The 445th Chapter Jiayang Pictures

    Lu Chen didn't know that one's own had been eyeing the "Polo Daily" and knew that he could do nothing.

    The strength of Xiangjiang paparazzi is not to talk about it. They are the indispensable existence of Xiangjiang artists, but the law of Xiangjiang also favors paparazzi to track the sneak shots to a certain extent. They can really teach them self-conduct. , that is only the strength of the capital.

    Lu Chen first came to see that there is no capital in Xiangjiang, so the first film he had to find a local film and television company to cooperate to avoid all kinds of troubles.

    The proposal to co-produce the film was proposed by Chen Wenqiang. He also listed the list of three film and television companies.

    These three film and television companies, regardless of their strength or influence, cannot be compared with industry giants such as Jinrong, Wangshi and Baolida, but they are all established companies with deep roots and deep connections.

    The most important thing is that they will never be as appetizing as the predators of Jinrong. Under the current sluggish situation, it is easy to reach a cooperation condition that both parties are satisfied with.

    However, the reality is a bit face-smacking. Chen Wenqiang has contacted two of the companies before. The specific conditions have not been discussed yet. The other party refused to give rumors, saying that there are new dramas to be launched at home, and they will not consider cooperating with others.

    In the final analysis, the film industry support plan launched by the Xiangjiang government is a disaster. With this good news, many capable film companies are gearing up for a big fight, with the intention of using the new film to touch the huge market in the mainland.

    However, the number of places to enter the mainland is limited. Of course, they must first concentrate on Strengthen to ensure one's own new film. How can they cooperate with Lu Chen Studio without any reputation?

    The industry crocodile of Jinrong’s stream of course has the ability to open two or three new films at the same time, but it is more unreasonable.

    Chen Wenqiang said frankly: "Jin Rong and Wang's side doors can't get in. They don't have such a small person like me. Even if they spend money to find people to clear the relationship, they can't get anything in the end. They are also a joke."

    Chen Wenqiang obviously had a painful lesson. Even Wan Xiaoquan, who was sitting next to him, could hear the resentment and humiliation in his words.

    Lu Chen smiled faintly: "It doesn't matter, what we need now is a partner who can cooperate sincerely. As for the future, I think only someone else comes to the door."

    He spoke very calmly, as if he was telling a very common fact.

    What is revealed in the language is strong confidence!

    Wan Xiaoquan was deeply impressed, but Chen Wenqiang was a bit disapproving. He knew that Lu Chen was outstanding, and he was very famous in the mainland, but here is Xiangjiang.

    Of course, Chen Wenqiang will not expose his inner thoughts to his face. He smiled and said: "The boss said yes, our studio can not start in Xiangjiang, just look at this first film work."

    Chen Wenqiang gave Lu Chen a detailed introduction, the only Jiayang film industry that is interested in cooperation.

    Jiayang Film has been established for 30 years. It mainly produces low-cost Hong Kong film production. During the prosperity of Xiangjiang film, it once had a glorious day and produced several big-selling films.

    However, in the past ten years, with the great decline of Xiangjiang Film and Television Industry, Jiayang Film Industry has inevitably suffered a serious impact. The film that took the traditional routine shooting is a loss of one, and the loss is at the Grandma home. Once faced with the embarrassment of bankruptcy and business suspension.

    In 2012, Jiayang Films was acquired by Zhou Yi, a merchant from Xiangjiang. After a series of restructuring and integration, it was finally able to get rid of the predicament of making ends meet, and barely able to maintain the situation.

    "Zhou Yi is a real businessman…"

    Chen Wenqiang commented: "He only talks about interests, but he is very credible. When he first acquired Jiayang Films, he directly fired 70% of the old employees. As a result, he was blocked by the family. At that time, things were very troublesome."

    "Others have said that he is a cold-blooded capitalist. It is fair to say that if he does not clean up and clean up, Jiayang Films will still be finished, and it will be a no-brainer to make more money."

    The headquarters of Jiayang Film Industry is not far from Luchen Studio. It is less than 10 minutes' drive, but the road in Xiangjiang is very blocked. This road is only half an hour after driving.

    Jiayang Film's office is in an old office building. After Lu Chen and his party went up according to the address, they quickly saw Zhang Yifan, the general manager of Jiayang Film Industry.

    Zhang Yifan is a middle-aged man in his forties. He has a straight suit and his hair is well-smoothed. His body is quite strong, with the smell of Jiang Hu who has already washed his hands.

    “Hahaha, Wen Qiang’s younger brother!”

    Seeing Chen Wenqiang, the general manager of Jiayang Film Co., Ltd. smiled and greeted him and took the initiative to extend his hand: "Long time no see, you are really a rare guest!"

    Chen Wenqiang was a bit flattered. He and Zhang Yifan knew each other. It is a nonsense to say how deep the friendship is.

    In the circle, the status of the two is still very different.

    But others do not know, look at Zhang Yifan's attitude at this time, the prospective insurance thought that the two are old friends for many years.

    However, Chen Wenqiang was not an ordinary person after all. He was not stunned by Zhang Yifan's enthusiasm. He also showed a happy smile. He grasped Zhang Yifan with both hands: "Zhang Zong, you are really lifting me up, Wen Qiang is not afraid to be."

    He let go of his hand and first introduced Lu Chen to the other party: "This is Lu Chen, my current boss!"

    Zhang Yifan smiled, his look became dignified, and thoughtfully looked at Lu Chen standing next to Chen Wenqiang.

    Lu Chen smiled and took a take action to Zhang Yifan: "Hello Zhang, long-awaited name."

    Zhang Yifan’s look changed again, and his face smiled again. He held Lu Chen’s hand tightly and said: “It’s true that I’m right, I’m right, Lu Chen, I know you, the mainland’s superstar!”

    "You can come to Jiayang Film Industry, it really makes me a small place to shine!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Zhang Zong is too polite…"

    After a lot of entertainment, Lu Chen introduced Wan Xiaoquan with Zhang Yifan.

    The newly established Lu Chen Xiangjiang film studio, Lu Chen, Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang are three troikas. The three people also visited Jiayang Film at the same time, which is also the emphasis on this cooperation.

    Zhang Yifan clearly understood that this was the sincerity of Lu Chen, and then he also had the interest and sincerity of cooperation, so the two sides sat down smoothly and began negotiations on the film "Ghost Story".

    Although Zhang Yifan's attitude is very good and sincere, but when it comes to specific cooperation matters, he shows that the general manager of a film company should be savvy and old-fashioned, very difficult.

    Due to differences in the proportion of the most critical shares, it quickly fell into a deadlock.

    So when it comes to the end, the two sides did not reach an agreement on the spot.


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