Chapter 185 Flower Woman

    The recording studio of Fei Shi Records, both in terms of size and equipment conditions, is top of the Domestic.

    As a veteran record company, Fei Shi is still very willing to invest in hardware. Once a big coffee recorded the album in its studio, he once sighed that recording songs in such an environment can be one's own The state is raised to the highest, even beyond the limit.

    Although the praise of this big coffee is somewhat exaggerated, the recording studio of Fei Shi records is really famous in the industry, so Chen Feier will always put one's own album here.

    Lu Chen, who came for the first time, was also shocked.

    Even if he is not professional in recording, he can see that the recording studio of Fei Shi Records is extraordinary. The investment may be tens of millions. In contrast, the recording studio of Panshi Studio is really weak.

    However, Lu Chen still admired Wang Jing and his sisters in Panshi Studio. Under such limited conditions, he still helped him to complete a good quality album, which is enough to be proud!

    Chen Feier entered the shed.

    Lu Chen and Lin Zhijie, Yi Xiangjun, Fan Jun, MSN and other people of Fei Shi record company stayed in the external listening room.

    Then there were more than six or seven people, all of whom got the news.

    In the Lu Chen even saw a familiar face, which is a Celebrity that is often active on the silver screen.

    They obviously want to hear Chen Feier's new work.

    Chen Feier expertly took the monitor headphones and stood in front of the microphone.

    She closed her eyes first, then took a deep breath and began to brew emotions.

    Those excellent and experienced Singers are able to adjust one's own emotions to the best in just a few seconds. Most suitable for the state of the song melody content.

    Emotions are in place, and the emotions in the song can be fully expressed. Will not give people the feeling of "fake big air".

    Chen Feier has been debuting for more than ten years. The studio doesn't know how many times she has gone in and out. It is very simple and easy for her to adjust her mood.

    But after a full time of more than half a minute, she did not open her eyes.

    This is very unusual.

    To know that it is just an audition, it is not a real recording, the requirements are not so high!

    The only explanation is that Chen Feier has a high demand for one's own and has a higher demand for singing this song.

    Even just just audition!

    The listening room was quiet, no one talked and talked, and everyone even controlled the breathing very lightly.

    Although with the hardware conditions of the flying stone record studio. In the listening room, yelling and banging drums can't make people in the studio hear, but everyone is subconsciously afraid of affecting Chen Feier.

    The three girls of MSN stood at the corner of the listening room. They looked through the large glass window and looked at the sweet song after a sigh of relief. The look was a little excited.

    After a moment, Chen Feier opened her eyes.

    Her lips twitched with a shallow smile and made an "OK" gesture to the record singer.

    The latter will nod and nod. The accompaniment play button of the console is pressed.

    The accompaniment band used by Chen Feier to sing, or Lu Chen, together with Wang Jing in the Panshi studio, is at most semi-finished, and it is definitely necessary to re-arrange the recording.

    Of course, it is used for audition, and it is still no problem.

    This Chen Feier will be used on the new album and as a prelude to the main song, through high-quality monitor speakers. Clearly introduced into the ears of people in the place.

    Lin Zhijie frowned.

    Because I only listen to the prelude. Lu Chen’s new style is not the same as he expected, and…A bit rough.

    Fan Jun’s eyes were pumped. There was a glimpse of the faint color of the face.

    But Chen Feier then sang the song, instantly letting their expressions solidify in an instant!

    "I have a flower,

Kind in my heart,

It’s faintly waiting for you~

Facing the DPRK and the DPRK,

I waited eagerly,

Those who have the heart come to dream.

    Flower Woman ~ swaying in the red dust,

Flower Woman ~ gently swing with the wind,

I only hope that there is a gentle hand,

Can comfort ~ my inner loneliness.


    In the listening room, all the Music people were shocked except Lu Chen.

    Because they can't believe it, Chen Feier is singing in the studio.

    It’s not that Chen Fei’s sings are out of standard. In fact, she sings very well, and her deep feelings are far-reaching.

    It’s this song, it’s a subversion to Chen Feier!

    As the famous sweet song of the Dottic, Chen Feier's works have always been known for their sweet and touching style. The songs she sings are always full of tenderness and sweetness, sweet and sultry, giving people a happy and beautiful feeling.

    Listen to her songs, such as drinking honey/water.

    Outside the circle, but when it comes to sweet songs, the first thing people think of is Chen Feier!

    However, what Chen Feier is singing now is a complete Love Song, a sad and sad Love Song.

    Her singing is no longer sweet and soft, with a low sorrow and a bleak tinge.

    This is completely subversive change, a big transformation!


I have a flower,

The flowers are full of branches,

Who is going to find the truth.

    When there are not many flowers,

Ah ~ can be folded straight,

A woman is like a flower!

    I have a flower,

Growing in my heart,

True love, no one understands.

    Wild grass everywhere,

Has occupied the hillside,

Lonely self-rewarding is the most heartache!


    A woman like a flower can't stand the test of time; a woman is like a flower, she is fragrant and speechless; a woman is like a flower, and she is only for people to enjoy…A simple song sang all the lonely chats and sadness of a woman.

    Although the lyrics are short, it is just right for the woman to be a woman, flowers are like flowers, flowers are like dreams, everything is so empty that people can't catch them, and the feelings of the poetry are reflected in the depths.

    This is a song that is embarrassing and euphemistic, a sad and sighing song. It expresses love, expresses love, and controls the loneliness!

    Lin Zhijie did not dare to look at Lu Chen – how can he, how can he write such a song?

    And in the studio. Chen Feier is singing to forget the situation, inadvertently tears wet eyes.

    She debuted in her teens. All the way to the present, I do not know how many bumps and hardships have gone through.

    Behind the scenes of people, tears, those shackles, those rules of light and darkness, those who are guilty of speculation, she can stick to the bottom line of one's own without falling into the darkness, in addition to the help of friends, it is even stronger.

    She has been carefully guarding the emotions of one's own and has never been open to anyone. Because in the Entertainment Circle, there are really too few people who are truly trustworthy and truly reliable.

    Those who are gentle-minded pursuers may have hidden motives and selfishness.

    Chen Feier has been passed down a lot of scandals. Apart from the intentional hype arranged by the company, others are maliciously linked. This makes her more cautious and alert about her feelings. She is still alone.

    But she is also a woman. A woman who is fully mature.

    How many lonely nights, she longed for a sincere feeling, eager to be picked.

    When I was bathing, standing in front of the mirror, staring at one's own most proud, her mood could not be said.

    Just like the one in this "Flower Woman" – the most heart-wrenching!

    When Chen Feier opened the scores and demos of Lu Chen’s works, the first time I heard this song…

    She really shed tears.

    "Loved knowingly. Drunk and knowing the wine is strong. Flower blossom is always empty…"

    "The fate does not stop, like the spring breeze comes and goes. A woman is like a flower! ”

    She is a Flower Woman in the wind!

    She hopes to have a gentle hand to soothe the inner loneliness;

She hopes to have a strong arm to let her lean on.

    She hopes to have a home and settle her heart;

She hopes that someone can read her true feelings and appreciate her beauty.

    She longs for love and can nourish one's own heart;

She wants to grow old with a loved one and want to have everything for a woman!

    The song was actually written in Chen Fei's heart, so she did not hesitate to make a decision.

    Flower Woman.

    This is the title song of her new album and the name of the album!

    Chen Feier closed her eyes and let the tears of crystal fall from the corner of her eyes. She sang so carefully.

    She opened her eyes again and saw Lu Chen through the glass window.

    Lu Chen was also looking at her, with a soft and soft understanding in her dark eyes, straight into her heart.

    Touch her heartstrings!

    Inadvertently, the scene of going out shopping and singing in the morning and Lu Chen reappeared in her mind.

    She remembered the feeling of Lu Chen's fingers gently pinching one's own cheek.

    Chen Feier took a bit of an unnatural look and sang the last section.


The fate does not stay,

Like the spring breeze, go again,

A woman is like a flower,

A woman is like a flower~"

Suddenly she felt a sense of loss, and the empty inside of her heart seemed to have lost something precious!

    Silence for a moment in the listening room, then the applause suddenly sounded!

    The most exciting is Lin Zhijie, his palms are particularly hard to shoot, and the red is also mixed.

    Because he heard a classic Love Song, he heard the voice from Chen Feier's deepest emotional person.

    This song made him have no doubts about Chen Feier's transformation.

    He firmly believes that this album will definitely be successful!

    The Music Director of the Flying Stone record has a sense of glory that bears witness to history.

    In the applause, Fan Jun was silent.

    He listened to Chen Feier's new song with a picky attitude, but this song made him unable to be picky.

    Even with him, Lu Chen did not have any thoughts.

    Because in this world, there are always geniuses that people can never surpass.

    Lu Chen is such a genius!

    Losing to a true genius, Fan Jun does not feel shameful.

    He was just ashamed of one's own previously unbalanced mentality, and Lin Zhijie's decision was correct.

    Lu Chen is fully qualified to supervise the debut album for MSN.

    That is the honor of Fei Shi Records!


Note: "Flower Woman" lyrics: Li Anxiu / Composer: Chen Yaochuan.

    PS: Ask for a ticket to subscribe! (To be continued~^~)

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