard of it, but it is absolutely impossible for a work with beautiful melodies and lyrics to be obscured.

    The only explanation, that is Lu Chen's original, was improvised after he came to the Mongolian steppe.

    In the circle, Lu Chen is famous for his good at creation, and is known as No. in the New Generation singer.1.

    What a talent is this!

    Zhang Ke has seen many young people who have the ability to be talented. However, Lu Chen’s impression on him is undoubtedly the most profound.

    In the heart of this big Director, suddenly there was an extra idea.

    Uncle Yan Yan asked: "Young people, who wrote this song you wrote?"

    "His name is Lu Chen, the boyfriend of Mayfair's sister!"

    At this time, Guggentana came out to reveal the identity of Lu Chen. She looked at Lu Chen with a longing look and asked: "Lu Chen, this song is really nice, can you teach me? I want to sing to all the prairie people at this year's White Festival party!"

    The "White Festival" is the most grand and grand festival of the Mongolians every year. It is equivalent to the Spring Festival. At the beginning of the first lunar month, people celebrate each other for toasting and gathering, and love Song Song and entertainment to congratulate the whole year.

    Uncle Yan Yan smiled and touched her daughter's head.

    This is his most cherished pearl.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "This song is written by me. If you like it, then I will let you sing."


    Groottana was surprised and happy, patted the palm and said: "That's great!"

    Her laughter is as beautiful as a silver bell, full of joy and joy.

    Many people in the drama crew watched Guggentana's eyes change, because the latter obviously did not know that the price of a song by Lu Chen was one of the best in the circle!

    Lu Chen was able to rise miraculously in the Entertainment Circle and win the hearts of Chen Feier. The talent of Music is the most important factor, and the star who has won his hand can have more than one.

    Guggentana got this "Beautiful Prairie My Home", even if it is the right to cover, just to operate again, does it mean that a Celebrity will rise on the grassland?

    Others can't ask for it, but she is a one-word thing, how not to envy and hate!


    Uncle Yan Yan was equally surprised. He widened his eyes and waved and said, "Let's take another bowl of wine!"

    The way the grassland man expresses gratitude and admiration is always so simple and rude!

    Lu Chen was very difficult, but had to drink a large bowl of kumiss.

    Even if the alcohol content of the kumiss is low, I can't stand this kind of drinking. When the second bowl is dry, his face is red and it is really drunk.

    Uncle Yan Yan laughed and patted Lu Chen’s shoulder: "Good man!"

    Lu Chen can only smile.

    After the bonfire dinner ended, Lu Chen was supported by Chen Feier and staggered back into her tent.

    Supporting Lu Chen lying on the soft and comfortable bed, Chen Feier hit the hot water, twisted the towel in the washbasin and applied it to his face thoughtfully.

    The heat penetrates into the skin through the pores, the ironing is pleasant, and Lu Chen's wine is dissipated a lot. He comfortably sighs and the whole person is sober.

    Chen Feier said with a sigh: "You drink too much at night!"

    Lu Chen helpless: "I don't want to, but they come to me one by one."

    In addition to the herdsmen, there are members of the drama crew. Even Shi Lang has a bowl of respect. Can he not drink?

    That must not work, so I drank too much.

    Chen Feier dislikes: "The alcohol in one, don't touch me at night."

    Lu Chen smiled and suddenly reached out and grabbed her. She pulled directly into the arms of one's own and kissed them.

    With a vague saying: "I will touch!"

    Chen Feier Gege smiled and resisted and turned and said: "Then you sing a song to me, I have never heard of it."

    Similar requests, she has been mentioned several times, every time I can get a surprise.

    This time Lu Chen gave a song to Groottana!

    Lu Chen gave up the entanglement, and made a meditation thought. After a moment, he said: "With!"

    He hugged Chen Feier and sang softly in her ear.

    "In that faraway place, there is a good girl."

    “People have walked through her account and have to look back and look back.”

    "Her pink smile is like a red sun."

    "She's beautiful and moving eyes, like the bright moonlight at night."


"I want to be a lamb, go with her to go sheep, I want her to take a thin whip…"

    "Continuously hit me gently."

    Lu Chen’s singing became very light and light, and at the end it was invisible and turned into a uniform breathing sound.

    He couldn't resist the wine and he was already sleeping.

    Chen Feier is close to Lu Chen’s generous chest, only wishing that time will stay at this moment forever!

    So warm.


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