The forty-fourth chapter of the chapter is well-deserved

    Vivienne's "Who has heard this song? 》The post was posted at the Hong Kong Island Forum [Popular Music] section at 11:10, and it only took more than half an hour to get on the hot list of the forum homepage. The traffic volume of Gundam is 20,000+, and the number of replies exceeds 1000. +.

    Although this kind of data is not worth mentioning compared to the hot posts in some popular forums of Domestic, it is already a hot post in the Hong Kong Island Forum.

    Among them, the poisoned tongue of [three bowls of wine] was indispensable, and many members of the section were stunned by his anger, and all kinds of swearing attacks continued, which made the administrator have to appear to delete the warning.

    After the result of the midnight, the popularity of this post has increased, and more and more people participated in the discussion.

    As the landlord of the post, Vivienne apparently did not think that one's own post would lead to a "war". After more than an hour of posting, she asked me [drinking three bowls], who is this handsome guy? what?

    At this time, everyone discovered that they dared to have one's own for a long time, and they still didn't know who the Lord was.

    For MM, [drinking three bowls] is obviously friendly.

    He replied: "This guy who plays the self-singing singer is called Lu Chen. He is the leader of the popular Musical World New Generation in the mainland. He has only released more than a year and has released two albums. The drama series not only created the Viewership Ratings record in Domestic, but also won great success in the Republic of Korea."

    "So I said that you are ignorant and inexperienced, and you are keeping the Hong Kong Island Forum blog. You don't know the excitement outside. Now the entertainment industry in mainland China has already surpassed the Xiangjiang River, the popular Musical World and the talents of the film and television circle. The market size and development potential are better than Xiangjiang. I don't know how many times stronger!"

    [Drinking three bowls] The reply to Vivienne is like a big stone falling into the deep pool, suddenly inspiring countless waves and ripples, and in a few minutes, I have brushed up a lot of reviews.

    Surprised, admirable, but more disgusting, even dismissed [three bowls of wine] as "Hong Kong".

    The reply of [three bowls of wine] really poked the pain points of many people, and it is also the pain point of many Xiangjiang people.

    That is the current continent, all aspects are beyond the Xiangjiang, and most of the Xiangjiang people are still immersed in the past glory, do not want to positively understand the development and progress of Domestic, always with the superiority of the past.

    This kind of social atmosphere is reflected in the media, that is, whether the local TV or newspapers and magazines report on Domestic, basically focus on politics, social news and entertainment news are very rare, and some are mostly big events of natural disasters and man-made disasters. Other Xiangjiang people do not like to watch.

    Therefore, Lu Chen, who debuted only for more than a year, came to Xiangjiang for the first time. Most of the people did not know him or know his identity.

    [Drinking three bowls] is obviously not one of them.

    In the face of the tide-like attack, he did not move as steady as Mount Tai, and sent a reply again.

    "Some people are always sleeping, let me tell you what Lu Chen has achieved in Domestic. His first album, "You at the same table" has exceeded 2 million in total sales, the second one. The album "The Ordinary Road" is close to 3 million, and it is hopeful that it will hit the crown of 5 million!"

    "Not only that, Lu Chen gave her girlfriend Chen Feier's album "Flower Woman", the total sales volume has exceeded 5 million, and his creation of the drama series "Full House" in the Republic of Korea's Viewership Ratings reached 42 %!"

    “You one's own said that now Singer in Xiangjiang can have such a result, which drama series is exported to Republic of Korea with such Viewership Ratings?”

    "If you don't believe it, then one's own go to the search engine of Domestic, don't say you can't read the simplified characters!"

    The common language of Xiangjiang includes Mandarin, Cantonese and English. It can speak Mandarin much more than before, but the words of Xiangjiang have always followed the traditional Chinese characters of the past, and did not follow the changes of the mainland to simplified characters.

    The simplification and simplification of Chinese characters has been in existence for a long time. Xiangjiang people are generally stubborn in the traditional Chinese characters that they think are “authentic”. This is one of the important reasons why many Xiangjiang netizens refuse to go to the Domestic website.

    Even many Domestic websites and forums provide simplified and traditional web page conversion.

    When the wine was over three bowls, many people suddenly became dumb.

    The two albums add up to 5 million sales, and the number of albums that have been manipulated is more than 5 million. The Xiangjiang River, which was placed 20 years ago, is sure to win the battle with Hong Kong and Hong Kong. but now…

    Still save the province.

    Everyone knows that the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang is very dry now. The New Generation Strength is not enough. The oldest singer Jiang Lang has done his best. The most important thing is to lose the big market in the mainland. It is a great success to sell a few hundred thousand new albums.

    Moreover, Singer artists no longer rely on selling records to make money, and they are all taking the so-called pan-entertainment route. In the past, those excellent creators either faded or retired, and fewer original authors.

    Cantonese pop songs have been a long time without a real classic. Although there are still outstanding works, it is really sighing compared to the glory of the past.

    This Lu Chen’s self-singing “Love in Life” is undoubtedly eye-catching. To be fair, in recent years, the popular Chinese Musical World has not produced more works than it.

    But why is its singer an artist from the Mainland?

    Many members of the forum who had been so upset and stunned finally woke up and began to explore the work itself rationally, not the difference between Xiangjiang and the mainland.

    Long nights, some people have no heart to sleep.

    Lu Chen slept very well in Xiangjiang’s new home and slept until six in the morning.

    After washing and cleaning, he habitually put on sports shoes, then went out of the apartment, went outside to run along the embankment of Repulse Bay Beach, and finally found a quiet and unmanned practice Kungfu.

    After getting back to sweating, not far from the apartment, Lu Chen bought a hot breakfast from the convenience store and prepared to take it home.

    When paying, he suddenly saw the newspaper stand erected next to the checkout counter. In the dazzling and fancy newspapers, there were photos that were familiar.

    These newspapers were all unfolded, thick stacks of stacks. The newspaper that Lu Chen saw was called "Polo Daily". The photo was published in the second edition and the title was very eye-catching.

    "Shu Yu night will be a mysterious handsome guy, suspected of a new love! 》


    Lu Chen couldn't help but swear.

    This photo, it was after he had finished drinking coffee with Shu Wei last night, and sent Shu Shu to the car.

    I was photographed by paparazzi.

    Xiangjiang's paparazzi really deserves its name!


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