Chapter 448 is finalized

    Stepping into the box, Ma Rongzhen saw Lu Chen sitting in the main position at a glance.

    Compared with Wan Xiaoquan and Zhang Xiaofang sitting next to it, Lu Chen feels like Celebrity in the dark, and can distinguish him in the crowd at a glance, and then leave a deep impression.

    The first is handsome, Lu Chen's handsome is different from the popular fashion figure in the Entertainment Circle. Although it is not so handsome, it has a clear outline of the face, and the sword and eyebrows are strong and strong, and there are few young people who are determined and calm. It makes people feel that he is a trustworthy person.

    This is the owner of the film company?

    Ma Rong was a little unbelievable and could not help but groan.

    Really want to say, Wan Xiaoquan is more like BOSS, Lu Chen is his Celebrity artist, the new film's actor is relatively normal.

    Just when he was blaspheming, Lu Chen had already smiled and stood up, taking the initiative to step forward and take action: "Ma Shu, long-awaited name!"

    After all, Ma Rongzhen was the old bone that had been mixed in the circle for decades. He immediately reacted and took Lu Chen’s hand.

    "Hello there."

    Chen Wenqiang took the opportunity to introduce: "Marco, this is my current boss Lu Chen, he is from the mainland, just opened a film studio in Xiangjiang, the office is in Rongjin Building, there are more than 2,000 square meters."

    The drums don't have to be repeated. Ma Rong is really an old Xiangjiang person. He understands what Chen Wenqiang said in his words.

    Rongjin Building is located in the Xiyingpan Business District of Xigang. Although the rent of Xigang office building is not comparable to that of Central and Admiralty, there are a large number of TV stations, newspapers and magazines, film and television entertainment companies around, and the rent is never cheap, let alone two thousand miles. Area.

    Chen Wenqiang is suggesting the strength of Lu Chen.

    Ma Rongzhen is awe-inspiring: "It turned out to be the boss of Lu, really young and promising!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Ma Shu, you are Senior, let me Lu Chen on the line, Lu boss what to listen to awkward."

    After experiencing the ups and downs of life, I was used to the warmth of the people. Lu Chen’s respect and courtesy made Ma Rong really touched him. I don’t think anyone would call him “Senior”.

    Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle is a circle with red tops. The popular Celebrity is held by everyone. Anyone who is too angry will step on it. The younger generation will not care if you are a senior. Just look at how much popularity and background you have.

    Ma Rongzhen is now mixed in the Lion Rock Film and Television City. There are many people who know him. Any ordinary casual worker will dare to call him.

    Although Lu Chen is from the mainland, but Chen Wenqiang is there, it is impossible to know nothing about his situation.

    Because of this, Lu Chen’s attitude is precious.

    Chen Wenqiang added two more words: "Mr. Lu Chen is the popular Celebrity in the Mainland. He has released two solo albums for more than a year. He also took two phenomenal drama series. This time, Xiangjiang is preparing to make a movie. ”

    Ma Rong really listened, and the taste in my heart could not be described in words.

    He did not suspect that Chen Wenqiang was bragging about Lu Chen because there was no need to do so. No matter what identity Lu Chen is, it would be enough to ask for money to invite him to film.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Let's sit down and talk."

    Everyone was seated again, and Chen Wenqiang introduced Ma Xiaoquan and Zhang Xiaofang to Ma Rongzhen.

    Ma Rongzhen also introduced the "assistant" Xiao Wu to Lu Chen and others.

    Xiao Wu was sitting on the side of the battle, and even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe.

    This scene, he used to watch only in movies and TV.

    It feels a bit like dreaming.

    Chen Wenqiang recruited the waiter to order, the menu first gave Lu Chen, Lu Chen randomly ordered a few and then handed it to Ma Rongzhen: "Ma Shu, what do you like to eat casually."

    Ma Rongzhen quickly refused: "No, I can eat anything, you can order it."

    After a pause, he tempted and asked: "Mr. Lu, don't you know if your movie script is out?"

    Lu Chen transferred the menu to Chen Wenqiang and said with a smile: "The script has already been written, and if Ma Shu wants to see it, it is now possible."

    He nodded at Zhang Xiaofang, who took a thick manuscript from his briefcase and handed it to Ma Rongzhen.

    "Thank you!"

    Ma Rongzhen almost couldn't wait to pick it up and watched it.

    He looked very seriously and invested, and even forgot the existence of Lu Chen and others, until the waiter sent the first hot dish, he just woke up like a dream.

    Although it has long been hungry, the flavor of the dishes is extremely entangled, but Ma Rong really does not care about eating and drinking at all. He pinches the script and looks at Lu Chen: "Mr. Lu, which script is this script written?"

    Written too well!

    Although the story is based on "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio", it has added a lot of wonderful elements. The characters of the protagonists are vivid, the characters are vivid, and the storyline is ups and downs.

    There is now a strange phenomenon in the Xiangjiang film and television circle, that is, the script is arbitrarily created, relying on Celebrity idols to sell the face, the screenwriter is quick and quick, and blindly wants to cater to the taste of the audience, but the result is often counterproductive.

    Nowadays, the decline of Xiangjiang movies is closely related to the screenwriters who do not have a big god level.

    Most of the excellent screenwriters of the older generation have already withered.

    Ma Rongzhen has debuted for decades, has taken many plays, and has seen countless scripts.

    The script of "Ghost Story" in her hand evokes the impulse of Ma Rongzhen’s long absence. It is an impulse for an actor to be eager to try in a good script.

    The "Yan Chi Xia" in the script is simply tailored for him!

    Ma Rong really has a strong feeling. If he misses this movie, he will regret it for a lifetime!

    At this moment, he really wants to say loudly to Lu Chen: "I picked up this play, don't want money!"

    But the residual reason made Ma Rong really suppress the impulse of one's own.

    Because today, his performance has lost a lot.

    If you encounter that kind of savvy boss, it is enough to play with him.

    Ma Rong really can't really save money, he still has to support his family.

    Chen Wenqiang laughed: "The script is written by our boss one's own, he is also the actor…"

    When answering, Chen Wenqiang glanced at Lu Chen and used his eyes to ask Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen understood what he meant and nodded slightly.

    Chen Wenqiang's eyes are very powerful. Just when Ma Rong was first seen, Lu Chen felt that he was very suitable for the role of Yan Chixia, whether it was image or temperament.

    Of course, his temperament is still lacking a lot, but I believe it is not a problem for an old play bone.

    After receiving the approval of Lu Chen, Chen Wenqiang’s smile was even more splendid. He continued: “I recommended him to play Yan Chixia. Do you know if you are interested?”

    Interested? Have no interest!

    Ma Rongzhen squeezed the script in his hand, and there was a voice in his heart that roared loudly.

    Let his spirits tremble for it!


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