Chapter 453

    In the 1980s and 1990s, the most prosperous period of Xiangjiang’s film and television entertainment industry, film companies were numerous.

    An ambitious and capable insider pulls up a team and buys a worthy script to win a large investment and spend half a month or a month at a cost of up to a million. The time to make a movie, earning a lot of money.

    However, this golden age of Xiangjiang entertainment industry has been more than a decade. Today, Xiangjiang Film and Television Company only has a quarter of its heyday, but the number is still very impressive, and it can often survive. The foundation and characteristics.

    Jiayang Films' status in Xiangjiang Film and Television Circle can't be compared with top predators, but as a veteran film and television company, its strength and influence are not low, especially after being acquired by Xiangjiang businessman Zhou Yi, re-glowing A new machine has produced a few good box-office movies in the last two years.

    This is why Chen Wenqiang mainly promoted the cooperation between Lu Chen Studio and Jiayang Film.

    The team of Jiayang Film is ready-made and has rich experience. The film company has a good relationship with several major theaters and can quickly release it in Xiangjiang and win good Viewership Ratings.

    For Lu Chen Studio, which is just getting started, having such a partner saves too much.

    However, the first contact negotiations were not smooth. The price of Jiayang Film was very high. It can't be said that the Lions opened their mouths, and it far exceeded Lu Chen's bottom line.

    Of course, a movie with an investment budget of Gundam 30 million is not easy for everyone to sit down and eat and chat. There are many rules involved in the cooperation. The so-called negotiation is actually a process of bargaining and testing each other's bottom line. A game can be reached to reach a final agreement.

    Lu Chen had expected this early, so he began to prepare for the new film on the one hand, and on the other hand, he was prepared to continue negotiations with Jiayang Film.

    If you can't talk about it, either talk to another one, or simply one's own.

    Of course, that is the last choice. The time and money costs to be paid are much higher than the plan.

    What Lu Chen didn't think was that yesterday, he and Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan had just visited Jiayang Film, and they met Zhang Yifan, the general manager of the other party. Today, Zhou Yi, the boss of Jiayang Film, actually returned.

    Is this also the impact of Liu Gangsheng?

    If this is the case, Lu Chen undoubtedly greatly underestimated the influence of the Heavenly King superstar in Xiangjiang.

    The mind was turned and the Lu Chen surface was still quiet. He said to Li Zhen: "Please ask Mr. Zhou to sit in my office and apologize for me."

    Mrs. Jin is still sitting here. If he drops his eyes and waits for Zhou Yi, the emotional intelligence is too low.

    Even the latter must be talking about new film cooperation matters.

    "Okay, Lu Shao."

    Li Zhen nodded and promised to leave to receive Zhou Yi.

    Mrs. Jin smiled and said: "Lu Shao, Zhou Yi Zhou Da boss have come to the door personally, is he coming to talk to you about the cooperation of new movies? Then you have to catch him and kill him once! ”

    "Lu Shao" is a very famous name of Xiangjiang. It was first mentioned by Ma Rongzhen. Then Chen Wenqiang was also short of Lu Shao and Lu Shao. Now he even changed his mouth with Li Zhen and Mrs. Jin.

    Originally as a guest, it is impolite to ask another guest, but Mrs. Kim is a woman, and her smile is high in affinity.

    Lu Chen curious: "Mrs. Kim and Zhou boss are friends?"

    Mrs. Jin smiled and said: "I have eaten a few meals together. Zhou Bo is a very credible person. It is worth reassuring to cooperate with him. Some of my artists have filmed in Jiayang Pictures. The cooperation is very good. happy."

    Her eyes waved, and she took the opportunity to push one's own two daughters out: "Lu Shao, is your movie still missing an actor? Give Xiaodie and Xinyi two roles, run the dragon set, don't pay half the money, just let them follow you to learn how? ”

    Make a movie!

    Both Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi were stunned and stared at Lu Chen.

    Filming TV, for the vast majority of Xiangjiang girls, is an irresistible temptation, there is always no shortage of encounters in the streets to encounter scouts, and then a fame on the way to a brilliant star.

    Although this is Lu Chen's first film, no one knows what the outcome will be, but being able to mix roles in it is undoubtedly a matter of high qualifications.

    With Lu Chen’s fame and reputation, it’s impossible to shoot a quick film of dozens of millions of investments.

    It’s all fine!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "To tell the truth, I still lack a few characters in this movie. The heroine is also undecided, but it is not suitable for Xiaodie and Xinyi. If you don't feel wronged, it is no problem to run a dragon. ”

    There are not many characters involved in the film "Ghost Story". Lu Chen one's own starred in the actor, Yan Chixia has already set Ma Rongzhen, and a female with Xiaoqing reserved for Chen Wenqiang's daughter.

    What Mrs. Kim can win for her daughters can only be a set of friendships.

    Mrs. Jin has not yet opened her mouth. Li Xinyi can’t wait to pre-emptively say: “The dragon set is also OK!”

    Ji Xiaodie also nodded.

    They didn't expect to be able to mix in any important role, and it was good to run a dragon.

    Just be playing.

    In fact, Mrs. Jin’s intention to bring the two people together today is obvious. It is to let them firmly grasp the potential stock of Lu Chen, not to grab the diamond king, but to get Lu Chen’s support in his career.

    Xiangjiang people are very superstitious. There are always "excellent people" in the circle. Mrs. Jin thinks that Lu Chen is the "elegant person" of Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi. They met their fate and opportunity at the charity dinner at Shu Wei.

    She smiled and said: "That is really thank you Lu Shao, I will invite you to dinner at night, count Xiaodie and Xin Yan."

    Lu Chen really served this, no wonder Shu Wei mentioned that this is very admired.

    Such a character is not well mixed in the Entertainment Circle, that is a strange thing!

    Mrs. Kim is very aware of her purpose, and her purpose has already been reached. She will not continue to entangle herself. She will rise up and say: "Lu Shao has guests, then we will not bother. After I have booked the location, I will inform Miss Li and see you at night."

    Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi followed up and immediately said: "Lu Teacher, goodbye."

    "I am sending you out…"

    Lu Chen personally sent Mrs. Jin and others to go out and then returned to one's own office.

    Zhou Yi, chairman of Jiayang Film, has been waiting there.


In this chapter of the morning code, I will take the train to go home from Zhangzhou, and another chapter is estimated to be good on the train. (To be continued~^~)

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