Door and window reinforcement and roof waterproofing are very basic decoration, do not need gorgeous, only need to be durable, Zhang Zian originally planned to go to the roadside to find those who decorated the guerrillas, but there is Zhao welder Mao Sui recommends himself, because Zhao welder this person Although the mouth is not reliable, but the manual does not say that the fish tank he made by hand and some furniture in the home Zhang Zian have seen it with his own eyes, stable and strong.

Wu electrician added: “We are retired workers in these factories. Everyone specializes in a craft. If you have any need, you don’t have to be polite. Just say hello, we don’t look good, but it is durable.”

Zhang Zian believes that Wu Electric can work in the hard and dangerous environment of the old factory for decades and retreat, with a few brushes in his hand.

So he no longer quits, agree and thank.

“Zhang Laodi, I am also very leisurely, do you want to go fishing with us? Do you have a lot of people, you can take it!” Zhao welder turned his eyes and invited him.

Zhao welder ponders Zhang Zian with a wealth of knowledge and knows a lot of marine life. If you catch a strange creature, you don’t know how to throw it back into the water. Isn’t that wrong? If Zhang Zian is there to help identify it, it saves a lot of things.

He listened to the workers, and the workers said that they were listening to other fishing friends. They said that there were some strange and rare fish in the sea in the coastal city in the past few months. Occasionally they could catch one or two strange fish and then fish. Friends in the small circle of fire, I heard that a fish caught by a fishing friend is too strange, but also interviewed by local TV reporters.

He believes that there are so many rare fish in the Zhang Zian store, which is probably the case, it is a very profitable business.

“Forget it, go, I won’t fish, and I don’t have a fishing rod.” Zhang Zian sighs, he really can’t fish, fishing is very patience, often sitting for a long time, he hasn’t spared that kind of degree.

“It’s okay, we are all squid fishing, let’s play together!” Zhao welder this person once decided to take advantage of the cheap idea, like a dog skin plaster sticking, not to end the purpose.

“Xiao Zhang, if there is nothing you can also play together, the old guys will not care about one more person, no fish rod can use this one.” Wu electrician also advised.

Zhang Zian is really nothing today. The average guest clerk has already dealt with it. He went back to the store for a little lunch break, not to mention Shihua returned to Binhai. He also went to the seaside to play a recording of her singing every day. Today I haven’t been there yet, so I have to go to the beach anyway in the afternoon, so I nod my head and say, “Let’s do it, but fishing is all right. I just want to go to the beach to take care of me. I will send you in the past and watch you go fishing.”

Zhao welder’s mind is that as long as Zhang Zian promised to go to the beach, the other does not matter.

Zhang Zian had a car. He asked the location of the meeting and let the two take the first step. Because they all rode bicycles or electric cars, they couldn’t put them all into Wuling.

He drove to the beach and was one step ahead of them. After the three met, he quickly found the location of the workers’ fishing team, because the activities of these retired workers had a strong old cadre, the old As far as they watched, they pulled banners and wrote the fifth sea fishing activity of a certain team of workers.

The workers’ boats are a modified fishing boat. They may be second-hand or may be rented on a daily basis. Now there are fewer and fewer fish in the offshore, like this small offshore fishing boat has gradually disappeared and is being rented by fishermen. Or sell, the price is not expensive, it can be regarded as waste utilization.

Zhao welder introduced Zhang Zian to several other middle-aged and elderly people, then called him to board the ship and was quit by him because he had an assault boat himself and he had something to do.

Workers have urged Zhao welders to get on the boat quickly, just waiting for them. Zhao welders have no choice but to go on board with the workers.

These workers are mostly newcomers in sea fishing. After several times of fishing, they learned the general process. They thought it was more interesting to play with their old single brothers, so they set up a team of workers.

Their boats didn’t dare to sail too far from the shore, and they stopped at the anchors that could see the reefs on the shore. The enthusiastic workers took out their fishing rods and sat on the folding chairs to hang bait hooks.

Wu electrician is okay, things that don’t understand will be learned with humility, but Zhao welder feels very simple when he blinks a few times. He can’t learn anything, and he will imitate others’ way of fishing.

Zhang Zian also took his own assault boat and pushed the voice of Shihua in the sea. He didn’t dare to be too close to the small fishing boat of the team, because his assault boat was rubber-inflated, and many fish in the sea were stabbed. These fish usually went to attack the assault boat, but they were fish by the workers. It’s hard to say after the hook is hurt.

He kept a certain distance from the fishing boat. From time to time, he heard the direction of the fishing boat and the laughed heartily of the workers. Or the screaming, it seems that fishing is indeed an outdoor sport for middle-aged and old men who are very suitable for retirement.

He watched them for a while and they fished. The safety measures of the workers were quite good. Everyone was wearing a life jacket. There was a lifebuoy in the fishing boat. When he looked at the norm, he didn’t feel the danger of such a close offshore. After getting tired of it, just lie down and brush your phone.

After a while, Shihua’s singing was over. He sat up and saw that the workers were still fishing in the same place, and the number of Zhao welders yelling was the biggest.

Zhao welder’s patience is very poor, and the sport of fishing is very patience, which leads to the minimum number of fish he caught, and the Wu electrician who is a novice has a good harvest. Zhao welder only catches a few small fish. Every time he catches a fish, he likes to catch a seabed treasure. He thinks he has caught a rare treasure, but he fished the fish without Zhang Zian identification. The workers knew that it was normal and could not be ordinary. .

Zhang Zian sent a message to Zhao Welder and Wu Electric, and then waved to the small fishing boat, meaning to make them fun, he went back first.

Others said that the fish he caught was rubbish. Zhao welders still don’t believe it. They have to stay in the bucket and wait for Zhang Zian to identify. When Zhang Zian wants to go back, he wants to block it but he can’t reach it.

When Zhang Zian finished greeting, he drove the assault boat back to the beach, deflated the assault boat, stuffed it back into the carriage, and then returned to the pet store to do what to do.

This evening, he was having dinner with the clerk, received the information from Zhao Welder, complaining that he was not interested enough, how can he go back in advance.

I saw the interest of the workers, and I continued to play until the evening.

Zhang Zian said that he had to go back in advance in an emergency, and Zhao welders complained a few more words, then explained that he helped him get the doors and windows and the roof.

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