Chapter 408 Protest and Handling

    At 7 o'clock in the morning, Wang Pu woke up from time to time in his sleep.

    He rushed to wash, and then ran toward the place where he went to work in the morning light. This is the most important way for Wang Pu to exercise, unless it is rain or snow, it has never been interrupted.

    I ate early in the breakfast shop not far from the company. It was still early. Wang Pu walked as usual, and at the same time, the cell phone stuck in his trouser pocket was pulled out and opened the client of Inspur Reading.

    He can't wait to know how the current performance of "Jiang Hu" is being squeezed out by other books from the top of the week.

    After brushing the leaderboard, Wang Pu unexpectedly did not see the familiar title on the weekly recommendation list.

    So fast squeezed out the top ten?

    The weekly recommendation list of Inspur Reading only showed the top ten on the front page, and Wang Pu could not help but feel disappointed.

    But soon he found out that it was wrong.

    Because the data on the cell phone shows that the number of votes for the tenth place is less than 3,000 votes!

    How is this possible?

    Wang Pu remembered very clearly that in the early hours of the morning, the group members voted collectively, and the list was refreshed for the first time. "Jiang Hu" was ranked top with 3,780 votes. How could it not even rank in the top ten now!

    Wang Pu suddenly had a bad feeling.

    He quickly clicked on the more data columns of the weekly recommendation list, and the results went from the first to the top 50, and there was no such name as "Jiang Hu".

    Wang Pu quickly found the "Jiang Hu" from one's own bookshelf, and opened the data in the information bar of the work.

    Week recommended: 0!

    0 votes!

    Wang Pu’s heart seemed to be tens of thousands of alpacas, his face was flushed and his hair was erected.

    His mother's…How is it lying?

    Although Wang Pu is not very old, he is definitely a veteran reader in the online novel reading.

    He still knows a lot about the rules of the Literal website. He knows that such a situation is not a mistake in the data of the website, but is regarded as a ticket to the seal – directly cleared, and all votes in the limited time are invalid!

    If "Jiang Hu" is really a brush, Wang Pu also recognizes that the website is still very strict against this cheating. The picketing and punishment are not low. As a reader, he supports it.

    However, these referrals are all called by him to vote with hundreds of books. They are definitely not cheating. Last night, everyone worked hard to stay at the computer to vote at 12 o'clock. Now all the efforts are turned into Ugly.

    How can Wang Pu be willing?

    I am afraid this time the group has already blown up?

    He couldn't help but step up and rushed to the place where one's own work, taking advantage of the boss's boss has not come, open the computer and landed on one's own.

    As Wang Pu expected, several of the Fetion groups are already complaining.

    “Who everyone knows, why are our referrals cleared?”

    "I am going to go, have you made a mistake!"

    "Oh, the books that have not been signed are not given to the list, and there is nothing to say."

    "It's too unfair, I have to complain!"

    "Forget it, my arms are not twisted, what is the use of complaints? People don't marry you. ”

    "Oh, it’s really mad at me!"

    Some people are confused, some are excited, there is popularity of anger, and some people are clamoring for justice. Although the members of this time are good, everyone is very busy.

    Wang Pu bite his teeth, and the fingers on the keyboard are extraordinarily hard: "This thing, we must talk to Inspur reading, why should we clear our recommendation ticket, we have not brushed the ticket!"

    It is normal for a book friend to vote to support a favorite book or author. If this is considered a ticket, then there is no need for any list.

    In this matter, Wang Pu is justified, how can he swallow it?

    His opinion was immediately supported by everyone.

    The way to discuss it is very simple, that is, through the customer service of Inspur Reading to make complaints and protests.

    One or two complaints against the perhaps have no effect, but what if there are hundreds of thousands?

    The effect is definitely different!

    The group of readers in "Jiang Hu" is still very united. Their large number of complaints and protests have also attracted the attention and attention of the Inspur reading official, because many of these readers are VIP users, and the level is very high.

    That is to subscribe to the old readers.

    Near noon, the Sect Master of Inspur Reading, together with the editor and editor of the channel, and the technical customer service staff opened a meeting to discuss this matter.

    The supervisor asked: "What is the book "Jiang Hu"?So many people complained. ”

    The technician explained: "This book suddenly appeared at the top of the weekly list at 0:10 today. It was suspected of a major ticket, so I gave the ticket in the morning."

    The supervisor frowned and asked: "Have you checked if you really brushed the ticket?"

    The technique staff shook his head: "The ticket has not been detected yet, the tickets are normal, but…"

    At this time, the editor-in-chief of the channel coughed and said: "I have paid attention to this book before, and I can write it well. The subject matter is special, but the author refuses to sign the contract."

    The head of the supervisor was screwed into the word "chuan": "Why is the reason for refusal?"

    The editor said: "He has opinions on copyright contracts and does not want to sign."

    "It turned out to be like this…"

    The supervisor suddenly understood that the situation in which the author did not sign the contract occurred, mostly because of the contract.

    However, works such as "Swordsman Jiang Hu" do not sign up on the home page list, it is really rare, to know that unsigned works are not recommended, the exposure is too low, how can it compare with popular books?

    Just understand and understand, how to deal with it?

    The supervisor is also a bit scratched, and the list is obviously smashed. However, since the author refuses to sign the contract, it will not be able to generate benefits for the website. Why should the website give him valuable home resources?

    After thinking about it, the supervisor categorically said: "If it is sealed, then seal it to the end, then contact the author to ask if he is willing to sign the contract. If you want, we will unblock it."

    If you still don't want to? No one asked this question because it was not necessary.

    The customer service asked: "What about those complaints?"

    The supervisor smiled and said: "Just tell them that the book is not working properly, and the technique is being processed."

    He will not let "Gang Jiang Jiang" on the front page anyway, otherwise it will be too face-smacking.

    After the meeting, the editors contacted “Recalling the Ancients” again via Fetion.

    However, she did not get any response.

    Because at this time, Lu Chen did not know the storm caused by "Smiling Jiang Hu".

    He is currently in Hangzhou.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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