The most romantic thing in Chapter 404

    The old alley is deeply squatting in a small courtyard, and five or six wooden tables and dozens of dining chairs are the private chefs of Master Chen.

    The tables are very old, the paint is dull but the clothes are clean, and the dining chairs are similar, but sitting up a bit swaying, people are worried that they will fall directly.

    Of course, it is impossible to open an air conditioner in an open-air small courtyard. There is an electric fan on the corner of the wall, screaming and swaying to send a cool breeze to drive away the heat of summer.

    Compared with the regular restaurants, the environment here is definitely very bad. However, the customers who come here are not eating the environment, but the taste.

    Lu Chen has not been here for a long time, but everything has not changed here.

    He came with Chen Feier.

    Master Chen’s private kitchen business has always been very good, and he does not accept reservations. He wants to occupy a table in a small courtyard, either coming early or coming late.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier came over at 7 o'clock in the evening, just past the peak of the meal, so there is no need to wait for an empty table.

    I ordered a braised lion's head, three sets of ducks, squirrel squid, big boiled dried silk and two cages of crab powder steamed bun. The authentic Huaiyang cuisine is also the favorite dish of Lu Chen, the signature dish of Master Chen.

    The braised lion head that had been stewed for a long time in the casserole was first served on the table. In the pot, there was a big lion head. The thick red sauce was steaming and the smell was very attractive.

    Lu Chen used a pair of chopsticks and a spoon to give Chen Feier a small piece. The latter carefully took a few mouthfuls and could not help but reveal the color of surprise: "It's delicious!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That's good, I am afraid that you are not used to it."

    Today, Chen Feier just returned to Beijing, and they haven't seen each other for a while, so I decided to have dinner together at night.

    I don't know how, Lu Chen remembered Master Chen's private kitchen, so he took Chen Feier to the old place of the three rings near the fourth ring to fight for teeth.

    Tens of thousands of bottles of red wine, thousands of pieces of steak can certainly bring taste enjoyment, a few dollars of beer and dozens of dollars of braised lion head is not bad, or even beyond.

    "how could be…"

    Chen Feier shook her head and said: "I definitely like this kind of delicious food, and the most important thing to eat is not to eat anything, but to eat with whom."

    She has a smile on her face, and her eyes are gentle and watery, making people intoxicated.

    Lu Chen has not been drinking yet, and he is a little drunk.

    Although it is the same dish, the taste of eating is really different – more delicious.

    "I used to live in a basement nearby, and Li Feiyu is next door to me…"

    Lu Chen talked with Chen Feier about the past: "When we got paid, we ran here to eat a solution. I like Chen Shaofu’s braised lion head. I really want to do it today. eat…"

    Chen Feier listened quietly, then ate a few mouthfuls of vegetables, and gave Lu Chen a dish.

    This dinner is very warm.

    When I was almost eaten, Lu Chen was ready to pay for the leave, and several girls hesitated to walk over.

    One of them ate and asked: "Please…Excuse me…you…You are Lu Chen, Chen Feier? ”

    I don't know if it is because of excitement or tension. She is full of flushing colors.

    Several girls were also eating here, and then they found Lu Chen and Chen Feier sitting not far away. At first they didn't dare to bother, but now they have been courageous.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier smiled at each other.

    When both of them came to wear sunglasses, they were taken off when they were eating, and it was normal to be recognized.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, hello."


    Girls who received a good response were even more excited: "Can…Can you make a photo? I am your fan! ”

    Lu Chen nodded: "Of course."

    He now has more fans, and as long as the timing is right, the requirements such as the photo signature can be satisfied.


    The little girl was happy to jump to Lu Chen's side immediately, hugged his arm, and then made a gesture of victory for his companion, laughing like a spring bloom.

    Her companions have already pulled out the cell phone and slammed several shots.

    Then one for another, and of course, a few with Chen Feier, and quickly sent a circle of friends.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier patiently accompanied them to complete a selfie photo. The two were very consistent in the issue of treating fans. Unlike some Celebrity artists, they took the cold route and ignored the fans.

    Therefore, the two people's real powder is particularly united.

    After taking the photo, Lu Chen took Chen Feier and left, because there were other guests in the small courtyard.

    If you are surprised by other passers-by to watch the fun, it is a bit difficult to get out.

    Auntie’s car was waiting outside the alley, and Lu Chen asked her to send one’s own and Chen Feier to Houhai.

    "Eat at night!"

    Holding hands and walking in the lake, Chen Feier happily complained: "At least a pound more!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You are only a few pounds, a pound of it does not matter."

    Chen Feier pays great attention to the maintenance of her body. She insists on exercising and doing yoga every day. The weight is the perfect standard.

    Chen Feier asked: "Do you like me fat, or thin me?"

    Lu Chen said: "I like you, don't care about fat and thin."

    Chen Feier laughed: "Sweet words will swear at me."

    Even though she said so, she still smiled sweetly.

    Walking tired, the two sat down on the bench by the road, staring at the distant lights and sparkling lights.

    Chen Feier holds the waist of Lu Chen, and half of the person leans in the arms of the latter.

    Gently humming.


I can think of the most romantic things,

It is to grow old with you.

    Collecting bits and pieces of laughter along the way,

Stay in the rocker chair and talk slowly.

    I can think of the most romantic things,

It is to grow old with you.

    I can’t go anywhere until we are old.

You still regard me as a treasure in your hand! ”

    She sang this "most romantic thing", which is Lu Chen's second episode for "Full House", another episode with Lu Chen singing "Only for you", currently in the original sound list The top ranks 3rd and 7th.

    This exquisite and gentle Love Song, which is warm and romantic, fully expresses the happiness of a small woman through melody and lyrics, so it quickly became popular after being broadcast in the drama series.

    The official version of the song "Romantic Full House" official V, the number of downloads has exceeded 10 million mark!

    But listening to Lu Chen, whether it is the episode on the TV or the official version, is far less impressive than the soft sing of Chen Feier at this moment.

    He holds the lover in his arms as if he had the whole world.


Note "The most romantic thing" lyrics: Yao Ruolong / Composer: Li Zhengfan.

    The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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