Wu electrician looked at Zhao’s kind of sly behavior, obviously had a lot of retirement wages, had medical insurance, had his own house, and did not have a penny loan. His son and daughter-in-law also had their own work, which was more than enough, but more than enough. Not a wealthy family, but at least the cost of wearing and wearing is worry-free, why is it so?

Look at other retired people in other people, live a lot more lively, tens of thousands of dollars of micro-single camera and telephoto lens said to buy and buy, even the eyes are not jealous, and then invite friends to accompany the birds to enjoy the birds, more Some of the money even bought the off-road vehicles, carrying the camera by car to go through the desert Gobi, galloping the grassland, really red sunset, rich and time, more lively than young people, retirement is tantamount to new life Start.

Look at Zhao welder, it’s almost… I don’t know what to do with money, and I don’t bring death without bringing it…

Wu electrician was full of bitterness and pulled Zhang Zian to shake the bottom of Zhao welder.

It turned out that the friends of Zhao Welder recently started playing sea fishing and invited Zhao welders to play together. Zhao welders don’t fish, they are also not interested in sea fishing rods, but after thinking about it, sea fishing may be able to catch some rare fish, saving all day to run to Zhang Zian’s aquarium to see those strange but weird Fisheyes that can’t be bought.

He heard that the fish in the Zhang Zian store were bought by nearby fishermen. The fishermen sold the strange fish and sold it to Zhang Zian. Since the fishermen can get there, 80% of the fishermen can catch them. Isn’t it a penny?

Zhao welder made up his mind, but on the surface he pushed three obstacles, because he knew that he had to raise funds to buy some fishing equipment at the beginning. If he planned to fish for a long time, he might have to raise funds to buy a boat or charter a boat, so he repeatedly said that he himself There is no time for this time. I plan to wait for them to make enough money to buy enough things to buy. At this time, I promise to join them. Everyone is a worker who has known for many years. Will he still let him make up the money?

This is not the case. The workers’ sea fishing team was established for a period of time. They bought the things they bought and held several sea fishing activities. At this time, Zhao welders were cheeky and hinted that people would say that you are coming, buy them yourself. The right fish rod can be used, so the Zhao welder willately go to the fishing gear shop to buy the fishing rod.

Until then, there was no such thing as Wu Dian, because Wu Electric always served with a fish tank and a grandson. His life was leisurely and fulfilling. He had heard that retired workers had set up a sea fishing team, but did not plan to join in the fun.

However, when Zhao welders ran to the fishing tackle shop, they couldn’t help but scream, because the type of fishing rod designated by the fishing team was not cheap. There was a thousand dollars in a pole. If it weren’t for the workers, maybe he really I took a piece of wood and cut it. The fish rod of thousands of dollars is nothing more than a light one. Is it so expensive?

He said that the fishing gear shop Boss did not enter the oil and salt, and he did not cut the price. He was finally stalked by him. He couldn’t help him to stay in the store every day for a long time, affecting the business. The fishing rod can’t be lowered, you have to buy two for you to calculate the wholesale price.

Zhao welder immediately thought of Wu Electric, and went to Wu Electrician’s house to marry him to go fishing. In case he caught two strange fishes, he took turns.

Wu electrician pointed at his nose and yelled at him, saying why he couldn’t think of me. What kind of money would you think of me? Don’t go.

Zhao welder is of course more dead in front of the old buddy, and immediately said that you would not promise me to come to your house every day.

Wu electrician is afraid of him, because this guy is also rushing to eat with his little grandson.

At this time, Wu’s family also persuaded him to persuade him to go with the Zhao welder, and the family could not afford the money of 800 yuan.

In the eyes of everyone, fishing is a very good activity for middle-aged and elderly people. It cultivates sentiment, cultivates self-cultivation, and strengthens interpersonal communication, so that the older the more lonely, the other things are secondary, at least than eating and drinking. The gambling is much stronger, and it does not affect others like a square dance.

Wu electrician had no choice but to agree to it first. Then he contacted the workers’ sea fishing team and asked people not to be a person. After receiving a positive reply, he went to the fishing gear shop with Zhao welder. I bought a fishing rod.

With the fishing rods, they will not fish, and they can only wait patiently for the next time the workers’ sea fishing team will hold the event.

Yesterday they got the news that the sea fishing team planned to hold an event this afternoon to inform them of the two.

After lunch at noon, the two of them rode to the car and went to the meeting place on the beach. Because of the abundant time, Zhang Zian just happened to pass by the pet shop, so they stopped to say hello.

Zhang Zian understood that the cheeky of the welder of Zhao was admired, and the wool of the workers had to be smashed for many years.

Wu electrician sighed from the side, shook his head and said that the friend was careless, even his face was dull. He said that people prepared the equipment and did not ask for money. We didn’t go empty-handed for the first time. At least we bought two boxes of drinks. Zhao welders refused because of the inconvenience of riding a bicycle.

Zhao welders arbitrarily find reasons for themselves, saying that Wu Electric is totally filthy.

Although the two populations are constantly changing, the discerning person can immediately see the deep friendship between them for many years, otherwise it is impossible to continue to mix together while spitting.

In order to open the topic, Zhao welder re-inquired aloud: “Zhang Laodi, you haven’t answered yet, just staring at you at this shop, is it to face it?”

“Oh, isn’t this going to the typhoon season? In order to prevent it, I plan to reinforce the doors and windows of the two stores, and to re-waterproof the roof. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if it encounters heavy rain and hail. Zhang Zian explained, “I was just wondering how to get it.”

Wu Electric nodded frequently and agreed: “It is necessary to prepare, even if the typhoon does not pass through our city, even if only one side is wiped, it will rain, and the wind can blow the tree down. I have seen it with my own eyes. At that time, the sewers could not discharge so much water, and they were all blocked by garbage. The whole street became a Zeguo, and all the boats had to be rowed. What car and motorcycles were all stalled…”

Zhao welder interrupted his words, patted his chest and shouted: “Aiya! It turned out to be such a small thing… Zhang Laodi, you don’t have to worry about it, this thing is on me! The window is made into a blind that can be opened and closed, no matter It’s the hailstone or the wind-blowing stone that doesn’t break the glass inside. The roof is covered with several layers of waterproof material to ensure that it can’t be missed!”

“Hey, how is this so…” Zhang Zian wants to quit.

Wu electrician helped the tunnel: “Xiao Zhang, you are welcome, this is the most important thing for him. What are we going to do in a few of my family’s Ji Family? They all got it. He has a way to get cheap decoration materials and crafts. Not bad, you will give it to him, and you won’t be able to pay for it.”

“I don’t lose money if I don’t pay…”

When Zhao welder just wanted to raise an objection, he was smashed back by Wu Electric: “Lack of loss! A little bit of interest? If it is not for people, you can sleep early in the small box and enjoy the human incense! You still have a face.” money?”

“I just said it casually…” Zhao welder did not speak.

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