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Chapter 100 Celebration Gifts

    The gold button placed in the middle of the judges is a symbol of Luck and strength, bringing surprise eggs.

    According to the rules of "Singing China", the four judges have the opportunity to press once in the qualifying round. They can directly send one player to the top 32, and in the rematch and promotion, they can press again. Move once to resurrect a player who has been eliminated.

    A judge has two privileges, no more.

    Lin Zhijie pressed the gold button to give the big egg held by one's own to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen was able to skip the rematch in Luck and became the first player to be among the top 32 in Beijing singing area!


    Chen Feier was so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth and smiled: "Chi Jie, you are really good!"

    Tan Hong laughed and yelled at Lin Zhijie.

    He really stood up and led the audience to applaud and cheered for Lu Chen and Lin Zhijie's apology!

    With Lin Zhijie’s status and his position in the industry, even if he has any opinion on Lu Chen, he does not need to say anything or explain anything. The act of apology undoubtedly shows his open mind.

    Lu Chen was also very surprised, but his reaction was very quick, and he immediately said: "Thank you Lin Teacher!"

    All the audience stood up, and the warm and enthusiastic applause seemed like a storm in the summer.

    When this scene appeared in the scene of Lu Fei's live broadcast, Lu Chen's fans were burning!

    "Chinese good judges!"

    "Lu Fei greatly forformable might, straight to the top 32!"

    "Don't say anything, come to the squid balls, I will take a wave, everyone will keep up!"

    “The people of Huhai sent a congratulatory message to congratulate the anchor for the promotion of the top 32!”

    "Thank you for congratulations!"

    "Who is this judges? Must praise it. ”

    "Lin Zhijie, the Music Director of Fei Shi Records, is also a very bullish character."

    "You said that the Lu Fei Grand Conference will not be in the album?"

    "Maybe, look forward to the anchor's first album!"

    "Think of it all beautiful…"

    Because of this golden egg, many people turned to Lin Zhijie passers-by and even had higher expectations.

    Fish balls don't cost money, and dozens of hundreds of flails appear frequently, brushing the entire screen, and the local tyrants have launched more than a dozen aircraft carriers in one breath, pushing the atmosphere of live broadcast to the climax. .

    Li Feiyu of Host live broadcast is even more passionate, shouting his throat is hoarse.

    It seems that he won the victory and has won!

    Lu Chen relied on the golden egg to win the picture of the top 32 seats. At the same time, it appeared on the TV screens of thousands of families in China and the computer screens of netizens, so that countless people remembered his name.

    "Leaves, your eyes are really amazing!"

    In the dormitory area of ​​Beijing Normal University, in Room 305 of Building 7, several girls are watching live TV broadcast of the "Singing China" qualifier around the Internet.

    One of the girls smiled and said to the leaves sitting on the edge of the bed: "This is a potential stock, handsome and talented, you have to hurry, don't let others rob, otherwise you can't cry too late!" ”

    The leaves are ashamed: "What potential stocks, I am just an ordinary friend with him, who loves to grab someone to snatch it!"

    She knew last week that Lu Chen was participating in the "Singing China" draft competition. She was watching the live broadcast in front of the computer early today, which led to the students in the dormitory to watch the fun.

    The leaves don't want to be exposed, but there is a guy who knows the bottom, so everyone knows.

    Zuo Xintian swallowed the apple chewed in his mouth and smiled: "You are also a hard mouth. Who dropped the sisters in the past few days and sneaked out to date?" I haven't counted this debt yet! ”

    Last time, Ye Zi and Lu Chen went to the skating rink to skate. After the leaves came back, they were forced to make a confession by Zuo Xintian. They had to tell the truth and then were condemned to seriously damage the feelings of bosom friend.

    The leaves smacked their hands on their foreheads and said, "Don't you please eat Haagen-Dazs?"

    "I want to buy this lady with two cups of ice cream?"

    Zuo Xintian pinched the face of the leaves, and said very proudly: "You think too beautiful!"

    The leaves grabbed her thief and smiled. "Then add two more cups, so it's beautiful to make you a big fat girl!"


    Recently, because of the weight gain of two pounds of Zuo Xintian, it was like jumping into the tail of a wild cat.

    She threw the leaves on the bed and cried, "I don't want to eat, I don't want to get fat!"

    In Xiaoxiao’s dormitory room, the two girls’ crisp laughter sounded.

    The leaves and the left sweet are frolicking, but in the heart they think of Lu Chen, I don’t know what he is doing at this moment.

    Is celebrating victory?

    Alone, still with other people?

    She suddenly had the urge to call Lu Chen immediately, but she was helpless by Zuo Xintian.


    When Lu Chen came out of the Beijing Satellite TV broadcast building, it was already 10 o'clock in the evening.

    He won the Golden Egg and won the first 32 seats. After he stepped down, he accepted a separate interview with Beijing Satellite TV, mainly talking about one's own Music experience, Music dream and promotion feelings.

    Lu Chen had already taken a short video clip of VCR, but as the first player to qualify for the top 32 in the Beijing singing area, he had a lot of explosive points, so he made a special reshoot.

    In front of the camera's scene, Lu Chen continued to perform well, and talked about the market without a little bit.

    The reporters who visited him praised him for his Celebrity fan and wished Lu Chen to win the 32-for-16 competition in the following week.

    After the interview, the time is naturally late.

    Standing at the door, facing the car in front of the car to the brightly lit Long Street Avenue, Lu Chenxi take action machine to open.

    When I was interviewing, he pours out the mechanics out of courtesy.

    There have been a lot of unread news in Fetion and Fetion, all of which are congratulations from friends and fans.

    Because the recording and broadcast were separated by one hour, the news was received the latest. Lu Chen selected several important ones to reply, including the leaves.

    After returning the message, he called back a missed call.

    Cell phone rang for three seconds, and there was a laughter from Chen Jianhao: "Lu Chen, congratulations!"

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Jian Hao Ge, I will give your bar an advertisement!"

    Chen Jianhao said: "I saw that the advertisement played well, but not only mine, but also your share!"

    Lu Chen has a 5% stake in the Forgetting Grass Bar.

    Lu Chen laughed.

    Chen Jianhao said: "This song of your qualification is well written. What kind of song is the 32 strong choice?"

    Lu Chen’s heart moved and asked: “Do you have any good suggestions for Jianhao?”

    Chen Jianhao replied: "I think you are very good at the same table. It is also an original work. You sing very well."

    Lu Chen faintly understood and smiled. "Well, I listened to Jianhao."

    Since Lu Chen took part in the draft program, the owner of the Forgetting Bar has become a mysterious secret.

    But Lu Chen believes that he will not harm one's own.

    Chen Jianhao smiled: "That's good, remember to have time to sit in the bar, many guests are asking you!"

    After chatting with Chen Jianhao a few words, Lu Chen ended the call and called Li Feiyu.

    "Great morning!"

    Just heard his Voice, Lu Chen immediately shocked: "I am going, what is your nephew?"

    The voice of Little Brother Fei is very hoarse and it sounds like the vocal cords have been rubbed hard by the coarse sandpaper.

    Li Feiyu smiled and said: "Today is too happy and too embarrassing, my nephew is shouting!"

    "Da Chen, do you know how much reward we got for live broadcast at night? 70T, a full 70T! ”

    He was obviously very excited, and ignored the one's own scorpion, and reported the good news to Lu Chen loudly.

    "Most of them are ordinary Lu Jiajun fans, a lot of fish balls!"

    Any live broadcast platform, including [Whale TV], the main force of the reward is local tyrants or Advanced fans, but the strength of ordinary fans can not be underestimated, even hundreds of thousands of fans who enjoy 100 fish balls, It is the amount that it is not possible.

    And one or two hundred fish balls, as long as the usual task of doing the website is still very easy to accumulate.

    This is undoubtedly the gift of the majority of the fishmeal to Lu Chen!

    "Okay, don't say it again!"

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Lu Chen said decisively: “I am coming now, we will see you in the old place!”


PS: One hundred chapters, I don’t know if there is a reward for the gift (*^__^*)

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