Chapter 444 was stared

    Chapter 444 was stared

Xiangjiang's entertainment reporter, in line with United Kingdom's notorious paparazzi, has won the essence of the latter.

    Because Xiangjiang's media is extremely developed, even in the Internet age, traditional TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines are still very strong, and they compete for limited resources in a limited space. Therefore, most of the paparazzi in Xiangjiang have been tracked. A special skill to sneak a shot and tap into the privacy of Celebrity celebrities.

    Especially the artists of Xiangjiang, talking about paparazzi all kinds of discoloration, preventing paparazzi from being a basic skill, without mastering this skill, unless it is clean and clear, otherwise it will be awkward sooner or later.

    Therefore, the exiting of the Entertainment Circle is not rare, and the birth of the Eight Trigrams, such as a certain door.

    Before coming to Xiangjiang, several friends in the circle including Chen Feier once reminded Lu Chen that the paparazzi of Xiangjiang was very powerful and must be very careful not to let them grasp what handle.

    Lu Chen is in my heart, but after arriving in Xiangjiang, he found that the atmosphere here is special. There are very few people who know one's own, and they are more or less slack.

    I didn't expect to be photographed accidentally.

    In fact, he knows that one's own is also useless, and he is careful enough, and he did not expect it.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but shook his head and reached out and took the "Polo Daily" down: "How much?"

    The clerk replied: "Five horns."

    The Polo Daily is a free daily newspaper, but it is not free to sell it in a convenience store or a newsstand. The five cents are the booth fees that the latter will naturally earn.

    However, this price has been very cheap, as the daily newspaper "Polo Daily" has more than 20 editions, the materials are very handy in the hands.

    Lu Chen knows about the media of Xiangjiang. He knows that "Polo Daily" is a dark horse in the newspapers that has risen in Hong Kong in recent years. The daily circulation is more than a few old-fashioned peers. It is very powerful.

    He did not expect one's own just arrived in Hong Kong for a few days, actually boarded the second edition of the "Polo Daily".

    But what Lu Chen dumbfounded is that in this headline's sensational news, he is only a "mysterious man", and even more excessive, the text even suggests that he may be a small white face.

    If the boss of the Daily newspaper of the Daily is standing in front of Lu Chen at this moment, Lu Chen will definitely not hesitate to put the nonsense newspaper in his hand directly on his face.

    With breakfast and newspapers, Lu Chen returned to one's own home.

    The sweat that washed away, he just put on clean clothes, and the cell phone resting on the coffee table rang.

    After the connection, the microphone came with a comfortable voice: "Lu Chen, I am sorry…"

    Lu Chen understood it when he heard it: "Do you want to say today's "Polo Daily" report?"


    Shu Wei surprised: "You have seen it?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, I think it is amazing to see the Xiangpa paparazzi."

    Shu Wei said apologetically: "Sorry, this is my negligence. I am tired of giving you a lot. I will make a statement in the blog to explain it and give you trouble."

    The blog she said is not a Domestic wave blog, but a Hong Kong Island blog.

    Lu Chen said: "This is not your fault. You don't have to apologize. In fact, it is no big deal."

    Numerous first examples show that as a celebrity Celebrity, it is most worthwhile to defy the media. Unless it is a blatant malicious swearing or fabrication of facts, it is enough to clarify a smile.

    Since I came to Xiangjiang Development, I must be familiar with and adapt to the rules here.

    Therefore, Lu Chen did not go to the heart at all, of course, it would not blame Shu Wei.

    After a few chats, Lu Chen ended his conversation with Shu Wei. He thought about it and called Chen Feier again.

    The media communication between the mainland and Xiangjiang is very poor. The Eight Trigrams news here is rarely seen there, but now it is the Internet age, the message is transmitted so quickly, so it is necessary to say to Chen Feier for safety reasons.

    After all, this is an anecdote.

    After Chen Feier listened to Lu Chen on the phone, she smiled and squirmed and said: "You will send me this newspaper right away. I want to see the so-called mysterious man!"

    Lu Chen was speechless and had nothing to say to her. After breakfast, she went out to go to studio.

    Today, together with Wan Xiaoquan and Chen Wenqiang, he will go to a local film and television company to discuss the new film cooperation.

    At the same time, Shu Wei made a statement on one's own blog.

    The main content of the statement is to refute the report of the "Polo Daily". She explained Lu Chen's identity and origin in detail, and specifically stated that the two met last night for the first time. In the coffee shop, she talked about her new album.

    At the end of the blog post, Shu Wei also attached a photo of her and Lu Chen at the charity dinner.

    When Shu Wei was mixed into the Xiangjiang Songs, she naturally understood how to properly deal with this Eight Trigrams. She did not cover Lu Chen’s identity and openly let everyone know, indicating that one's own is calm.

    Don't guess it!

    And in the text, Shu Wei still ridiculed the ignorance of the "Palabo Daily" paparazzi and Editor, even recently the mainland and the Republic of Korea hot Lu Chen did not know, saying "mysterious man" is ridiculous !

    Shu Wei has 500,000+ fans in Hong Kong Island blogs, which is a lot worse than those of Celebrity. But this clarified blog post has received a lot of forwarding and comments immediately.

    The circle of Xiangjiang is actually very small. Everything is well known.

    Shu Yu in any case is a celebrity, so it didn't take long for Li You, the editor-in-chief of the Baltic Daily, to know.

    After watching Shu Wei's blog post, he pondered for a moment, then called and called Xiao Hou back.

    Xiao Hou returned to the Editor department, and Li night showed him this blog post.

    Xiao Hou was shocked: "Li editor, I…"

    Li night swayed his head and stopped his self-review. He said, "I don't blame you, even I didn't recognize this Lu Chen. I said that I was dereliction of duty first."

    Xiao Hou was greatly moved and was very moved.

    Li late continued: "The first mistake can be forgiven. The second time will not work. From today, you will stare at me. There must be a lot of material on his body to dig!"

    The editor of the "Polo Daily" pointed to Lu Chen on the screen, who smiled very handsomely in the photo.

    Lee’s eyes showed a sharp light, as if the hunter had discovered a powerful prey!

    Xiao Hou was the first time to see Li’s eyes, and he could not help but shudder.

    He seemed to smell the smell of smoke.


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