Chapter 374 Childhood

    Lu Chen took the guitar from the TV station staff and tried it in his arms.

    Actually a little hand-feeling.

    Since this time, he has been busy with studio and filming TV. The time of accidental delusion is mostly used to talk to Chen Feier about love, and the guitar is rarely played.

    Now re-touching the guitar, Lu Chen can't help but think of the simple and happy Era in the past. At that time, he was still working hard for life. He played the piano in front of the computer or in the bar every day, as if it was yesterday.

    Everything changes, it’s so fast!

    Set the god, Lu Chen said to the microphone just in front of one's own: "Before the "New Star Show", the Program group told me that you need to prepare a song."

    "I am weird. I am a guest of Program. Isn't the main character singing?"

    "He said yes, because you are Singer, Singer is on Program, then you must sing, you definitely want to hear."

    "Then I thought about it. What song is sung to everyone today?"

    He showed his thoughts.

    "You at the same table!"those flowers! ""Sleeping in my upper brother! "…

    The audience responded enthusiastically, and all of them were Lu Chen’s famous works, folk songs played by guitar.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "These songs have been heard by everyone. Today is a special day. I am still singing new song."

    New song ? New song is of course the best!

    Everyone applauded enthusiastically.

    Lu Chen enjoyed a round of applause and continued: "In fact, there is a very special day in a few days. It should be said that it is a festival. I think everyone who has been here has ever had this festival, or the protagonist of this festival."

    "Six Children's Day!"

    Someone immediately shouted and many of the audience laughed.

    Lu Chen also laughed: "Yes, it is Children's Day on June 1st. I still remember that when I was a child, I was very happy when I was a child. So now I am still eligible to spend this holiday, you must cherish it!"

    The laughter sounded again.

    Lu Chen dialed the strings and said: "Childhood is the most memorable and will never be forgotten. The name of this song is called "Childhood". I gave it to the Xiaohu group and also to everyone present here. ."

    "I hope you will hope, I hope to hear this song, you will remember the one's own childhood like me!"

    The next moment, he played a prelude.

    The Beijing TV Station T2 studio was quietly quiet, and even the boys and girls who liked the most noisy people closed their mouths tightly, staring at the morning morning on the stage with their eyes wide open.

    Because Lu Chen’s song needs to be listened to.

    "On the banyan tree by the pond,

I know that I am calling the summer.

    On the swing by the playground,

Only the butterfly is parked on it.

    Teacher's chalk on the blackboard,

Still desperately writing,

Waiting for class,

Waiting for school,

Waiting for the childhood of the game!


    The melody of the catchy mouth, a bit of heartless lyrics, caught the hearts of the audience in an instant.

    The rhythm of this "Childhood" is very cheerful, and people suddenly recall the kind of relaxed, happy, carefree childhood life, recalling the most brilliant, happy and beautiful Era in memory.

    It gives hope, endless embarrassment; it gives people a desire, an infinite aftertaste!


Always wait until you go to bed,

I only know that my homework has only been done a little.

    Always wait until after the exam,

I only know that the book I read has not been read!

    One inch of time, one inch of gold,

Teacher said that it is difficult to buy an inch of time.

    Day after day, year after year, year after year,

A confused childhood!


    These lyrics can't help but make people smile. Perhaps has a sour smile. When you are older, you can't help but feel a little bit sour and a little touched. However, I miss the Era at that time. Years and ignorant childhood!

    In Lu Chenmeng's world, this "Childhood" classic is extremely influential, deeply affecting generations. In fact, it is essentially a bit of a critique, but in the background of the creator's era, there is still an infinite Charm.

    There are a few lyrics that are out of date. Lu Chen’s own's own has made Xiaoxiao's changes, but it does not detract from its classics.

    Simply singing, what is not his deep memory and emotion?

    "One day after another, year after year, looking forward to growing up!"

    The hand started to sound, Lu Chen sang the song, and the thunderous applause sounded in the studio!

    Because the audience, I heard a good song that touched the heart.

    "Thank you, thank you all!"

    Lu Chen stood up with his guitar and bowed to the audience who cheered for one's own.

    He has completed the mission of one's own, and then he will return the stage to the real protagonist.


    Ending the recording of "New Star Show", Lu Chenxi did not insist on Li's insistence, and promised to treat her at dinner.

    However, before this, Lu Chen hurried back to one's own studio.

    Because my sister has something important to tell him.

    Lu Chen's studio moved to the new home of the art park for a while. At present, the development of various businesses has been on the track, the scale has expanded a lot, and the number of employees has doubled.

    The investment studios that have been built with millions of dollars will certainly not be empty. Due to the advanced equipment and the increasing status of Lu Chen in the popular Musical World, many small and medium-sized record companies and entertainment Manager Corporation have recommended Singer entertainers come here to record songs.

    In the popular Musical World, the top singer like Lu Chen is the highest, and his work has been proved to be a strong market recognition for countless times, so even if he can't buy it or can't afford it for a while. And willing to make a good relationship.

    With the arrangement and accompanying of the recording package, the Nirvana band's work is full, and studio has more and more formal company temperament.

    However, Lu Xi called Lu Chen, not talking about the operation of studio, but an invitation from the Cultural and Tourism Department of Jeju City, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. The government of Jeju City intends to hire Lu Chen as a travel image Ambassador!

    This invitation is very simple, because in general, the tourism Image Ambassador is to invite local local Celebrity or celebrity endorsements. Lu Chen as an expatriate can get an invitation from Jeju City, which is undoubtedly breaking the precedent.

    The reason is that Jeju Island is vigorously expanding its tourism industry and targeting the huge tourist resources of the mainland. Lu Chen is a rapidly becoming popular Celebrity artist in the Domestic Entertainment Circle. His image and popularity are in full compliance with the requirements.

    In addition, Lu Chen’s “Full House” is a large number of framing in Jeju Island. Once broadcast, it will definitely promote the tourism of Jeju Island, just to take advantage of the situation.

    So this honor fell on his head!


Note: "Childhood" lyrics / song: Luo Dayou (to be continued ~ ^ ~)

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