Chapter 441

    Some people are singing, some are dancing, some are playing, some are laughing.

    The night of Xiangjiang will never sleep.

    So when a lot of people are already asleep, there are still many people still enjoying life, or busy.

    On the 27th floor of Building B, Longqing Building, No. 269 Guangming Road, Queen's Road West, the editorial of the "Polo Daily" is brightly lit, and all the newspaper editors work nervously in front of the computer.

    "Polo Daily" is one of the largest free newspapers in Hong Kong, with a daily circulation of more than 700,000, so it has a great influence in Xiangjiang.

    This newspaper for the general public has always been known for reporting the speed, accuracy and ambiguity of social news.

    “Fast” means that the Speed ​​of their news is extremely fast. Although it can't compete with the Internet, even if it is just the news that happened just this evening, the citizens will be able to see the relevant news in the newsstand or in their mailboxes if they come out together tomorrow morning. Report review.

    The "quasi" said that their news location is accurate, aiming at Xiangjiang's social current hotspots and entertainment Eight Trigrams, and pinpointing the tastes and hobbies of the general public, so the circulation is high.

    As for saying "狠", the meaning is enriched. "Polo Daily" reporter paparazzi grabbed the news enough "狠", and their Editor's pen is also "squeaky", specifically enough to write a thick story book.

    It is with this three-character scripture and free distribution strategy that the "Polo Daily", which was established less than a decade ago, has become a leader in the newspaper industry by killing the bleeding road in Xiangjiang's competition opponent.

    In the editor's office, editor Li night sat at his desk and reviewed the newspaper sample that had just been printed. This is the work he has to do every day, otherwise he will not be able to sleep.

    The success of the "Polo Daily" and the hard work of the former deputy editor of the "Famous News" are inseparable. Although he is over 40 years old, his energy is still very strong compared to many young people.

    "Li editor!"

    A young man carrying a camera, thin and thin, rushed in and shouted: "I caught a comfortable news!"

    His Voice is so loud that everyone in the entire Editor department can hear it clearly.

    The editorial department of the Daily News is an open office. Although the editor-in-chief Li Li has an independent office, it can be seen clearly through the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Unless there are important or very private things, the door of his office will always be open. Some specific staff members can directly enter and report to him without notice or even knocking on the door.

    This seemingly "very unruly" rule allowed Li to hold the affairs of the "Polo Daily" firmly. His prestige in the newspaper reporters and Editors could not be compared even by the boss.

    The young man who just came in is one of the entertainment records hired by the Baltic Daily, commonly known as paparazzi.

    Li night put down the print proofs in his hand and looked at the other side with a faint smile: "Xiao Hou, this time you will not put an oolong again?"

    Xiaohou’s blush was red, and he quickly raised his camera and said, “This is true. At night, Shu Wei held a charity dinner at Shangri-La Hotel. After that, she went to Lanting Coffee with a clam, and then…”

    "Let me see!"

    Li late came to the interest, took Xiao Hou's camera, and skillfully connected the computer with the data cable to retrieve the photos in the memory card.

    Shu Wei was once a small singer of music. After he entered the giants, he withdrew from the Entertainment Circle. In the past few years, the divorce lawsuit has been raging, and it is still a popular figure in the circle.

    Shu Yu is both a Celebrity and a socialite. It is quite newsworthy in itself. I haven't heard of who she is with in divorce for a few years. If Xiaohou can prove her new love, it is worthy of a headline.

    "This, you see this, and this one…"

    Xiaohou stood next to him and pointed nervously. He also explained nervously: "At night, the big traffic jam in Central, which could have come earlier, was blocked on the road."

    As a new entrant, Xiao Hou’s qualifications in the “Polo Daily” are very shallow. Due to lack of experience, the last news of the rush was a joke, which made him very unrecognizable in front of his colleagues.

    This time he kept track of Shu Shu, patience and luck, and finally got something worthwhile.

    But Xiao Hou is also very worried. If there are other colleagues in the scene, then his exclusive will be gone.

    So the first time in the first version is the most important.

    Li night waved his hand.

    He has already seen a few photos of the key points. To be honest, he was a bit disappointed. Because Shu is with a handsome guy, both of them have assistants or friends around them, and they have not taken private intimacy.

    Using these photos to prove that she had a new love, obviously not convincing enough, but Xiao Hou has a good selection of two photos, and the feeling of being alone is quite close.

    It was only Li’s search in his mind that he did not recognize the tall and handsome young man who was the artist in the Entertainment Circle or the son of the famous family.

    Of course, Xiangjiang is so big, there are so many outstanding young people, and it is normal for Shu Wei to find a lover who is not known outside the circle, but the identity of the other party will certainly not be very simple.

    He thought a little, and immediately made a decision: "Give you the B version of the location, use these photos, let Little Zhang immediately re-type and match the title, immediately after the proofreading!"

    A free newspaper, such as the Polo daily, which is dominated by social news and entertainment news, layout is usually a big title, big picture and less text, news headlines often greatly exceed the header font size, more exaggerated sensational color, and then interspersed with pictures, supplemented by a small amount of explanatory text, and political, professional and so serious to the newspaper completely different.

    One of the advantages of this typesetting style is that it is easy to change the layout. The situation of temporarily changing the contents of the section before printing is everywhere. The Editors have long been accustomed to it.

    The B version is the second edition, second only to the front page, and Xiao Hou is already overjoyed.

    There is an editor complaining: "Xiao Hou, you are fishing this time, we have to work overtime…You have to treat yourself. ”

    Xiao Hou smirked.

    Li, who was sitting in the office, was dumbfounded. He held the mouse and turned the previous photos out.

    I don't know how, the editor-in-chief feels that the young man who is drinking coffee at night is a little familiar.

    Because of his professional sensitivity, he has to think about it, maybe he can make a big news.

    At the same time, someone on the [Popular Music] section of the largest BBS Hong Kong Island Forum in Hong Kong has just released a video post.

    The title is "Who has heard this song? 》.


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