Chapter 407 cannot be buried

    Jiangcheng Xicheng District, Feilong Internet Café.

    It was already late at night, and the Internet cafes that were so smoky were still full of dangling and could not find much space.

    Wang Pu took a sip of the "Red Five" cigarette in his mouth, and the last bit of tobacco was cleaned, and then the cigarette butt that had not been completely extinguished was reluctantly squatted in the ashtray.

    The next moment, he squirted smoke, slamming his waist and opening his arms, and the whole person became energetic.

    The incomparable location to open the group of flying, Wang Pu's ten fingers flying on the keyboard: "Brothers, ready to vote!"

    The same content was quickly copied by him to the other two groups.

    The group members suddenly responded to the tide.

    "Reassure the owner, my 15 recommended tickets are already hungry!"

    "Just waiting for 12 o'clock, two V tickets for 9 tickets, all packed this week!"

    "You are ready, I will brush a wave of rewards first."

    "I am going, you are also in the local tyrants, please hug your thighs and ask for a whip!"

    "Be sure to go to the homepage recommendation list!"

    Looking at the words flashing in the screen, Wang Pu feels that the blood of one's own is burning, and there is a feeling of commanding a thousand troops to fight.

    Just after 12 o'clock, he clicked the OK button in the voting column that had already been opened, and all the 7 recommended tickets in one's own account were voted for "Jiang Hu"!

    After 12 o'clock is Monday, and according to the rules of Inspur reading, the home page's click list, recommended list, and reward list will be reset and refreshed, so this time is the best chance to seize the prominent position of the list.

    As the loyal iron powder of "Jiang Hu", three thousand people are proud of the readers of the readers. Wang Pu has planned this time for several days, and started a large number of group members. There is a book and forum linkage.

    Wang Pu’s heart has been sighing with anger.

    "Smile Jiang Jiang" started the wave on May 27th, and on the August 14th, it has been updated for two and a half months, and the number of updated words reached 400,000+!

    Click: 235600, recommended: 225647 votes, collection: 6690 people, comments: 23690!

    In the absence of any recommended situation, "Smile Jiang Jiang" can achieve such a result, can be called Xiaoxiao's miracle, the push ratio is close to 1:1, killing the signing book that does not know how many on the list.

    However, the results are so good, "Jiang Hu" is still not signed, the wave reading seems to ignore the existence of "Jiang Hu", disdain it!

    Such a good book can not sign even the signing, Wang Pu feels that one's own has been deeply insulted.

    Since he discovered this martial arts novel in the book of Inspur, he soon became a loyal fan of the book. Every day, the pursuit of two more has become a habit of life.

    The story of "Jiang Hu" is getting better with the increase of the number of words. One of the exciting plots makes him want to stop. He wants to hold back a few chapters and look at it again. The webpage.

    This made Wang Pu deeply curious about the author of "Jiang Hu", "Recalling the Ancients". He repeatedly tried to contact each other through the text message in the station, and the results never received a response.

    In Wang Pu's view, "Recalling the Ancients" should be a talented and powerful writer who does not understand the rules of the text. In addition to diligently updating every day, he does not know how to interact with the readers, nor does he play publicity one's own. It is like an old ox that is working quietly.

    But it doesn't matter. Wang Pu has created a number of readers, one's own playing the advertisement pull people in the book review area and the post bar forum, uniting to a large number of Old Bai readers who also like this book.

    "Smile Jiang Jiang" can have the current achievements, Wang Pu is absolutely indispensable, he does not seek to "remember the ancient" gratitude or anything else, just do not want this good book to be buried.

    Can't be buried!

    Many readers, like Wang Pu, are also indignant at the injustices encountered in "Jiang Hu".

    Therefore, it prompted the birth of this action.

    Once "Smile Jiang Hu" rushed to the home page list, it is impossible for Inspur to continue to ignore it.

    Unless their eyes are gone!

    The group logo in the lower right corner of the screen is flashing wildly. Many of the three thousand readers of "Jiang Hu" are making a record.

    The so-called record chart is a screenshot of the vote, including the reward, the more votes, the more rewards, the stronger the natural.

    It was under their collective action that the number of votes recommended by "Jiang Hu" was extremely rapid. After 10 minutes/time of the list, it actually topped the list with 3,780 votes!

    Three groups suddenly cheered.

    "Hahaha, rushed to the top!"

    "It's that simple!"

    “Well, people are big and Strong, everyone is good.”

    "It's too difficult to challenge. I have prepared 3 V numbers and 25 recommended tickets!"

    "If you can stand for a week, it will be fine."

    Wang Pu quickly said: "Don't be too happy, the opponents are very strong, and the brothers with votes continue to vote, all of them go out to ensure the advantage, even if they can stand for a day."

    Although "Jiang Hu" has won the top of the week by their efforts, this is only temporary. The readers of the popular red books on those websites are far more than once, and once they are launched, they can easily destroy their results.

    Wang Pu can only choose to play the time difference, so how long it takes for "Smile Jiang Hu" to stand on the list.

    His goal of finally is to make the book signable and to get a chance to recommend.

    Wang Pu also believes that as long as "Smiling Jiang Hu" has a website recommendation, the results are bound to fly!

    The group members took it for granted.

    "Don't worry about the group owner, we won't put the ticket in our hands!"

    "I will go to another group and start again. Can I ask for one, at least one day at the homepage?"

    "In fact, there are not many people in the group right now, and there will be more today."

    "In any case, all my tickets this week are given to "Jiang Hu"."

    "Support good books! Support group owners! ”

    Wang Pu’s heart is warm and warm, and he is struggling to do these things. It’s purely out of his love for Jiang Hu. He is very satisfied with the support of so many book friends.

    After thinking about it, Wang Pu said: "Thank you all, very late, everyone will have a rest early, and see the results tomorrow!"

    "good night!"

    Closed the Fetion group, Wang Pu got off the machine and settled at the bar.

    He left the Dragon Nets and ate a bowl of noodles at a nearby restaurant, then returned to the one's own rental house to sleep.

    Wang Pu dreamed and dreamed that one's own entered the Jiang Hu of the sword and the bloody passion of the book.

    And his one's own is the protagonist of the Knight of Justice.


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