Chapter 409 is perfect ending

    On August 14th, "Full House" was perfectly terminated on Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV.

    The four episodes broadcasted in the previous two days, Viewership Ratings all exceeded 4%, to the final of the twenty-fifth episode on the night of the 14th, the comprehensive Viewership Ratings of the two satellite stations reached 5.17%, finally will be the hit drama The national average Viewership Ratings of the whole drama steadily pulled over 3%, fully realizing or even surpassing the rhetoric that Lu Chen had released before the broadcast.

    At the same time, "Full House" in the Republic of Korea's highest Viewership Ratings reached 42.72%, the average Opera Viewership Ratings 32.56%, not only created the domestic program in the Republic of Korea's viewing miracle, but also swept the same period of Korean drama, to As for the Internet community in the Republic of Korea, there was a wave of enthusiasm.

    At the same time, Lu Chen and Chen Feier, the Republic of Korea popularity, have become the most famous Chinese Celebrity of the Republic of Korea!

    As for the Shonan Satellite TV "Love Sea Breeze" originally with "Romantic Full House" Harder Viewership Ratings, it was ruthlessly crushed into slag in the face of the myth of creation created by "Full House", although it did not change due to the death of the face. Broadcasting time has also become a joke in the industry.

    "Winner is the king, the winners have all the honors of course. Although the "Full House" is all broadcast, the hot discussion on the drama has not stopped. The number of fans in the drama crew V blog even reaches 5 million+, the popularity index has greatly exceeded the "Blue Life and Death".

    The fans of "Full House" are still unfinished. In just 25 episodes, they obviously cannot fully meet their needs. The call for replay or sequel is very loud.

    Under such a situation, Beijing and Zhedong Satellite TV also announced that they will replay "Full House" at the end of August.

    At the same time, Fetion video also announced that it had won the right to broadcast the "Full House".

    "Full House" is too red, Viewership Ratings is so dazzling, there are more than a dozen TV stations seeking replay rights, and the price tag is quite attractive.

    However, Beijing Satellite TV and Zhedong Satellite TV are reluctant to reluctantly use this super fat meat. They would rather pay a large sum of money, and they should also retain the right of replay by taking advantage of the priority in the contract to prevent the fertilizer from falling into the outside field.

    In addition, as one of the partners, Crown Pictures sought to purchase the full movie copyright of "Full House" from Lu Chen studio.

    Since Lu Chen and Chen Feier have no intention of filming the "Full House" movie, and Crown Film is sincere, the copyright contract is very fast, and the copyright transfer fee is 25 million.

    The novel of the same name in "Full House" was officially published by Shanhai Publishing House, and the number of first prints reached 500,000.

    There is also Manhua version, brand license, original soundtrack…

    After a professional evaluation and the existing income, "Full House" finally will bring the net profit of Lu Chen studio to more than 100 million, and it is still the income after tax deduction.

    Just relying on this drama series, Lu Chen studio is enough to rank among the top Celebrity studios!

    In addition to Lee, there is also a name, Lu Chen's blog fans broke through the 20 million mark at the same time.

    "As an idol Celebrity who has only debuted for more than a year, Lu Chen is undoubtedly an artist who is good at miracles. He is well known for his strength in Music, and his screenwriters and performances are well-versed. His outstanding talents make people Oh, it seems to be a gift from heaven."

    A well-known blogger said in one's own blog: "He said that Lu Chen is an idol Celebrity because he has all the ids of idols, young, tall, handsome, healthy, sunny…"

    "But just saying that he is an idol Celebrity, it is obviously unfair. He already has the potential to become a real superstar. What is lacking is nothing more than a few trophies!"

    It is worth mentioning that the Magnolia Award, one of the two biggest series awards of Domestic, will be announced at the end of this month. As one of the highest drama series of Viewership Ratings last year, Lu Chen’s screenwriter starring "Blue Life and Death" undoubtedly becomes One of the hot spots.

    This inevitably makes people look forward to Lu Chen’s performance at the Yulan Awards.

    Best drama series, best actor, best screenwriter, best music, best original theme song…

    And just in the midst of a wave of enthusiasm, Lu Chen announced that he will release his second album "The Ordinary Road" at the end of this month, and at the same time launch crowdfunding activities on crowdfunding online, as well as the national seven major cities tour publicity plan!

    Lu Chen’s second album is a long-awaited event. The recording of all ten songs has been completed. It is currently in the midst of intense tension, and his first stop for publicity is in Hangzhou.

    Hangzhou has a special significance for Lu Chen. He finished his four-year university here and left countless beautiful or sad memories in one's own life.

    On the first day of the trip to Hangzhou, Lu Chen met with Gao He and Wang Xiao/Ling, who were newly married.

    The evening meal was ordered by Gao He, and the famous Xizi Hotel in Hangzhou was used to clean the dust for Lu Chen.

    But eating is not the main purpose. What is important is that Gao He has resigned from the original company.

    When he married Wang Xiao/Ling two months ago, Lu Chen mentioned to two people that he would invest in setting up a mobile game company. Lu Chen provided funds and ideas to let him manage.

    After two months, Gao He can't wait to prepare one's own business, of course, there are reasons.

    "Mainly the meaning of Xiaoling's home…"

    Gao He smiled and explained to Lu Chen, and his expression was quite helpless.

    Wang Xiao/Ling is very embarrassed.

    It turned out that despite the resistance of the two people breaking through the family, Gaohe’s father-in-law was still dissatisfied with the marriage. In fact, it was mainly the problem of buying a house.

    Both of them are working in the company, even if they are earning double pay, they don’t know that the Year of the Monkey can buy a house in Hangzhou. Considering that they will have children in the future, can’t they always rent a house? So the opinion is still quite big.

    Zhang Ren and his wife's mother want to face, always feel that Wang Xiao / Ling is married like this, in front of friends and relatives a little can not lift their heads, inevitably to Wang Xiao / Linglong.

    Wang Xiao/Ling was complained more by the family, and could not help but pull out Lu Chen’s promise to prove that one's own followed Gaohe was promising.

    As a result, Gao He’s father-in-law heard it, and immediately spread it to relatives and friends, even by Gao’s colleagues.

    This is very embarrassing, where Gaohe can continue to stay in the original company, so he only resigned.

    Now that he has been placed on the fire, he will take a look at the old things and talk about one's own business.

    After listening to the consequences, Lu Chen was a bit ridiculous.

    Of course, this has nothing to do with it. At the beginning, he was not arrogant.

    Since Gao He has resigned, simply start the plan ahead of time!

    What's more, Lu Chen is prepared.


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