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Who heard the song in Chapter 442?

    Xiangjiang is the gateway to South China and the bridgehead for the South Asian and Western world. Since the beginning of the last century, Xiangjiang's economic development Speed ​​has been ahead of Domestic and has reached the standards of developed countries.

    However, since entering the new century, especially after the outbreak of the network industry, Xiangjiang has gradually fallen behind, especially in the IT industry. There are only a handful of high-tech companies in Hong Kong, and the talents cultivated by the Polytechnic University often choose to go to Domestic or develop abroad.

    The unique cultural atmosphere, coupled with the lag of the industrial system, and the rapid and intense pace of life and work, have resulted in young people in Hong Kong consuming less average time on the Internet.

    Xiangjiang young people usually like to browse and exchange cyberspace, mainly concentrated in several large BSS, or a large foreign social network service station, and finally Hong Kong Island blog of Xiangjiang.

    In addition to professionals, few people like to go to the Domestic website. Even if the Domestic website is far more developed than the Xiangjiang River, young people in Xiangjiang rarely interact with the Internet users of Domestic.

    Proud and isolated, it is their portrayal.

    Therefore, Xiangjiang's network circle is a relatively closed virtual world. The Hong Kong Island Forum is undoubtedly one of the largest bastions in the world. Most people have one's own account on this BBS website.

    The Hong Kong Island Forum's account is also linked to the Hong Kong Island blog. The combination of the two is basically the online home of Xiangjiang people. If you want to understand the major events of Xiangjiang, you can get first-hand information on the Hong Kong Island Forum and blog.

    The Hong Kong Island Forum has a total of twelve main sections, and the popular Music section is one of them.

    "Have anyone heard this song? 》The post uploading and posting time is more than 11 o'clock in the evening. There are quite a lot of netizens in the forum. Most of them are popular fans of Music, and even there is no shortage of professional Singer.

    Xiangjiang's popular Music began in the 1970s and has a glorious period like Xiangjiang movies. A large number of Xiangjiang Singer, represented by Cantonese songs, has a high reputation in the Mainland.

    Although the popular popular music in Xiangjiang is now in a declining trend, in recent years, it has fallen into the embarrassing situation of classic masterpieces, but the fascinating group of songs is still quite large, so the popular music section has always been very high.

    Posts like asking questions are very common, and many enthusiastic netizens have opened posts.

    The name of the poster is Vivienne, the certification registration is a girl, she wrote in one's own post: "Tonight, go to Lan Kwai Fong with friends, at LaDolceVita97, just hit the LDVSinger King Awards held by the bar, then I was surprised to see Ye Xuan to go on stage singing, a Liu Heavenly King's "Dawn dawn"…"

    Seeing this, everyone is a bit confused. Since Ye Xuan sang Liu Heavenly King's "Dawn dawn", who has not heard this song?

    I didn't think that Vivienne didn't waste ink on Ye Xuan, focusing on a contestant who appeared after Ye Xuan. She used a warm and exaggerated brushstroke to describe how the contestant is handsome and how Singing is. Good, how to make people feel moved.

    In the end, she was eager to know where the song sung by the contestant could be downloaded to the original version.

    At the back of the post, a video taken by a cell phone is attached.

    This Qifeng road turns, this exaggerated tone, so many members of the forum as a single dog feel very uncomfortable, many people secretly doubt whether it is intentionally hyped, stepping on Ye Xuan to the upper position.

    It is not surprising that such a speculation is not the case. Nowadays, the pop music scene of Xiangjiang is a mess, and the new artist Singer is constantly on the rise, and all kinds of speculations with no limits are available. The popular Music section can't escape the influence of this trend. .

    But whether it is hype or not, everyone just clicked on the video.

    They made up their minds to look at it first and say, if it is really hype, regardless of whether the landlord is a girl or not, be sure to marry her dog blood, and then call the moderator to delete the title!

    This 7-minute video, it goes without saying that Lu Chen sang "The Favorite of Life" at LaDolceVita97, from his go to stage to the full scene record of Ye Xuan.

    After watching the video, a group of self-proclaimed veterans of the forum were caught in a short silence.

    A large number of replies did not appear until a few minutes later.

    "I have never heard of this song, but to be fair, this is a very good work!"

    "I agree with the 7th floor, it is the first good song, I have not heard it."

    "I can't find it on the Internet. It may be an original work. I can only say that the Singer is very powerful."

    "Well, his guitar is very sharp and his singing level is very high. It should be professional."


    "Hey, so handsome and powerful, it should have been red, how have you not seen it?" Is it a new debut? ”

    "Don't you pay attention?" He said that he came from the mainland and played for the first time in Lan Kwai Fong! ”

    "Inland? It’s a hell. ”

    "Don't say it first, I will slap the song and say it."

    "Good song!"

    Although there are quite a few doubts and puzzles, most people in the popular Music section think that this "Love in Life" is a very good Cantonese work. They are from mainland China who sang this song. They have expressed shock and surprise.

    Xiangjiang Singer ran to the mainland to sing Mandarin songs. The mainland Singer came to Xiangjiang to sing Cantonese songs. It was really rare, and there were several famous ones, but definitely did not include Lu Chen.

    In fact, none of the old birds participating in the discussion recognized Lu Chen.

    Until an ID called [drinking three bowls] appears.

    "Oh, say you ignorant and inexperienced still don't believe, know who this is?"

    "It’s ridiculous to say that it’s ridiculous to take Ye Xuan’s hype. Ye Xuan is enough to mention shoes compared to this one!”

    "You are all frogs at the bottom of the well!"

    [Drinking over three bowls] A brush post, the comment area immediately exploded.

    "Old wine, if you have something to say, it’s a hero who is hidden!"

    "I am ignorant and inexperienced."

    "Losing your mother!"

    "I am Fuck you, rushing to the street!"

    "Bacchus seeks science…"

    [Drinking three bowls] In the Hong Kong Island BBS [popular Music] and [film talks] two major sections are famous, because of their high professionalism, sharp reviews, poison tongues, fans call him "Bacchus", black son spray him "Broken bowl" is a topical figure.

    His combat power is definitely a lever, and his ability to pull hatred is first-class. In a few words, he has provoked the battle in the forum section and dragged a group of people down.

    The result "Who has heard this song? 》This post is on fire, and it is Big Fire, and it quickly got on the front page of BBS, and then it was added by the administrator.

    Even with the song "Love in Life", it is known by more Xiangjiang netizens.


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