The No. 533 Chapter is a pleasure.

    Into the night, Central.

    A black Mercedes-Benz business car steadily parked in front of the Shangri-La Hotel, and the doorman in a uniformed uniform immediately stepped forward and pulled the door open.

    Lu Chen got out of the car and stood firmly on the red carpet.

    The next moment, a few flash lights, I saw a lot of paparazzi is hiding in a place not far away to sneak shots.

    Lu Chen didn't feel surprised. He came here this evening to participate in Shu Wei's new album release conference. The friends of the future will definitely invite a lot of friends from the circle to come and cheer. Paparazzi will be normal.

    However, these paparazzi, which are not eligible for admission, are basically tabloid reporters, and they are considered to be the bottom of the circle.

    Handed a tip to the doorman, Lu Chen walked into the hotel lobby alone.

    The release of Shu Wei was held in the Grand Conference Chamber on the third floor of the hotel. When Lu Chen arrived, it was already a guest, and the atmosphere was very lively.

    Interestingly, this magnificent Grand Conference has been refurbished and decorated with blue sky, white clouds, beaches, coconut trees, boats…It seems that people suddenly came to the island full of tropical flavors.

    The beautiful hotel customer service personnel wearing a Hawaiian dress, carrying champagne and snacks in the crowd, a band on the long T-shaped stage is playing in the cheerful music, there are laughter everywhere.

    Shu Wei, wearing a long red dress, welcomed the guests at the door and saw Lu Chen appear. The once-popular Xiangjiang songs suddenly showed a charming smile.

    "Lu Chen, how come you come?"

    Lu Chen said with embarrassment: "The traffic jam on the road."

    He presented the gift that had already been prepared: "Sister, I wish you a big album!"

    Shu Yan smiled and bent, said: "Thank you, I Believe this album will definitely be successful, because the theme song is written by you!"

    Lu Chen laughed and said nothing.

    Because there is Chen Feier's origin, so at the request of Shu Shu, Lu Chen wrote two songs for her, one of which is the title song of her new album.

    "Are you alone at night?"

    Shu Wei handed the gift to the assistant, and two cups of champagne from the waiter, one handed to Lu Chen.

    She curiously asked: "How can I not even bring an assistant?"

    Lu Chen said: "Azhen has something at home, I didn't let her come, so I was alone."

    Shu Xiaozui smiled and said: "It is so pitiful to say that your boss is really good. Would you like me to introduce you to a temporary female companion? I have a few bosom friends but I admire you. ”

    Generally speaking, male guests attending such occasions will bring a female companion or assistant. It is inevitable that a single person will feel a sense of desolateness or disunity.

    Lu Chen didn't really care about it. He surrendered: "My sister has spared the younger brother."

    Shu Wei eats and laughs: "Well, don't play with you, then you are one's own free, I won't say hello."

    Lu Chen holds a fist: "There are a lot of sisters."

    Shu Yu sees Lu Chen as the more he likes, the younger and more talented, the rare is that there is arrogance and arrogance, and the easy-going insider is absolutely rare in the New Generation's idol artists.

    She didn't have any special thoughts about Lu Chen, just that Chen Feier could find such a boyfriend is really too Luck, and Lu Chen is also very Luck.

    It was only Lu Chen’s Lu Chen who was in trouble after entering the conference.

    He was looking for a place to sit down with champagne, and was suddenly blocked by people, almost hitting each other.

    Lu Chen didn't know who the other person was, and apologized for courtesy: "Sorry…"

    "You are Lu Chen?"

    However, the other party's response was not so polite, and there was a hostile question in the pride.


    Lu Chen couldn't help but look at it.

    The man who blocked his way to the age of 30 is not very tall. He is wearing a navy blue suit. The facial features are quite handsome. His look is sharp and sharp. Staring at Lu Chen is like an eagle staring at it. Prey.

    "What are you?"

    For this, Lu Chen is very strange, there is no other existence in the impression.

    The cold proud man squinted, as if he did not bother to answer this question, or mocked Lu Chen’s ignorance.

    Still the female companion who is next to him said: "This is Cui Zong of Huaguan Film."

    Huaguan Film Industry?

    Lu Chen suddenly thought about it, the other party is actually Cui Xingxian, the Sect Master of Huaguan Films!

    Huaguan Film is the top ten film company with the strength of Domestic. It is also a subsidiary of Huaguan Entertainment Group. Cui Xingxian, the general manager of the company, belongs to the young film industry in the mainland, and is very famous in the circle.

    Over the past two years, Huaguan Film has attacked Domestic and has dug a number of well-known actors and Directors to join in, and has continuously filmed a number of film and television dramas, and the limelight has been very prosperous.

    Today, this ambitious film company has reached out to Xiangjiang, and joined hands with Xiangjiang's local entertainment company to shoot the big-produced ghost film "Painted Skin", with the intention of expanding the business map with the Xiangjiang film support policy.

    Cui Xingxian even personally overseeed Xiangjiang and supervised the production of this co-production.

    The "Painted Skin" is precisely the biggest competition opportunity of "Ghost Story". Cui Xingxian regards Lu Chen as a threat and uses Jiang Family to make trouble for Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen had known the existence of Cui Xingxian long ago. He did not expect to hit each other here this evening.

    Of course, he did not hesitate, smiled and said: "It turned out that Cui Zong, who is Huaguan Films, has made a big name for a long time. Now I have finally seen a real person, but I will be lucky."

    It is said that it is a long-standing name, but with a hint of sarcasm in its tone.

    What are you ridiculous? Of course, it is ridiculous that this Tibetan head is hiding behind the scenes and is a full-fledged villain!

    Cui Xingxian undoubtedly understood, and his eyes suddenly became gloomy.

    He smiled and said with a smile: "It's very good. It's a man who Chen Feier looks at. It's really extraordinary. I hope that your "Ghost Story" will be sold in Hong Kong!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Cheng Cui always said goodbye, I also wish that "Painted Skin" can be sold."

    Speaking insincerely, the eyes of the two collided together, as if two invisible sharp blades collided in an empty space, flashing a little edge.

    Cui Xingxian snorted and turned away with her female partner. It seemed that she was not interested in continuing to bicker with Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen smiled lightly.

    Since he set up a studio to go to Hong Kong to start filming "Ghost Story", he and Cui Xingxian have become opponent. Although the previous round of Lu Chen’s contest was a big win, Cui Xingxian did not hurt any fur.

    So the real contest between the two is still behind, when the "Ghost Story" and "Painted Skin" are released!

    That is the time to decide the outcome!


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