The forty-fourth chapter is jealous

    LaDolceVita97 has been in Lan Kwai Fong for more than 20 years. The LDVSinger King Awards event is also a matter of recent years, but since it is held every week, it has accumulated a lot.

    And this LDVSinger King game tonight is undoubtedly quite special.

    First of all, the singer Ye Xuan appeared on stage, and a "Dawn dawn" won a full house applause.

    However, when everyone thought that the result of the game had no suspense, Lu Chen, who was playing behind Ye Xuan, was amazed by a "Love in Life", so that the guests in the bar felt a different Music Charm. Make the final victory and defeat become confusing.

    As for the last few contestants, it is basically playing soy sauce.

    By the end of all the singing, it was not surprising that the number of flowers received by Lu Chen and Ye Xuan alternately rose, showing a state of glue.

    The results were finally counted, Ye Xuan got 57 flowers, and Lu Chen was 56, but only lost to Ye Xuan with only one difference.

    The result of this is actually quite normal. Ye Xuan is a well-known Hong Kong singer after all, and Lu Chen is the first mainlander to come to Lan Kwai Fong. His Singing is even better. The guests in the bar are still many people in Hong Kong.

    In their view, Lu Chen only lost one flower, which is already defeated.

    But for such a result, Ye Xuan does not recognize it very much, not that the gap is too small, but that he thinks that the champion tonight should be Lu Chen.

    Because Lu Chen took out the original work, he is covering Liu Heavenly King, this is the biggest gap!

    Ye Xuan deliberately went to the owner of the LaDolceVita97 bar. After some negotiations, the bar owner announced that he would vote for one's own flower to Lu Chen, so that the two were tied and won the championship. Free and red wine rewards.

    In fact, no matter to Lu Chen or Ye Xuan, it is not bad for this little money, but there are friends at night, playing is fun – everyone is really happy.

    The so-called "playing" did not know each other. After this Xiaoxiao test, Lu Chen met Ye Xuan, the local Singer, and Ye Xuan also knew Lu Chen, a singer from the mainland.

    Although he did not have the authority to get the "Favorite in Life" as he wished, Ye Xuan was very enthusiastic to invite Lu Chen to participate in a Musical party of Xiangjiang Singer.

    Lu Chen didn't play very late at LaDolceVita97. Although the nightlife of Xiangjiang was just beginning, he was used to going to bed early and getting up early, so he said goodbye to Ye Xuan and Li Zhen's friends and returned to one's own residence.

    Going back to the apartment and taking a shower, Lu Chen thought about it and sent a message to Chen Feier.

    I did not expect Chen Feier to return to the phone soon.

    Lu Chen was surprised: "You haven't slept so late?" What are you doing? ”

    Chen Feier said with a sigh: "I can't sleep, I just received your message when I was lying in bed, what happened?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Nothing, just miss you."

    Chen Feier Hee Hee smiled and said: "Shu Shu called me at night, saying that you are very popular at her charity dinner. A song has a million dollars, and Mrs. Kim is eye-catching. Two dry daughters."

    "They are beautiful?"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "What, just a transaction, people have paid, I have some strength."

    Chen Feier will actually be jealous, but she is a little cute with a little vinegar.

    "Hey, you don't dare to spend a lot of time…"

    Chen Feier said: "I have a lot of eyeliners in Xiangjiang, I can stare at you all the time!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Where is such a powerful eyeliner, it is better to come over and stare at me."

    Chen Feier sighed and sighed: "I knew that I wouldn't pick up the show. I can't get away from it for at least a year. I have to run around the country and I am exhausted."

    She is currently taking a big drama produced by CCTV. The investment scene is more Celebrity, and the shooting cycle is at least one year, so even if you want to come to Xiangjiang, you may not be able to take time.

    Although it is a joke, Chen Feier is really not worried about Lu Chen's career in Xiangjiang. Although Lu Chen's character is trustworthy, the two are not married after all. It is difficult to guarantee that no one will look at this piece of "Tang Yu Meat".

    Especially Xiangjiang, that is the SAR that allows many wives!

    Lu Chen is very young, handsome and super handsome, but also has outstanding talent. In the eyes of any woman, it is definitely the diamond-level Wang Laowu, where it will be popular.

    Chen Feier certainly has confidence in one's own, but she can't stand the two people everywhere.

    Xiangjiang is also famous for its beauty.

    When it comes to emotional issues, Tianhou is also selfish, so I can't help but take a vaccination.

    By the way, complaining.

    Lu Chen warmly whispered a few words, and Chen Fei’s heart was sweet.

    At the end, Chen Feier said: "Shu Yujie is not easy now, you can help her more."

    No matter how beautiful the scenery before, the current Shu Shu is no longer the original identity. She is more like a gamble when she returns to the Entertainment Circle. If she loses, she may lose everything and can no longer afford to fail.

    They are both women and friends, so Chen Feier is willing to let Lu Chen help.

    Lu Chen said: "I know."

    Speaking of his heart here, he chatted with Chen Feier about going to Lan Kwai Fong in the evening.

    Of course, it also includes the matter of knowing Ye Xuan.

    Chen Feier doesn't know Ye Xuan, and she doesn't care. She is very envious of Lu Chen's freedom: "The next time I come to Xiangjiang, let's go to that LaDolceVita97. I know this bar, I have never been to it. It sounds very good. Interesting."

    "When you sing again, listen to me…"

    "It doesn't have to be so troublesome, I sing it to you now…"

    I don't have to look for a guitar to accompany me. Lu Chen sang directly to the microphone: "If you are crazy, you can wait until one day, the most loved in your life. Who cares about you, my situation, every time I have an accident, I don’t know the future…"

    Sing this song "Love in Life", he only sings to one person.

    A person who really wants to sing to her, gentle and affectionate.

    “…If true, if it is false, if you can play one's own, you will give your gentleness to your only confidant. ”

    Chen Feier quietly listened and did not speak.

    After Lu Chen sang, he whispered, "Are you listening?"

    The answer to him was a uniform and long breath, and the person on the phone was already asleep.

    Lu Chen’s lips had a smile, and the eyes were full of tenderness.

    He didn't end the call immediately, but listened to Chen Fei's breathing, as if she was around.

    Outside the window, the moonlight is as soft as the night.


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