Chapter 405 Congratulations Lu Chen

    Following the 3% mark in the 11th and 12th episodes of "Full Houses" on July 31st, the 13th and 14th episodes were broadcast on August 5th, and Viewership Ratings reached 3.45% and 3.56 respectively. %, closer to the target declared by Lu Chen.

    At this time, even those who have stubborn prejudice have to admit that Lu Chen's second drama series has won more than "Blue Life and Death", and is bound to lead the trend of the Domestic drama series market again.

    A sadistic drama, a romantic love comedy, Lu Chen seems to have a pair of insights that can penetrate the hearts of the people, always able to grasp the audience's preferences and create one miracle after another.

    It was just the success of "Full House", which also made the competition of Shonan Satellite TV "Love Sea" fall to the point where it was extremely incomparable. Its 15th and 16th episodes of Viewership Ratings on the 5th finally fell below 1%. .

    Why use the word "final"? That is because on the Inspur blog, Lu Chen's fans are eagerly looking forward to the "Love Hai Yan" fell below the bottom line, Hu Yang blog's comment area was "1%" message to the screen, it is expected!

    This made it very embarrassing for Xiangnan Satellite TV, which had a strong publicity offensive before the launch of "Love Haishu". The original marketing methods for "Full House" are now all on one's own face.

    Being face-smacking is it does not matter. Anyway, Shonan Satellite TV has always been very thick, but the huge investment in "Essence of the Sea" Viewership Ratings 1% is very terrible – someone has to be responsible for such a bad situation?

    So the industry soon came to the news that it was said that the member of the drama crew who had advocated the "Full House" of "Full House" has been transferred, and that "Love" is likely to change the broadcast time.

    Now it seems that if the "Love Story" is different from the "Full House", Viewership Ratings will never fall to such a point, and then there is no place to buy medicine, then it can only be repaired.

    The hype of "The Love of the Sea" has not been able to step on the "Full House", and in turn was completely ridiculed by the "Full House". The evaluation of Lu Chen in the industry circle has naturally reached a new height.

    If the success of his first episode "Blue Life and Death" is a perhaps with luck, then the popularity of "Full House" is red, only to show that his strength is so powerful.

    Because no one can continue to create miracles by luck.

    On the evening of August 8, Lu Chen participated in the talk program "National Star" on the popular radio station channel.

    The popular radio station is Domestic's first-class commercial radio station and network radio station. Considering traditional media and new media, Program covers the content that young people like, such as film, music, digital, fashion, travel, food, etc., whether it is radio or radio. There are a lot of listeners on the station or on-demand.

    The "National Star" is a Celebrity talk program introduced by the popular radio station a few years ago. The listening rate is quite high and has a certain influence in the industry.

    So after getting an invitation from the popular radio station, Lu Chen did not refuse to use this program.

    The live broadcast started at 7:30 pm at the popular radio station in Beijing's headquarters studio.

    "The audience in front of the radio is good at night, the vast number of netizens, how are you!"

    “This is the popular radio station channel. You are welcome to listen to the “All Stars” Program on time!”

    "I am a big man!"

    "I am a little star!"

    "All Stars" is a male and a female Host. Its stage names "Damin" and "Xiaoxing" are well-known. There are millions of fans on the Inspur blog.

    The people are around 30 years old, wearing glasses and Svens, the Voice is clean and clean, and the conversation is humorous.

    And his partner is a younger star, with a beautiful long-haired shawl and a pleasing scorpion.

    Damin first introduced: "Tonight's "All Stars", we invited a famous singer, a famous screenwriter, a famous actor, and they are actually the same person!"

    Xiaoxing smiled and said: "He is Lu Chen Teacher, everyone welcomes!"

    The voice of the palm of the hand rang, and Lu Chen said to the microphone: "Everyone is good evening, I am Lu Chen, I am very happy to chat with two Hosts in the popular radio station."

    Xiaoxing said: "First of all, Congratulations Lu Chen, Lu Chen's screenwriter creation and starring "Full House" broke through 4% of Viewership Ratings last night, creating a record of the same type of drama series for ten years."

    Damin: "Congratulations Lu Chen!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you."

    On the evening of August 7th, the 18th episode of "Full House", Viewership Ratings broke through 4%, reaching 4.06%.

    Although the industry had long anticipated this result, when it really happened, it still attracted the hot discussion of public opinion, which became the headline of many media entertainment editions, and once again brushed a wave of eyeballs.

    For more than a decade, Domestic's drama series has grown rapidly, and the number of episodes filmed each year has increased, showing the trend of Xin Rong, but also accompanied by fierce competition and blind follow-up.

    Especially the urban series drama series, idol drama youth drama is popular, in the theme style to imitate Japanese and Korean drama, although the drama is more, the average Viewership Ratings is declining.

    Many people attribute it to the impact of the Internet on TV. Young people who are the mainstay of the idol drama youth drama can choose a lot of entertainment, and they prefer Japanese and Korean dramas and American dramas.

    This view has always existed. However, the success of "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House" made everyone suddenly discover that in fact, domestic drama is also promising. Success is not based on hype, scandal, tearing, but creativity and Sincerity!

    As a domestic drama, "Full House" has exceeded 40% in the Republic of Korea's Viewership Ratings. It is far ahead of other local Korean dramas in the same period, and the Republic of Korea media is exclaiming "the wolf is coming."

    There are also seven episodes of "Full House" that have become a real psychic drama. The two Hosts of "National Star" naturally cannot circumvent this topic, and they first touted it.

    Then the topic was transferred to the male and female protagonists.

    Xiaoxing said: "I have an audience called "End of the World". He said that I really want to know, Lu Chen, you are in love with Chen Feier. Who was the first to catch up?"

    When asked about Lu Chen, the host had a smile on her face. Apparently she also wanted to know the answer.

    "National Star" is the real live broadcast program. Radio station listeners can interact with Host or Celebrity via the hotline, while netizens leave a message on the live broadcast website, and then Host screens the problem.

    This question is a bit interesting.


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