183th Chapter MSN

    Beijing, New Age Art Park.

    The New Era Art Center was established in 2001. It is located between Haidian Park and Beijing University. It covers an area of ​​nearly 700 acres and is one of Beijing's key cultural and cultural construction projects.

    After more than ten years of development, the New Age Art Park has gathered a large number of well-known films, music, lectures, and art production units. There are thousands of companies and studios in Xiaoxiao, which is a place of humanity.

    The famous Fei Shi record is in the New Age Art Park.

    In the conference room, Lin Zhijie stunned his eyebrows with a little tiredness in his eyes.

    Sitting with him on both sides of the conference table, there are several deputy directors of the Fei Shi record, manager manager, public relations manager, several managers and several composers of the production department, which can be described as a gathering.

    The theme of this conference this morning was the debut album plan of the MSN girl group, which was just founded by Fei Shi Records.

    The MSN girl group has a total of three members. MSN represents the first letter of the three names. They are all around the age of 20, and they are excellent in both appearance and singing.

    Lin Zhijie was the initiator of the meeting, but he obviously could not fully control the situation.

    Regarding the album planning plan developed by the Music Director, the objection is very big, very big!

    The emergence of such a situation, more or less out of Lin Zhijie's expectations, but he has always been determined, never retreat because of difficulties.

    "I would like to emphasize again that it is a good choice to invite Lu Chen to help make this album. His talent in creation is obvious to all and is trustworthy."

    MSN Girls are flying Stone records to cater to the current young people's market, the recent introduction of the Guo portfolio.

    For this old record company. The establishment of this women's group is not easy. The two women's groups that they launched a few years ago failed. Caused considerable losses to the company.

    As the saying goes, the snake is bitten for ten years and is afraid of the well rope. If it is not the current group combination, the popular male group and the female group will make a lot of money, and the Fei Shi record may not be determined to set up a new female group again.

    The three members of MSN were personally selected by Lin Zhijie. In order to make this combination a hit, he teamed up with the planning department to develop a full set of publicity programs.

    The most important of these is MSN's debut album!

    As a result, Lin Zhijie did not expect that his plan encountered such great resistance within the company.

    "Lin Director…"

    Yi Xiangjun, deputy general manager of Fei Shi Records, smiled and said: "Lu Chen is indeed an excellent singer, but his works are mainly folk, not suitable for MSN style location, and…"

    The 40-year-old middle-aged woman knocked on the table with her fingers. Emphasizing: "The price of one of his songs is 350,000. Who can't ask for such a price? And several authors at I Believe can produce enough great work. ”

    Her eyes looked at the three composers who signed up on the Fei Shi record, with a color of encouragement in her eyes.

    The latter was straightforwardly straightened, and one of the men with black-rimmed glasses and gentleman nodded and said: "As long as the company needs it, several of our colleagues will do their best to produce good works."

    After a pause, he said in an unquestionable tone: "At least not worse than others!"

    The man named Fan Jun is the chief signing author of Fei Shi Records. The famous composition and arrangement in the circle has written many excellent works, but in recent years there have been few good works.

    Fan Jun has been working with Fei Shi Records for nearly 20 years. He has a high status in this old record company. With the support of Yi Xiangjun, he really does not want to be with Lin Zhijie.

    And Fan Jun’s heart is very dissatisfied with Lin Zhijie’s album plan.

    Lin Zhijie's idea is actually to invite outsiders to produce MSN's debut album. And create a title song. Let them have several senior authors as deputies.

    If you are invited to a big caddy in the circle, Fan Jun has no idea.

    What is Lu Chen?

    A newcomer who has just debuted. I have shipped a good-selling album, and I dare to open an amazing price of 350,000. I really don't know Immense World.

    Fan Jun is not convinced, he has worked diligently in this business for so many years, the achievements of the works are well known, how to be willing to succumb to a junior?

    Lin Zhijie really wants to persist, he dares to lick the table and turn his face – wherever you can mix and eat!

    "Yeah yeah…"

    Fan Jun is full of hardship, and others have been arguing and arguing with various reasons for opposition.

    Their reason is nothing more than that Lu Chen’s offer is too high, his qualifications are too shallow, his creative style is not right, and so on.

    I didn’t point to Lin Zhijie’s nose and said that he played the piano.

    Lin Zhijie is as heavy as water.

    As one of Domestic's largest record companies, Fei Shi Records has experienced prosperity and decline, almost collapsed and reborn, and it is really not easy to survive.

    In recent years, Fei Shi Records has been seeking new changes, in line with the development of the times, and emerging entertainment media companies strive to compete for market share, and achieved considerable results.

    However, the competition in this line is too fierce. In the eyes of outsiders, Fei Shi Records is a large and powerful company, but Lin Zhijie is very aware of the company's current problems.

    The first is the phenomenon of Singer artists' lack of connection.

    The Singer signed by Fei Shi records is not too small. There are several people in the A-list, but all of them are from the 80s and 90s. They are not enough to make progress, and they lack sufficient appeal in young people.

    Of course, the company also pays great attention to the cultivation of newcomers, but so far, there is no one who can pick the big beam!

    It is in this situation that Lin Zhijie promoted the establishment of MSN.

    However, he underestimated the resistance from within the company.

    Lin Zhijie knows that as a Music Director, he touches the interests of some people, so he is considered to be fishing.

    It is inevitable to encounter opposition!


At this time, the cell phone resting on the table suddenly vibrated.

    Lin Zhijie took a look at the cell phone and his face changed a bit.

    "Sorry, I will pick up the phone first."

    He immediately got up and left the meeting room. Go out and answer the call.

    The atmosphere in the conference room relaxed, and Yi Xiangjun chatted with several department managers. Fan Jun and the Singer manager talked and laughed, and the winner was in the grip.

    Everyone is so fiercely opposed, Lin Zhijie’s planning plan will inevitably die.

    Everything will return to the original track.

    After a while, Lin Zhijie came back.

    Instead of re-sitting, he shook the cell phone at everyone and said, "Let's put this in advance!"

    Yi Xiangjun frowned and said: "Lin Director, is this not good? Everyone is very busy, I think that the new plan will be determined first, so as not to waste time. Tomorrow, the company will release the National Day holiday! ”

    She thought that Lin Zhijie was playing the trick of delaying time, in preparation for the support of the company's top management.

    Lin Zhijie smiled and said: "I want to fix it, but Miss Chen Feier is coming soon. I believe everyone knows that her new album will be produced in our company."

    The cooperation between Chen Feier and Fei Shi records has been around for a long time. Any album of the former is extremely important for Fei Shi records, and there is no need to have a slight scorn.

    The weight of this, Yi Xiangjun is still measured.

    But she still has doubts: "Lin Director. Miss Chen Feier is coming for her new album? ”

    I have not seen any notice from the company!

    Lin Zhijie nodded and said: "Yes, she came with Lu Chen, because Miss Chen Feier has selected two songs Lu Lu created for her, as the first and second mainstay of the new album!"

    what? !

    Everyone present was shocked.

    Chen Feier actually used Lu Chen's work as the main song of the new album, and it is still two songs!

    She is a big day at the end of the day!

    How can Lu Chen He De?

    Fan Jun suddenly felt that one's own's face was hot and a bit unfounded.

    Fan Jun’s new album, Fan Jun has long known.

    Fan Jun even had the ambition to create a title song for this album. Once it can be achieved. His career and reputation will undoubtedly take a new step.

    But Fan Jun is also very clear that one's own's coffee is not enough. For Chen Feier's new album group songs and arranger perhaps can get the water first floor first month, the creation of the main words that is basically a delusion.

    Unexpectedly, Chen Feier’s title song actually chose Lu Chen’s work that he disdain.

    In addition, Lu Chen can create a title song for Chen Feier, so the producer of MSN's album is completely out of the question.

    Their previous objections have become a joke!

    Whether it is Fan Jun or Yi Xiangjun, there is a feeling of being face-smacking on the spot.

    Seeing these ugly looks here, Lin Zhijie’s heart is really very happy.

    Chen Feier’s assistant informed him yesterday that Chen Feier would come to Fei Shi Records this morning.

    Lin Zhijie also just knew the reason why Chen Feier came to the company.

    To be honest, he was also very surprised. He couldn’t figure out why Chen Feier chose Lu Chen.

    With Chen Feier's position in the circle, the top authors invited casually, and few creators could reject her.

    To know this album, Chen Feier has the idea of ​​transformation, and its production is inevitably high, and once it is successful, the influence is huge!

    What song did Lu Chen write, and touched the sweet song?

    Lin Zhijie is really curious!

    On the surface, however, he still kept quiet and said: "MSN's album plan is postponed and I will go to meet Miss Chen Feier first. Will Yi always want to be together?"

    No one has raised objections this time. Several composers are looking at each other in dismay.

    Yi Xiangjun feels like swallowing a fly, and can't spit out if he wants to vomit.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||She can barely squeeze out a smile: “That’s it.”


The first female group is going to go on Stage, the protagonist has since embarked on the no return of the harem (April Fool’s Day)

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