Chapter 401 is unmatched

    A week ago, "Full House" was premiered in Beijing and Zhedong Satellite TV. It broadcasted six episodes in three consecutive days. Viewership Ratings jumped from 1.13% to 1.75%. The growth rate is amazing and it has caused great repercussions among the audience. .

    The drama series of this urban emotional theme is a comedy romantic route. In Lu Chen's dream world, the original work kicked off the transition from a tragedy to a comedy in Korean drama, and is a landmark work of Korean drama.

    The original premiere broke through 34% of Viewership Ratings in the Republic of Korea. The average Viewership Ratings for the show was 31.9%, and the highest Viewership Ratings reached 47%. It was broadcasted in more than 13 countries including China, United States and Japan. Good grades.

    Now Lu Yu has re-edited, enriched the plot and characters, and even deepened and changed the character of the male and female protagonists, completely making up for the defects of the original work, and the degree of excitement greatly exceeds the original.

    Therefore, Lu Chen confidently shouted out the "flat three high four" rhetoric!

    The performance of "Full House" did not disappoint him. He only used six episodes to turn over the "Love Sea" of Shonan Satellite TV, showing an unrivaled momentum.

    On July 29th, "Full House" broadcasts the seventh and eighth episodes, with Viewership Ratings of 1.97% and 2.25% respectively!

    This kind of stability to the point of increase is simply horrible, because most of the drama series will exhibit irregular curve fluctuations on the Viewership Ratings, and the continuous rising situation like "Full House" is really Very few.

    At this time, even those who are prejudiced against Lu Chen have to admit that he has succeeded again and is likely to create new records and achievements.

    In the Republic of Korea, the Fuller House's Viewership Ratings have exceeded 30%, and KGS has increased its publicity.

    On the Internet, there are more and more fans of "Full House", and the fans of Inspur blogs have broken through the million mark, and the related posts and forums are still hot.

    Lu Chen, who plays the role of superstar, Chen Feier, who plays the online female writer, once again brushed a wave of powder with this drama series, becoming the best and best couple partner on the domestic screen.

    The exquisite shooting style, the beautiful exotic atmosphere, the interlocking storyline, the handsome and temperamental male protagonist and the somewhat beautiful and beautiful heroine, together create a moving story full of warmth and romance.

    Contrary to the bitterness and sadness of "Blue Life and Death", this drama series is a delightful and joyful journey. The characters in the story have many humorous dialogues, and many wonderful sentences are quickly spread on the Internet.

    The audience is the most realistic. The remote control is in their hands and looks at a big drama that has been invested over 100 million, Celebrity, countless efforts and time. There is no reason to speak.

    But they are the most selfless. When they see a series that one's own likes, they will take the initiative to recommend it to relatives and friends, and even arguing with opponents on the Internet.

    The extremely developed information network has made this kind of evaluation from the audience very easy to spread. Fetion, Fetion, blog, BBS…A person's opinion can easily be seen by thousands of people!

    The word of "Full House" continues to ferment as time goes by, and the improvement of Viewership Ratings is entirely a matter of course, and the potential is endless.

    Just the rise of a successful person, often stepping on the bones of countless losers at his feet, and being regarded as a stepping stone by "Full House" is undoubtedly the "Love Sea" of Shonan Satellite TV.

    It is very interesting to say that the original Shonan Satellite TV first broadcasted "Love Haitang", and also competed with "Full House" to capture Viewership Ratings. The purpose is to step on the latter and prove that it is the king of the summer file.

    The momentum of the first release of "Love Story" is very good. The quality of this drama series is not bad. However, as a tragedy that follows the trend of imitation, its biggest tragedy is precisely the choice of "Full House".

    Shonan Satellite TV has not realized that the audience's appreciation of taste is changing, wishful thinking that it can replicate the success of "Blue Life and Death", superstitious in its own unfavorable publicity hype, stubbornly and arrogantly refuse to believe, Lu Chen's Full House is a powerful opponent.

    In their view, only "Romantic House" avoids the edge of "Love Sea", and there is no reason that "Love Sea" is a retreat from "Full House".

    The market has ruthlessly educated them, and slaps one after another in the faces of those who advocate "Love Story" and devalue "Full House"!

    On July 30th, "Full House" broadcasts the ninth and tenth episodes, with Viewership Ratings of 2.75% and 2.96% respectively!

    The highest Viewership Ratings breaks 3% by only 0.04%!

    At the same time, "Full House" broke through 35% in the Republic of Korea Viewership Ratings, heading for the 40% mark.

    Under the more than half of the episodes of all the episodes, "Full House" has become a phenomenal new drama.

    It firmly occupied the top spot of all TV programs in the same period, leaving the other drama series far behind, and booked the throne of the summer file Viewership Ratings in advance, unless there is a reversal, it is unshakable.

    In contrast, the Viewership Ratings of Love Story fell to around 1%, which is awkward.

    The previous episodes of this Shonan Satellite TV are still some highlights, but in the mid-term, the usual dog-blooded scriptwriters are undoubtedly exposed, and they can't get rid of the pattern of "Blue Life and Death", so that the audience does not have much expectation for the later story. It is inevitable that it tastes like wax.

    Being able to struggle at 1%, it still relied on the fans of the idol Celebrity in the show.

    On the Internet, especially in the wave of blogs that are the main positions of the film and television publicity, the blogs that touted the "Love Sea" are greatly reduced, but everyone who knows a bit about the game has already returned to the world, and continues to pay publicity fees. That is really stupid.

    In the industry, for the two different performances of the drama series, there is a lot of rational discussion of the Voice.

    Why does Shonan Satellite TV’s “magic weapon” that swept the market fail, from the sad drama to the dramatic changes in romantic comedy, why can it always win the hearts of the audience? Is the domestic drama series already at the crucial moment of seeking new changes?

    Everything is worth pondering.

    In this kind of thinking and discussion, as the two characters of "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", Lu Chen, the important role of screenwriter, producer, arranger, etc., has quietly jumped in the position of the industry. The real big coffee perhaps still owes the shortcomings, but both the popularity and the reputation have become the top ones.

    The most important thing is that he is still very young and very young.

    Young, means unlimited possibilities in the future!


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