Chapter 404 has a heart

    "It’s not easy to see you now…"

    The soft voice of soft words with a hint of resentment, from the mouth of the beautiful woman, people can not help but can not bear.

    But Lu Chen just smiled and said: "Sorry, it’s too busy recently."

    Today, he has received three visitors in his studio, and this fourth visitor is the general manager of Light Rain Media, Miss Su Guangmei.

    Lu Chen is not perfunctory. Since the new drama "Full House" Viewership Ratings has broken 3%, the media for door-to-door or telephone interviews has suddenly increased, and various film and television entertainment companies and Manager Corporation have come to the fore, and there are more institutional investment. By.

    Lu Xi, the general manager of studio and Lu Chen manager, the three cell phone wheels are not enough. Just to deal with the people who run to the door are too late, he will take him from home to share the pressure.

    Su light eyebrows have been contacted by Lu Chen several times, and today he is finally caught.

    The general manager of Light Rain Media is quite complicated.

    Just over a year ago, she saw that Lu Chen was completely condescending. At that time, Lu Chen was just a small Singer in the grass bar, and there was no difference between thousands of newcomers who worked hard in Beijing. .

    However, in the past year, Lu Chen has now reached the point where she needs to look up. I have to make several appointments when I see each other. The identity of both sides seems to be reversed.

    Of course, the identity of Su Xiaomei is not so low, but she came to Lu Chen, and there is something to do.

    "Know that you are a busy man!"

    Su Xiaomei quickly adjusted his mindset and said bluntly: "Our company recently signed a newcomer, very talented, I want you to ask me for a single."

    Lu Chen readily agreed: "Well, I have a time here, let her come and see each other."

    In the film and television circle, Lu Chen, who only has two works, is not really a big coffee, but in the popular Musical World, he is the best singer of the best, and the works are enough to make any peers eclipse.

    Like the "Full House" that is currently being broadcasted, Lu Chen created a theme song and two episodes, and soon boarded the original sound list.

    No one can question the talent he has in popular music.

    Lu Chen is also the songwriter with the highest price in the circle. The high price of a work of 500,000 has created a record, which has greatly stimulated the treatment of his peers.

    Although the price tag is so high that it is staggering, the Entertainment Manager Corporation or the singer-songwriter who came to Lu Chen’s invitation is still in a constant stream, because his work is equal to the best seller and is worth the money.

    It’s not easy to ask Lu Chen to write a song now. He basically has a song for an average of 10 days. The invitation is almost finished until the end of the year. If you want to cut the team, you have to rely on the relationship.

    Su Xiaomei is coming over the queue.

    Fortunately, Lu Chen gave a face and agreed to it.

    His studio has a good relationship with Light Rain Media. The latter has several newcomers who also appear in "Full House". Although it is not an important role, it is also a partner.

    Not to mention the band, let alone.

    Su Xiaomei suddenly felt a good mood and smiled: "That is so thank you, I invite you to dinner at night!"


    Lu Chen hesitated for a moment and euphemistically refused: "It is unfortunate that I have an appointment at night."

    Su light eyebrows asked: "With your family?"

    Lu Chen’s family is naturally a young lady who loves her and sees flowers.

    Since Lu Chen’s relationship with Chen Feier has been made public, the song has entered the rhythm of daily show love, and from time to time put photos on the blog to abuse single dogs.

    However, she did not delay one's own career, but moved from the popular Musical World to the film and television circle. The two drama series, the drama series, became the champions of Viewership Ratings. The popularity is constantly rising. I don't know how many people envy and hate!

    At the beginning, some people said that Lu Chen’s life was good, and after eating the soft rice, he could eat a round stomach.

    But who can say so now?

    Su Xiaomei sometimes thinks that if Lu Chen has just emerged, she will take Lu Chen at any cost. What kind of situation will the light rain media be?

    In fact, this small temple of Light Rain Media, I am afraid it can not accommodate this great god!

    Lu Chen didn't expect Su Qing's thoughts to turn so much. He nodded and replied: "Yes, let's go together next time."

    During this time, Chen Feier was busy than him. He ran a trip to the Republic of Korea, and then the Domestic endorsement activities, all of which had to be signed, and only recently returned to Beijing.

    So the evening date, Lu Chen did not want to let others disturb.

    "OK then…"

    Su Xiaomei is not a sticky character. She put away her bag and the strange thoughts in her heart. The money came up and said: "The next time you ask for a drink, you haven’t gone there for a long time. ."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Okay!"

    He personally sent Su Xiaomei to go out.

    After sending Su Xiaomei, Lu Chen returned to the office and saw Lu Xi sitting in one's own position.

    My sister held a piece of paper in his hand and said to Lu Chen without warning. "This Su is always a little careful about you. You must grasp the position and do not provoke any anecdote."

    Lu Xi and Su Liangmei met several times to meet, but my sister was not very cold with this charming woman.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Sister, you said where to go."

    He remembers that Lu Xi had warned one's own time before, but he did not expect to mention it again.

    Is Su Xiaomei interested in him? Lu Chen did not see it, nor would he be self-confident.

    Besides, he already has Chen Feier and his career.

    Lu Xi snorted: "You can't own one's own heart…"

    She shook her hand in the manuscript paper and said: "This is the media interviewed for your interviews these days, as well as the program invitations of various TV stations. You can't go or choose which ones, one's own to decide!"

    Lu Chen took a look at it and felt that his head was big – there were dozens of items on it.

    Beijing Satellite TV, Zhedong Satellite TV, Huhai Satellite TV, Haijin Satellite TV, Fetion Network, Trend Network, Easy Network, Entertainment Weekly, New Youth Daily …

    Lu Xi has apparently filtered the small media, otherwise the number can be multiplied at least several times.

    These big media are not offended, but if they all agree, it is estimated that one's own must be broken into several, otherwise nothing else should be done.

    Looking at Lu Chen's frowning face, my sister is in a good mood: "Oh, you should study it slowly, and ask me to ask Maya at night."

    Lu Chen nodded nodly.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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