The fourth hundred and forty-seventh chapter Yan Chixia

    "Ma Shu, where are we going?"

    "Ma Shu, which film company is looking for you to film?"

    "Ma Shuma Shu…"

    It was not easy to wake up when Ma Rongzhen pulled down from the minibus. He suddenly had countless problems and couldn’t help but pour out. There was a lack of confidence in the inside and outside of the pie: "I can really mix Character?"

    Xiao Wu just turned 20 this year. He graduated from high school and went out to live. He grew up in a small village in Yuen Long. He still has a ignorant understanding of Hong Kong Island's bustling city.

    But Xiao Wu is very clear that this is likely to be a chance to change one's own life.

    He instinctively grasped Ma Rongzhen.

    Ma Rongzhen waved a taxi on the side of the road. After getting into the car, he said to Xiao Wu’s focus: “Xiao Wu, I don’t know which company is looking for me to film, but no matter what, As long as you can successfully mix the character with the audition, how about being the assistant of Ma Shu?"

    When you don't fall down, Ma Rongzhen had a good time in any case. When he was the most prosperous, he followed four or five assistant bodyguards. Now, although it is lonely, it can't be looked down upon.

    So he pulled Xiao Wu over, on the one hand, taking care of Xiao Wu, on the other hand, he was actually supporting one's own.

    Xiao Wuzhen nodded.

    Assistant, good vocabulary, he played in the Lion Rock Studios, I have seen many Celebrity assistants, some are more embarrassed than Celebrity himself, definitely the envy of such a small person.

    Even if you give Ma Shu as an assistant, is it better than a small character with few lines?

    "Thank you Ma Shu."

    Ma Rong really took a photo of Xiao Wu and said: "When you see the big boss, you don't have to say more, you must know how to be polite, but you must not give me the chain, right…"

    He greeted the taxi driver: "Brother, trouble sending us to the nearest ready-to-wear store."

    Xiangjiang taxi drivers are generally older because young people don't like to do this hard, tired, and low-paying job. The taxi driver looks older than Ma Rongzhen.

    Ma Rongzhen suddenly thought of a problem. Both of them are now wearing group costumes and sweaty smell. It is too shameful to go to see the boss who wants to make a movie, so it is necessary to change the set.

    He has some regrets that he has promised too much. Fortunately, many clothing stores in Xiangjiang offer rental services, so what he needs most at the moment is to wear the clothes that he can pass at least.

    Of course, Xiao Wu’s.

    For this opportunity, Ma Rong is really planning to get out of the blood.

    When Ma Rongzhen and Xiao Wu rented clothes, Chen Wenqiang accompanied Lu Chen and Wan Xiaoquan to the Shun Kee Restaurant in the prosperous area of ​​Kowloon Tong.

    Chen Wenqiang has already booked the box in advance.

    At the time of the day, the director of the studio took Lu Chen and others to transfer more than half of Xiangjiang. In the morning, he went to Jiayang Film to discuss cooperation. In the afternoon, he ran several places, mainly letting Lu Chen familiarize himself with Xiangjiang. Production infrastructure.

    In fact, when Ma Rongzhen was playing in the Lion Rock in the group, Lu Chen and others also visited the film and television city, because according to the plan, most of the scenes of the new film "Ghost Story" will be filmed here.

    Lu Chen is quite satisfied with the hardware facilities of Lion Rock Studios. Especially at the foot of the Lion Rock, there is an abandoned ancient temple landscape, which is very suitable for the main scene in the movie – Lan Ruo Temple.

    After watching the shooting venue, it is inevitable to explore the role actors.

    "Ghost Story" this movie, Lu Chen intends to one's own as the male owner Ning Caichen, originally he once thought of let Chen Feier play Nie Little Qian, but the latter has no spare time at present, can only find another suitable actor.

    In addition to Nie Xiao Qian, there is also a very important and eye-catching character in the play, that is Yan Chixia.

    Yan Chixia's setting in "Ghost Story" is abhorry, such as the high spell of the enemy, the character is wild and uninhibited, and there is still a childlike heart, want to play this role, not to find the real old play bones.

    Lu Chen and Wan Xiaoquan chatted, and Chen Wenqiang recommended to Lu Chen that Ma Rongzhen, an old actor who plays Maoshan Daoist Priest and Zhong Rong.

    Lu Chen is very strange to Ma Rong's name, but he is really impressed by Maoshan's Daoist Priest, who remembered a piece of Xiangjiang zombie film he had seen as a child.

    So he agreed to let Ma Rong really try it. I didn't expect Chen Wenqiang to just call the phone. The other party couldn't wait to come over, but it was already in the evening.

    "Ma Rong is also bad luck…"

    Sitting in the box, Chen Wenqiang personally mentioned the teapot and poured a cup of hot tea to Lu Chen. He said with great emotion: "When Ma Rongzhen was a very young wife, he was ten years old. He was a flower in the TV station of the TV station, so he was very pampered. I also gave him a son, and it really is envied by everyone."

    "The result of who thought that Ma Rongzhen was derailed by his manager and was raped by Ma Rongzhen on the spot. It was arouse and finally divorced."

    "Ma Rong is really a man and a man. His hard-earned money, the investment in business is all squandered by the adulterer." When he was divorced, he was divided into property, even his son. It is."

    Wan Xiaoquan asked curiously: "Why?"

    Chen Wenqiang smiled: "The son is not his own."

    Lu Chen and Wan Xiaoquan are speechless.

    Chen Wenqiang continued: "After this attack, Ma Rong’s career has been sluggish. Of course, there are also market reasons, so now it’s basically disappeared. I have had dinner with him a few years ago, and it’s very lonely.”

    "Ma Rong is still very good, but unfortunately, people are not good."

    Wan Xiaoquan sighed: "In today's society, good people may not be able to report well."

    Chen Wenqiang grabbed the seeds and scattered them on the table and said: "The bad guys will also report the report. His manager named Song is mixed with his ex-wife for a few years, and the money that has been deceived by the swindlers has been defeated. Hong Qing helped a small wife of a leader, and was killed by a large truck on the street. It is said that they all burned adult skin."

    Lu Chen and Wan Xiaoquan look at each other in dismay, Ma Rongzhen's story can be made into a movie!

    叮 铃铃~

During the speech, Chen Wenqiang’s cell phone rang.

    He immediately picked it up and connected, and suddenly smiled: "Marge, are you here?" I will pick you up right away. ”

    Hanging up the phone, Chen Wenqiang said to Lu Chen: "Ma Rong is coming, I will go first."

    Lu Chen nodded: "Good."

    Ma Rongzhen said that it is the old Senior of the industry, even if it is now, it should be respected.

    Chen Wenqiang is the most suitable.


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