Chapter 570 notes

    Lu Chen Studio moved to a home after the establishment of the office, moved from the original office building to the New Age Art Park, and rented some of the buildings in the Jijizhong studio, covering an area of ​​almost 1,000 square meters.

    For a new company, the area of ​​1000 square meters is absolutely oversized. Even if there are hundreds of employees, there is no problem at all. At present, there are no more than 100 people in the two studios.

    However, Chenfei Media is not an ordinary company. First of all, Lu Chen Studio has a recording studio. It has invested millions of dollars in front and back. It has long separated the large area of ​​the upper floor, plus the office area, leisure area and department. In the office, there is not much free space available.

    The new company will develop across the music film industry in addition to the existing studio, but also to build an independent studio, divided into a large number of departments, with the company's expansion, personnel will be further increased.

    As a result, the area of ​​1,000 square meters is really not enough, and it is more cramped from the perspective of the rain.

    The reason is that the development of Luchen's career is too fast!

    Of course, rice has to be eaten bit by bit. Although the problem exists, it is not unsolvable.

    The merger of the two studios first opened the curtain and entered the fast lane in a short time.

    "Lu Chen brother!"

    There are always surprises in life, such as the beautiful little girl who appeared in Lu Chen studio.

    "Gangentana sister!"

    Lu Chen was very surprised. I didn't expect Grentana to come with Chen Feier's studio staff today.

    Guggentana is a Mongolian. It was just 15 years old this year. Last year, Chen Feier filmed on the Mongolian prairie. Lu Chen went to the expedition to meet the little girl and made a special fate.

    At that time, Lu Chen created a "Beautiful Prairie My Home", and the professor sang to Groottana. The result was videotaped by Chen Feier to the blog, which caused a great response.

    Chen Feier and Lu Chen's fans are very fond of this Mongolian girl. With the popularity of the song "Beautiful Prairie My Home" in the Domestic, she has become a network red.

    After the fame, Groottana attracted a lot of media to interview, and some who wanted to sign her contract or want to be her manager, whether it was unwilling or kind, brought her a lot of trouble.

    Under such a situation, Chen Feier pre-empted Guggentana, she did not want to make money through the other side, but to make up for one's own unintentional move.

    Then Groottana came to Beijing to settle down and enter school under the care of Chen Feier, and began her life different from the past!

    This is the first time I saw you after Lu Chen and Groottana last time in the grassland.

    After half a year, the little girl grew up a lot, and she was a slim girl. She even changed her dress and dressed up in a beautiful and beautiful grassland style.

    Chen Feier regards Guggentana as the sister of one's own. Although she signed the artist, she did not let her enter the circle prematurely, letting her spend most of her time on study, so there is not much temperament. Variety.

    Lu Xi is also there, so Lu Chen introduced her to her sister.

    Lu Xi also liked this beautiful Mongolian girl. She took her hand and asked Dong to ask the West, and her relatives were like sisters.

    When Grutana was signed by Chen Feier studio, Lu Xi, who got the news, also called Lu Chen to complain that he had let go of a good seed.

    Now that the two studios merged, Groottana came together and the result was undoubtedly complete.

    Guggentana’s mouth was very sweet. She said that Lu Ximei opened her eyes in a few words. She took her hand and asked Lu Chen: "You signed the sister of Guggenana, can't you always hide it?" Give her a record too! ”

    Guggenana hid behind Lu Xi and saw that she was very much looking forward to it.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then I will discuss with Fairchild and find a suitable opportunity!"

    Lu Xigang wants to talk, Chen Xin knocked on the door and walked in: "Manager, Teacher Yuki came to see you."

    In the middle of the ages?

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi suddenly look at each other in dismay. I don't know what this neighbor is taking to the door.

    When Lu Chen Studio rented away most of the site from the studio in the Jiji, the artist was not very happy. Although he was close at hand, he never visited the hotel.

    Now that people are coming, Lu Xi is definitely going to meet and meet, and Lu Chen wants to see each other.

    Lu Xi said to Groottana: "Sister Guggenana, you play here first, I let Chen Xin accompany you, I have something to leave with Lu Chen."

    Guggentana nodded and sneaked at Lu Chen.

    When he came out of the office, Lu Xi pressed down on Voice and said to Lu Chen: "Be careful!"

    Lu Chensheng: "What is it?"

    Lu Xi sneered: "Don't think I can't see it. Does Guggenana have an idea for you?" The teenage girl is not sensible, then you should pay attention to one's own, don't make anything happen! ”

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Sister…"

    Guggentana has a good impression on him. That is a sure thing, but this kind of good feeling is the emotion of the girl who opened her heart. Lu Chen just used her as her sister, just like Mu Xiaochu.

    In his heart, he has been filled up by one person.

    Lu Xi interrupted: "Well, you don't have to explain it to me. Anyway, you have one's own heart."

    Lu Chen nodded helplessly.

    In the customer reception room, he and Lu Xi met in the Jizhong.

    The artist still does not trim the margins, and the messy beard is his most distinctive symbol.

    Lu Chen did not dare to neglect: "Hey Teacher, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    Lu Xi also greeted him politely.

    The character in the Juji is still good, at least there is no such artist's temper. He smiles and sets a few words with Lu Chen, and then he opens the door and asks: "Have you heard that your studio should be expanded into a company?"

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi look at each other in dismay, the latter replied with a temptation: "Yes, 虞Teacher you…"

    "Then I will just say it!"

    In the Ji Ji, he waved his hand and said: "I am going to move the studio to the art village on the other side of Tongzhou in the near future. Do you want to rent a house here? If you want, then all of them will be subletted to you! ”

    This is simply to bring a pillow to sleep, Lu Chen and Lu Xi originally did not think about renting the half of the studio in the Ji Ji, and the other party took the initiative to find the door.

    As a result, the first problem faced by the two studios after the merger was solved!


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