Chapter 406, Course of Love

    Who is the first to chase?

    This problem makes Lu Chen can not help but recall the one's own and Chen Feier from the first knowledge, familiarity to the past in love.

    There was a faint smile on his face.

    Xiaoxing suddenly has the feeling of lieutenant.

    Lu Chen is very young, tall and handsome, and has a talented talent. The future is far from limit.

    A character like him is undoubtedly a girl's dream lover, but it is a famous grass.

    Can get Lu Chen love, He Qi Luck!

    However, the person he loves is the existence of not many women who can compete with it. It is really a feeling that people are very weak and want to compete without a little bit of confidence.

    Lu Chen thought for a moment and replied: "In fact, no one who took the initiative to pursue, how to say? When I meet someone sometime at a certain time, I like it, and the other person likes you too. The two people are naturally together. This is basically my love story. ”

    Lu Chen’s answer skillfully avoids the question of who is chasing who is invulnerable and unable to solve problems.

    Otherwise, whether he said that one's own chasing or Chen Feier chasing first, it will fall into the wrong position.

    "Well, very beautiful love."

    The big man nodded. His eyes fell on the flat screen: "There is still a problem here. There is a 'Pink Peach' listener, Lu Chen, is Chen Feier your first girlfriend? If not, what was the reason for the breakup? ”

    The Host’s mouth is smiling and a bit sloppy: “This question seems a bit sensitive, of course you don’t have to answer.”

    It is said that there is no need to answer, in fact, I obviously hope that Lu Chen will open.

    Since it is sensitive, why bother?

    Lu Chen knows that to do the Program must create a bright spot, in fact, the scale of the other party is not excessive, of course, he can not answer, but avoiding the problem will inevitably make people think that it is guilty, what is unbearable to look back.

    Therefore, the answer to this question is better than not answering. How to answer it is the key.

    He smiled and said: "When I was studying, I talked to many people about love, but I broke up."

    "As for the reason for breaking up, I think…"

    "We were too young at that time, we still don't know how to love."

    Damin and Xiaoxing looked at each other and saw the color of admiration from each other's eyes.

    In the two years since the launch of "National Stars", the invitation to Celebrity is not a minority. In the past, there was also a topic about love. It was such a "meaningfulness" that Lu Chen answered so much. There are really few.

    Lu Chen is very young, but he seems to have a deep understanding of love, as if he has already experienced vicissitudes.

    What he brought to the two is really a wonderful feeling!

    At this moment, in the popular radio station "National Star" network live broadcast, the audience opened the screen mode.

    Due to Program's notice, plus the recent popularity of Lu Chen's popularity, there are a lot of viewers listening to the popular radio station network live broadcast. So far, it has exceeded 1.2 million+ and is still increasing.

    Such a heat index is rare in the radio station live broadcast of the "National Star".

    "I want to say that I am not one of many people. I have never talked about love after I finished college!"

    "Don't talk about +1!"

    "When I graduated from college, I broke up. Now I think about it, I really want to cry."

    "Yes, we don't understand love when we are young."

    "Who is very good about Lu Chen's first love girlfriend, you said she will also listen to this Program?"

    "Lu Chen, I want to hear you sing and sing a song about love!"

    "Want to listen to songs +10000!"

    The comments of these online listeners will be reflected in the screen of the studio. Host Xiaoxing smiled and said: "So many listeners said that they want to listen to your song, love song, do you see it?"

    Lu Chen did not refuse: "Of course."

    Before the Program, there was a link to arrange live singing, but only in advance.

    Even the guitar is ready.

    Lu Chen took the guitar from the radio station staff and tried it in his arms. After brewing his emotions, he said to the microphone: "This is for love, its name is…"

    "Because of Love."

    His Voice became a radio wave, a signal that was instantly transmitted to thousands of miles away and innocent the online world.

    There are also piano sounds and songs.


Give you a past cd,

Listen to our love at that time,

Sometimes I suddenly forget that I am still loving you.

    Can't sing like that song,

Hearing will blush and avoid.

Although I often forget that I still love you.

    Because of Love is not easy to grieve,

So everything is happy.

    Because of Love, simple growth,

Still ready to be crazy for you!


    Gently plucking the strings, Lu Chen sang this "Because of Love" from shallow to deep, as if to tell one's own love story, telling sweet, warm, romantic stories.

    Simple and simple singing, just like the simplest confession, with a little sad taste, full of nostalgia, deeply evokes people's desire for love, sincere and delicate.


Because of Love, how can there be vicissitudes?

So we are still young.

    Because of Love in that place,

There are still people roaming people there!


    This song was originally a male and female singer, Lu Chen slightly changed into a solo.

    But the constant is the beautiful melody and the touching lyrics.

    He chose this song, not to regain the feeling of first love, but to treat one's own love in a more mature state of mind.

    Chen Feier should also listen to this Program, I believe she can understand the voice of one's own.

    As a listener at the scene, Host Min and Xiaoxing of "National Star" listened very seriously and were very moved.

    Xiaoxing even listened to the red circle – she was deeply moved by this "Because of Love".

    In the live broadcast of the network, the scrolling of comments has never stopped.

    "Because of Love …"

    "I really want to talk about love again!"

    "Why is this nice? 55555, I heard that I want to cry. ”

    "As a single dog, I feel a deep hurt and don't want to listen anymore!"

    "Lu Chen's song is really getting better and better. I like this Love Song."

    "Lu Chen, I love you!"

    "At that time…"

    Sighing, hurtful, admiring, showing love…Thousands of messages have become the footnotes of this song.

    With the landing of the morning, the song is finished.

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    The radio station of the popular radio station rang with applause from the applause of two hosts.

    This program tonight, with this song has been successful!

    Because of Love.


Note: "Because of Love" lyrics / song: Xiao Ke (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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