The forty-fourth chapter

    After exhausting all the Strengths, Ma Rong really did not let one's own on the spot, he swallowed his throat dryly and said: "If Lu Shao can give me this opportunity, I will definitely play Yan Chixia!"

    Ma Rongzhen did not swear by his chest and swears a curse. He did not like the glory of the color. The simple two sentences show that he is determined to have the confidence and determination to be more sincere than any rhetoric.

    Lu Chen felt his self-confidence. This is the pride of the old play bones. At this moment, the old actor who has been lonely for a long time has finally revealed his sharp edge.

    Haven't been trapped and struggled to clean the edge!

    This is the Yan Chixia that Lu Chen wants.

    Lu Chen nodded and smiled slightly: "We have to eat first, and the dishes are getting cold."

    This greatly exceeded Ma Rong’s surprise. He seemed to be the defendant waiting for the verdict, waiting for the judge’s final decision. The latter announced that he would temporarily adjourn.

    It’s just an appetite!

    To be honest, Ma Rongzhen has already come up with all the courage and confidence of one's own. If he comes back, he may not be able to perform better.

    However, the delicious food of Shun Kee Restaurant has calmed down the point of Ma Rongzhen’s heart. This old-fashioned restaurant is a must for cooking seafood. It is the place where all the old people in Hong Kong love it.

    When the scenery was in the past, Ma Rongzhen often came to Shun Kee Restaurant, but at that time it was at least ten years away.

    Ten years!

    The taste of familiarity, the old actor has the urge to burst into tears.

    After three rounds of wine, there were five flavors. Everyone filled their stomachs and let the waiters take off their wrecks and put them on the tea.

    It is time to talk about substantive issues.

    Chen Wenqiang opened the door and asked: "Marco, what are the conditions for you in terms of pay, now that Lu Shao is here, we will simply talk face to face. If there is no disagreement, this role is yours."

    Now Chen Wenqiang plays the role, equivalent to Lu Chen's spokesperson, Lu Chen as the boss, of course, it is impossible to directly negotiate with Ma Rongzhen to pay for the price, naturally he came out.

    Lu Chen is really satisfied with Ma Rong, and Chen Wenqiang will say it.

    Ma Rong really hesitated.

    When he came to Shun Kee Restaurant, he considered this question, and this is the problem that most scratched his head.

    When Ma Rongzhen was at the peak of his career, he shot the highest pay of a movie, Gundam, two or three million. If you compare the price of Xiangjiang at that time, it is equivalent to one or two million now.

    But the past is the past, now is the present, the hero does not mention the courage of the year, now he has fallen to the point of mixed group play and small supporting role, the earned money is barely enough to support the family.

    Although Ma Rongzhen has long been divorced, there is still a weak and old Old Lady at home. He is a dutiful son. Most of the money he has worked hard to earn is mostly used to take care of Old Lady.

    The role of Yan Chixia is an opportunity for him to change his destiny, so it involves the issue of pay, so that he is very entangled, do not know how one's own how to open the price.

    If it was in the past, he could let the manager talk to Chen Wenqiang, how much is that…

    Ok, don't mention the manager who has been crushed adult slag.

    Chen Wenqiang is the old Jiang Hu. Of course, he understands the entanglement of Ma Rongzhen. He smiled and said: "Marco, you can just say a few numbers. Of course, we can wait for you to ask a manager before you talk."

    "No, no more!"

    Ma Rongzhen instinctively jumped up, not to mention whether he can afford the manager now. Was it not enough to be pitted by the manager?

    Biting his teeth, Ma Rong really slammed and said: "Five thousand."

    When he opened the price, his heart was very embarrassing, for fear of opening a missed opportunity, but driving too low would make people look down.

    In fact, compared to a very important role, the 50,000-piece remuneration is already very low, but Xiangjiang has a lot of small-cost production, and the main actors have a normal pay for three or five thousand.

    Ma Rongzhen referred to this standard.

    He is now mixing the Lion Rock Studios. Every day, the salary of the group is about two or three hundred. It is not that there is a match every day, and the income of five or sixty thousand a year.

    Ma Rongzhen does not know that the investment budget of "Ghost Story" is 30 million.

    fifty thousand!

    Lu Chen and Chen Wenqiang looked at each other, sitting in the heart of Wan Xiaoquan's heart – 50,000 yuan in the district!

    Lu Chen thought a little and said: "Yes, if you make money from the call, I will seal a big red envelope to Ma Shu."

    Since Ma Rongzhen has offered a price of 50,000, although the pay requirement is a bit outrageous, it is impossible for him to take the initiative to increase the price. As long as he can make up for the red envelope, it will not be a mistake.

    "Thank you, thank you Lu Shao!"

    Ma Rongzhen’s heart was covered with a large stone, and an old face smiled into a flower.

    Lu Chen said: "Ma Shu, this 50,000-piece reward I let the strong uncle give you 20,000 yuan for you. After the filming, I will pay 30,000. How do you see it?"

    This is Lu Chen's understanding. Ma Rong is really in such a bad situation, and filming is not a day or two. Doesn't this time allow him to drink the northwest wind?

    Instead of letting Ma Rongzhen one's own initiative, it is better to send the charcoal in the snow.

    Ma Rongzhen has nothing to say: "Thank you Lu Shao…"

    Chen Wenqiang looked at it and felt very admired in his heart. The performance of Lu Chen’s acting is not like a newcomer, very sophisticated and thoughtful.

    Follow him, absolutely the future!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then we will use the tea to replace the wine, I wish you a happy cooperation!"



    When Lu Chen talked and laughed at the Shun Kee Restaurant in Kowloon Tong, the news about him in the Hong Kong Island Forum was raging and became the focus of countless Xiangjiang netizens.

    "Have anyone heard this song? 》This post, which was uploaded to the [Music] section last night, has not reached 24 hours, the number of hits has exceeded 500,000+, and the number of comments has reached 70,000+, firmly occupying the homepage hotspot list of the Hong Kong Island Forum.

    In the afternoon, someone uploaded a scanned image in the popular Music section, which is the report of the second edition of the Baltic Daily.

    The post owner will take this photo with "Who has heard this song? 》The video in this hot post was linked and suddenly attracted a lot of clicks and comments.

    “The look and dress are exactly the same, definitely the same person!”

    "what? Doesn't it mean that Lu Chen is Chen Feier's boyfriend? How do you get together with Shu Wei? ”

    "Who can tell me what happened?"


    However, very soon, someone posted a solo blog statement, which is a slap in the face of this anecdote.

    However, it was originally only in the popular "Music" section, so it was forwarded to the Hong Kong Island blog, and it was comfortable, resulting in an ever-increasing influence.

    Even Lu Chen’s own did not expect that, inadvertently, he began to become popular on the Hong Kong Island network. More and more Xiangjiang netizens knew his name and his achievements.

    But what really detonated the Hong Kong Island blog is a blog post that appeared at 9:00 pm!


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