Chapter 51—Buying a Computer

    Zuo Xin sweet people, as their name, look sweet and lovely.

    Especially when she laughs, the head will squat slightly toward the right side, and then two shallow shampoos are exposed on the cheeks, which makes people feel the urge to poke with their fingers.

    She smiled a little embarrassed, probably wanting to see the moment at this moment, Lu Chen face disappointed and depressed expression.

    But she thought more.

    "No disappointment, only surprises, can accompany two school girls, that is my honor!"

    Lu Chen is not a young and tender boy. He was also a very famous figure at Jianghai University. How could he be swayed by Xiaoxiao sweet Xiaoxiao?

    He smiled: "Everyone is envious of me!"

    Lu Chen said that it was true that the Jingshi Dazheng people came and went. Many people noticed that he and the leaves were left and sweet, and the eyes they cast were curious or envious.

    The leaves are sturdy and beautiful, and the left sweet is small and exquisite, and Lu Chen is tall and handsome. The combination of the three is easy to become the focus no matter where.

    Ye Hao noticed the eyes of others and shyly pushed one's own friend: "Sweet, let's go."

    Zuo Xin sweet laughed Hee Hee and hugged her arm and said: "Leaves, don't you think I am a light bulb?"

    The pretty face of the leaves suddenly stained with a faint blush, and said: "What do you say, I let the seniors accompany me to buy a computer, why are you?"

    Zuo Xin sweet laughed Hee Hee and blinked at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, the two people who seem to be really dating.

    "Okay, no kidding!"

    Zuo Xintian said: "The leaves want to buy a computer. I also want to change the keyboard. Where should the seniors take us to see?"

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "Let's go to the Cyber ​​City of the Bay, which is relatively reliable."

    Lu Chen had just arrived in Beijing at the beginning, and the place where he worked was a digital city. Although he said that the job did not take long time, he also learned a lot about the inside story, and he was very impressed by the reputation of several big computer cities.

    "Bay Digital City?"

    Zuo Xintian said: "I have been there before, and the 7th stop on Line 3 is here!"

    The leaves nodded and said: "Well, I have brought the transportation card, and I will not encounter traffic jams when I take the subway."

    Lu Chen originally thought of stopping the taxi on the side of the road. They all said that taking the subway, it would naturally be good.

    The subway station is very close to the Beijing Normal University. The three people walked across the crossover bridge at the crossroads and walked a few more steps.

    Everyone used the traffic card to brush and quickly boarded the subway.

    On Friday afternoon, although it has not yet reached the peak of work, but because Line 3 has always been a popular route, the car is almost full of people.

    Two beautiful girls are getting on the bus and inevitably attract attention.

    Lu Chen quietly took them to the corner of the carriage.

    He took advantage of one's own height and arm length, holding the left vertical bar in his left hand, and holding the upper hand ring in his right hand, just lifting his arms to protect the two, and to isolate some unsightly gaze.

    Zuo Xintian took the hand of the leaf and smacked into her ear and said softly: "The senior is very man!"

    The leaves and Lu Chen are very close together, and I don’t know if it’s because the people in the car are too hot and too hot. Her face is red and whispered, and the whisper of Zuo Xin’s sweet has deepened a layer of color.

    When the vehicle started I'm free, Speed ​​accelerated the vibration frequently. The two girls couldn't help but feel the physical touch with Lu Chen. Lu Chen tried to stabilize one's own and didn't move, and didn't want to misunderstand one's own.

    But in summer, everyone's clothes are very thin, and they can clearly feel each other's softness or solidity when they touch each other. The leaves don't dare to look at Lu Chen, and even Zuo Xintian does not speak.

    Lu Chen smelled the drunk popularity of the girl, and used great perseverance to control the mourning in her heart.

    Fortunately, the 7-station road is not very long. Lu Chen’s “torment” did not last for a long time.

    Out of the subway station, opposite the Gulf Digital City.

    Lu Chen took them to the past, and a group of people immediately hovered around.

    "This brother, what computer do you want to buy? For your girlfriend? ”

    "Buy the computer must come to our store, ten years of credit guarantee, now is promoting, the opportunity is rare!"

    "The three of us went to our store to see if things are not good, no money, no configuration!"

    "Our store…"

    Lu Chen knows that these people are always at the door of the digital city. Their eyes are very vicious. They see that one's own is really buying things, so everyone is very enthusiastic.

    But if they are fooled by them, then they should be a big head, and when they cry, they will not find it!

    Lu Chen quickly blocked them and said: "We are already optimistic, so it will not bother you!"

    As soon as the voice fell, he immediately pulled up a little ignorant leaf and walked quickly toward the digital city.

    Successfully broke through the encirclement of the other side, Lu Chen let go of the small hand of the leaf, explained: "To buy a computer in the digital city, the most fear is that they are entangled, no one is a good thing!"

    The expression of the leaves is very strange, like a shyness, and does not speak. Zuo Xintian smiles with her arms.

    All are holding hands!

    Lu Chen coughed a little and said: "Let's go and see."

    He really wants to say that I am not intentionally, it is an accident!

    Fortunately, girls do not care about it.

    Along the escalator, the three came to the third floor of the Bay City.

    In order to resolve the embarrassment, Lu Chen asked: "Why don't you consider buying online? Online shopping is very convenient now, and the order will not be lost in the brand flagship store. ”

    The look of the leaves has returned to normal, she said: "Online purchases can not see the real thing, you must first try one's own like do not like, if the price in the store is not suitable, then we go online to buy the same model."

    Zuo Xintian smiled and said: "We often buy clothes like this, just try not to buy, mad at those who slaughtered people!"

    Lu Chen is dumb, they can be smarter than one's own in shopping!

    In the past ten years, online shopping has developed extremely rapidly, and it has become an important driving force for the Domestic economy. It has also dealt a heavy blow to retail stores, such as Beijing's original seven digital electronic cities. Only four of them are now. And basically they are all lingering.

    Strictly speaking, the decline of many physical stores and Merchant Shop cannot be attributed to online shopping. For example, Beijing's computer city has always been known for its chaos and disorder, and the phenomenon of swindling and swindling has become a cancer of the industry.

    Lu Chen was working in the computer city because he could not accept this bad atmosphere, so he left.

    He is right, but he will never use the means of abduction to make money for a living.

    In the afternoon, the time was very generous. Lu Chen took the leaves and Zuo Xintian to look at the past. The main thing is to look at the brand stores, especially the flagship stores.

    The help he can provide to the leaf 是 is to pay attention to the configuration of the computer. As for the color of the style, the latter has one's own to be the master. The girl has low requirements on the hardware and pays special attention to the appearance.

    The three people walked and watched as they walked around. Finally, the leaves squatted in a joint-venture brand flagship store and saw a thin and light notebook, priced at 5,500.

    Lu Chen looked at the configuration of the computer, although the performance is not very strong, it is completely enough for girls, the price is a little expensive, but the style is very new and beautiful.

    He asked the salesperson in the store: "If I buy two, can I special treatment a few points?"

    The price tag of the flagship store is also hydrated. Lu Chen does not want to smash the other party and directly reveals the card.

    The smiling salesman immediately showed his grievances and said: "Sir, we are flagship stores, the prices are not discounted, and the virgins are not deceived!"

    Lu Chen smiled and immediately took the action machine to search the same brand online and showed the online shopping price to the other party.

    The salesman is very experienced and quickly said: "Mr., online stuff unreasonable…"

    "We don't say anything else, the online is also a flagship store!"

    Lu Chen said straightforwardly: "The two units add up to a total of 10,000 pieces. You can send me a matching keyboard and mouse to me. You can do it. I can't go back to one's own to buy it online."

    Seeing that Lu Chen’s attitude is so determined, the two girls are the only ones who look forward to it. The savvy clerk knows that he wants to make this business, and only agrees with Lu Chen’s conditions.

    Of course, they are profitable and profitable. It is nothing more than a problem of profit.

    The salesman hesitate for a moment, still said: "Well, we really have to lose money."

    Lu Chen grinned: "You go to the warehouse to adjust the spot. Let's say it first. If you bring the item that is over the bottom, then I don't want it!"


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