Chapter 209 knows you

    Lu Chen sold a 41% stake in Mu Chen Crowd, held by one's own, to Li Mushi or Li Jia.

    The total transaction amount is 20.5 million.

    Then deducted taxes, legal fees, notary fees, and so on, and finally arrived at 17.5 million.

    The money is more than enough to pay off debts, but I want to redeem the original villa of one's own home…

    It's really not big enough.

    Although Binhai belongs to the D-list county-level city, because it is located in the economically developed area along the coast of eastern Zhejiang, the house price is quite high, the average price is 15,000+, and the big house with a decent package is two or three million.

    The villa that Lujia originally was taken away by the bank, in the best Jingsheng District in Binhai, the current market price must exceed 10 million, conservatively estimated at around 12 million!

    So this time, Lu Chen asked Lu Xi to draw another fund from the studio account.

    I almost emptied my account.

    But this house originally belonged to Lujia, he must be brought back.

    In that big house, there are too many sorrows and sorrows belonging to this family, and countless memories!

    I didn’t have the ability to use it in the morning. Now that the money has been earned, he won’t let one’s own regret it.

    Luck's is that this house has not been auctioned off by banks.

    The reason is not that the bank does not want to shoot, but the previous auctions have been auctioned.

    The 12 million villas can't be sold at will. Anyone who has this money can buy a very good house in Beijing. The coastal area is rich and not fake, but the real rich people don't even hold it. The place.

    The most important thing is that the Lujia business has an accident. Lu Qingsheng died in the villa, for those who can afford it. Undoubtedly a big taboo.

    As for the bank, the current real estate market is booming and house prices are rising. Naturally, they are reluctant to shoot this rare industry at a low price, so they have been delayed.

    Otherwise, it should have been sold out under normal situation, and it is not possible to redeem it in the morning.

    When Lu Chen used the cell phone to check the account and showed the account balance to Fang Wei, she finally believed.

    Fang Zhen’s heart is really a feeling of enthusiasm. I don’t know what to say at the same time.

    Her happiest thing is not to pay off the debt and redeem the house, but Lu Chen has really grown up. Can become the pillar of the sky that supports the landlord!

    Fang Wei believes that Lu Qingsheng is in the sky and can be eye-catching.

    Her eyes overflowed with tears, it was joy, excitement, and sadness.

    Lu Chen saw the wine glass and said: "Come! Let's have a drink and wish our family a better future. ”

    Lu Xue can't wait to raise a glass: "Cheers!"

    Fang Yan wiped the tears. Also raised the wine glass: "Cheers…"

    Four crystal clear glass wine glasses collided gently, and the red wine smashed and shattered.

    In the Future We Trust must be better!


    Lu Chen and Lu Xi lived in the coastal area for 4 days, mainly to accompany Fang Fang to pay their debts and redeem the house.

    Repayment of debts is actually very simple, the small part has already been completed, and the rest are large, directly with the cell phone to pay off the face. Send another gift to express your gratitude.

    In recent years, Lujia owed so much money. There are few people who really come to the door to force debts. Everyone knows that Lujia is really not going out. Instead of not wanting to pay back, some creditors even gave up the idea of ​​debt collection.

    Now they are also an unexpected joy.

    Lu Jia was finally in the first place.

    The process of redeeming the house was a little more troublesome. However, Lu Jia still had people who knew him in the bank. When the business turnover was difficult, it was not easy to pay for it. It is much easier to spend money to redeem the house.

    On the morning of Lu Chen’s return to the fourth day of the sea, he got the key to the villa.

    The procedures for re-transfer are still being processed, but that is not the point.

    Returning to Jingsheng District, I came to the villa where I lived for many years. Lu Chen’s mood cannot be described in words.

    Excited, excited, joy…There is even a little bit of love.

    Jingsheng District is the best district in Binhai. Although the time of construction is very early, neither the geographical location nor the surrounding environment can be compared with the real estate developed in recent years.

    Therefore, the price here is very expensive, the price of second-hand housing should be much higher than the new house in other places.

    Lujia's single-family villa was purchased in 2002. It was still cheap, only spent more than 1 million, plus a total of 2 million in the renovation, the area is 350 square meters.

    Lu Chen lived in this house for 10 years!

    He and Lu Xue, can be said to have grown up in this villa, all the grass and wood are very familiar.

    It’s just that in the past two years, no one has taken care of it. The private garden in front of the villa is full of weeds. The vines that climbed everywhere can be seen, and the doors and windows are showing signs of damage.

    Fortunately, the door can still be opened.

    A breath of old-fashioned mildew is coming!

    The furnishings in the living room are still there, and they are covered with dust-proof white cloth, including the gift piano that Lu Chen received on his 13th birthday, as if the time has solidified here.

    Everything brings countless memories to Lu Chen.

    Even if a thick layer of dust accumulates on the ground, Fang Hao, Lu Xi and Lu Xue, who can come back with Lu Chen, are very happy – this is their one's own real home!

    Lu Xue, ignoring the dirty, quickly ran up the stairs and rushed toward the room of one's own.

    Sprinkle a string of silver bells like laughter.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Mom, I think it's time to renovate it. It doesn't cost a lot of money."

    Fang Wei’s meaning is to find someone to clean and clean again. After all, I have spent too much money recently and can save the province.

    She shook her head and said, "Let's talk about it…"

    Lu Chen gave Lu Xi a color and asked her sister to persuade one's own Mother.

    He walked straight to the front of the piano and opened the white cloth and sat down on the bench.

    Pick up the lid and Lu Chen gently press the key.

    This piano has been bought for almost ten years. When he practiced the piano, it was very rare. It was a big toy.

    The sound of the piano is still there. But things are human beings.

    Corrected the sitting position, Lu Chen began to play seriously.

    At this moment. Here, he has a song that wants to sing one's own mother and the father who has passed away.

    For all the mother who paid for this home!

    "You leave quietly,

Step by step, lonely back.

    I want to be with you,

Tell you how much I love you in my heart.

    Flowers bloom quietly,

In the night I suddenly missed you.

    I want to tell you,

In fact, you have always been my miracle!

    Year after year, the wind frost covers the smile.

Who can understand your lonely heart?

    Is it spring flowers and autumn months,

Spring is coming to autumn, your love is silent!

    Give me all the love, give me the world,

I don't know if you are bitter and happy in your heart.

    I want to be close to you,

Snuggle in your warm, lonely arms.

    Tell you that I actually know you all the time!

    I want to tell you,

Your loneliness, my heart hurts together! ”

    The name of this song is "Know Yourself". In Lu Chen's dream world, it is an episode of a movie.

    It expresses the child's nostalgia and love for the parents.

    The windy frost of the year has ruthlessly dyed the mother's blue silk, year after year, spring to autumn, cold and summer. The children are full-fledged, have a sky that belongs to one's own, and exhaust the mother's half-hearted efforts.

    The white hair cream can not cover the smile, but the mother only knows that "I gave the whole love to me and gave me the world". There is no thought of enjoying it – the mother has become accustomed to the silent dedication, she never thought of return.

    And when the children released their dreams of one's own, they also forgot to walk into the mother's heart. To understand the mother's spiritual world?

    At the beginning of the family there was a change. The father died of illness, and Lu Chen seemed to fall into the dust overnight.

    At that time, he had hate and grievances.

    At that time, Lu Chen was not understood. Why is Fang Yi going to take all the huge debts one's own.

    In the traditional concept, people die and die, after all, it is Lu Qingsheng who wrote down the debt.

    But now Lu Chen has fully understood that Fang Hao chose to face and bear all of this because she did not want Lu’s ungrateful stigma and did not want her father to be cursed and hated after his death.

    She is telling one's own, self-conduct to know how to be grateful, to be moral and conscience!

    Recalling the relatives and friends who received the arrears, the joy and the expression of relief…

    He really understood.

    Fang Wei and Lu Xi stood side by side in the living room, listening quietly to Lu Chen playing this song.

    They have never heard of it before, but they all understand the lyrics.

    Fang Wei smiled, but the tears couldn’t stop flowing, and dripped the clothes.

    She knows that Lu Chen’s song is sung to one’s own.

    I feel that all my efforts in my life have paid off at this moment!

    Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

    When Lu Chen played the last note, the applause suddenly came from the gate.

    I don’t know when, there are a lot of people around the door, and they are all the neighbors of Lu’s family.

    They are similar to the time of Lu’s check in. People who know Lujia have a long time. They have a good relationship with each other and know the changes that Lujia has experienced.

    Everyone thought that the Lu family would never return, but did not expect to meet again.

    Everyone was attracted by the sound of piano and the voice of Lu Chen.

    After a few years of silence, the villa suddenly became buzzing. Fang Wei and Lu Xi smiled and greeted the neighbors, telling everyone that they had redeemed the house and would soon move back to live.

    The neighbors are of course passionately Congratulations Congratulations.

    It’s really not easy for Lu Jia to turn over!

    Lu Chen, who has become a coastal celebrity, has naturally received the most attention from everyone.

    There are even people who are going to give him a match on the spot, selling him the daughter of a seven aunt, aunt, and a niece!

    In this regard, Lu Chen can only flee.

    The next day was October 18, and he and Lu Xi rushed to Hangzhou by high-speed rail.

    It will be performed that night.


Note: "Know Your" lyrics: Huang Xiaomao / Composer: Xue Ruiguang (unfinished ~^~)

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