The 448th chapter of the salted fish turned over

    With a heavy pace, Ma Rong slowly walked out of the main entrance of Lion Rock Studios, ready to take the minibus back to one's own home in Tin Shui Wai.

    Lion Rock Studios is the film and television shooting base of Xiangjiang, covering an area of ​​more than 5,000 acres. Although it is incomparable with the three major film and television bases of Domestic, it is considered to be a large engineering site in Xiangjiang, a small area.

    This film and television shooting base was built during the prosperity of Xiangjiang Film. After several expansions, it has formed a modern pattern. It has many large-scale ancient and modern scenic spots. In addition to the filming of the drama crew crew, it is also open to visitors.

    Many of Xiangjiang's film and television works were filmed in the film and television city under the Lion Rock, and they catered to the characteristics of Xiangjiang movies in the landscaping. They have occupied an important position in the local film and television industry.

    Ma Rong really can't remember how many times that one's own has entered and exited Lion Rock Studios.

    He was a student of the ATV 7th Artist Training Class in the late 1980s. After graduation, he signed a contract for ATV to start his old career. After the expiration, he entered the film circle.

    At that time, Xiangjiang God's ghost film was very popular. Ma Rong really had a good image. He was played by Mao's Daoist Priest in a zombie film by Director's eye. The result was very popular. It was a beautiful scenery for a few years.

    However, the devil's film was extremely weak and declined. By the beginning of the new century, it was basically abandoned by the audience. As a special actor, Ma Rongzhen had to face the embarrassment of transformation and his career plummeted.

    The investment business failed, and the wife and children left him. Originally, Ma Rong lived in Kowloon. He had to sell the house to pay his debts. He moved to Tianshuiwei and lived for ten years.

    The rich areas of Xiangjiang are mainly concentrated in Repulse Bay, Sai Kung District, Shek O, Mid-Levels, etc. Kowloon is considered a middle-class settlement. As for the poor areas, it is Tianshuiwei and Wuchao.

    The huge gap between life and the heavy pressure of reality have crushed Ma Rong’s true spine. He seems to be at least 60 years old when he is just 50 years old, and his hair is white with vicissitudes.

    The "Ma Ge" and "Ma Shu" of the past year are just "Old Ma".

    There are a lot of people who are going to the Lion Rock Studios in Tianshuiwei. So there are bus stops in the vicinity of the two places. Near the evening, a minibus is full of people.

    Ma Rongzhen quickly saw his footsteps rushing into the car. If he missed the bus, the next shift was very late.

    There was no space in the car, the aisles were full of people, and no one gave Ma Rongzhen the sweaty "old man" to make a seat. Everyone was very indifferent to play with the cell phone, or simply closed their eyes. .

    Ma Rongzhen has become accustomed to this. He has not been the "horse road leader" of the past year. There are few people here who can really afford him.

    In Xiangjiang, there are still many old actors like Ma Rongzhen.

    "Ma Shu…"

    Just as Ma Rongzhen was ready to go home all the way, there was a young man in the front row who stood up and said, "My position is for you, come and sit."

    Everyone looked at him with a look of silly/forced eyes.

    Ma Rongzhen also looked at him and recognized that the other party was a one's own group performance. He suddenly smiled and said: "Xiao Wu, well, you are one's own, you are not so old, standing still comfortable."

    This Xiao Wu was known to him six months ago. He claimed to have seen many of his films and his fans.

    Xiao Wu is a young man from the countryside. He has the enthusiasm and simplicity of young people in the countryside. Others call Ma Rongzhen the “Old Ma”. He always uses the title of “Ma Shu” and has helped Ma Rong really. .

    Seeing each other, Ma Rong really had a warm current in his heart.

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, Ma Rongzhen’s phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

    He waved his hand at Xiao Wu and quickly slammed the phone out.

    Is it the ex-wife to recover the living expenses?

    Ma Rong really thought about it, sticking the old style cell phone on his ear and pressing down the voice. "Hey?"

    "Is Ma Rongzhen Marco?"

    The voice from the microphone is very strange.

    Just now Xiao Wu called him "Ma Shu", and now someone called him "Ma Ge", Ma Rong really tastes hard to say.

    He quickly replied: "I am, are you?"

    The other party smiled and said: "I am Chen Wenqiang. You may not remember me. We had dinner together at Kowloon Tong three years ago. At that time, there were brothers and tigers."

    "Hey, hello, hello."

    Ma Rong really remembers the meal, but I really don't remember who the other person is, but it sounds familiar.

    Fortunately, the other side did not mean the old, straightforwardly asked: "Marco, have you been free recently?"

    have time?

    Of course you are free! Ma Rongzhen has been short-lived recently, and he is simply too empty.

    He is now mixed in the Lion Rock Studios, and there is not much difference from the ordinary group performance.

    One day, work a day, earn a day's salary to fill your stomach.

    "Is free, what is the matter?"

    "Things are like this…"

    Chen Wenqiang said: "We are planning a new drama here. There is an important role in it, so I recommended you to the boss. Can you try it out?"

    New play? new movie! important role!

    Ma Rong is really a fierce, can't wait to say: "Trying? No problem, I am coming now! ”

    When he was talking to Chen Wenqiang, many people sitting in the minibus erected their ears and listened. When Ma Rongzhen shouted the word "audition", everyone felt incredible.

    Someone is looking for Ma Rongzhen to audition?

    The audition is not a casual talk, nor is any cat and dog eligible to participate in the audition, at least a bit of a movie or a character in the drama series, only the actors need to audition.

    Ma Rongzhen, this old salted fish, have to turn over?

    Most of the people in the minibus are Ma Rongzhen, and they know his past, so they will be surprised.

    Which film company will look for this old guy to audition now?

    Chen Wenqiang did not expect that he did not expect Ma Rongzhen to be so eager to wait.

    I had to turn around and ask Lu Chen two sentences, then said to Ma Rongzhen: "So, let's come to the Shun Kee Restaurant in Kowloon Tong. We are waiting for you there, and I am calling me."

    "Okay, good!"

    Ma Rongzhen straightened his waist and the whole person became very energetic. As if he was a teenager in his youth, the Voice became a lot brighter: "I will come over!"

    When the call was over, Ma Rong really swept away and saw the people in the car seeing his eyes very complicated.

    Disdainful, suspicious, curious, envious…

    He suddenly had the urge to laugh.

    Then Ma Rongzhen saw Xiao Wu, who had just given him a seat. Xiao Wu’s smile was obviously happy for him.

    A bloody rush, Ma Rong really reached out and grabbed Xiao Wu’s arm and said, “Follow me, I will take you to the boss who made the film, maybe you can mix the characters back!”

    Xiao Wu was pulled down by the car.

    There was a low curse in the car: "Hey, I don't know if I can pass it, what I am proud of!"

    Ma Rongzhen did not hear it at all.

    At this moment, he is full of thoughts: I want to make a movie!


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