Little celery worried that mother disagreed and looked at mother’s face.

Cai Meiwen is frowned, and how to say, to save the small animal, this kind of loving action, she is not suitable to express opposition, just said: “This cat looks too clean, wash your hands for a while.”

Little celery is busy nodding.

Taking advantage of the temporary release, Zhang Zian found a dry towel and wiped the hair of Vladimir, which was drenched with broth, so that it could not be fully recovered. The hair dryer can’t be used, only the surface hair can be wiped cleanly, and the deep hair can’t be used.

Vladimir did not let him wipe for too long, resisted and said: “It is important to save it first, I am fine!”

Zhang Zian had to find another dry towel and wrap it in the body.

The power of the generator in the next aquarium is not enough. It can only maintain the operation of low-power devices such as pumps and oxygen pumps. Otherwise, the temporary burning of a pot of water may solve the urgent need. Now, the original method can only be used to keep the stray cat warm. .

Zhang Zian pretends to say to himself: “This kind of ghost weather, other stray cats don’t know how…”

He is actually asking Vladimir in a vague way.

Vladimir is in a heavy mood. “I have let all the stray cats in the city run into safe places to refuge, such as the high-rise residential buildings, or the high-rise buildings being built. They must be strong and shelter from the rain. It is impossible, even if It’s okay to get into the other people’s home, but it’s definitely not all the cats have to come… This guy is what I encountered on the road, it seems to be the fallen tree branches.”

There is no way to do this. This sudden typhoon is too late for humans to prepare, let alone stray cats. However, stray cats also have the advantage of being able to climb into narrow gaps with strong climbing ability and soft body. As long as they can climb to a high place, they will not be washed away by sewage.

The situation of stray dogs in the suburbs is not clear. The stray dogs are large in size, strong and strong, and they are used to wind and rain. When the hair is soaked in water, it will shake the body and shake off the water, so the situation may be better than the stray cat. Be better.

“So terrifying natural disasters will inevitably lead to casualties. What is more alarming is that there will always be a major epidemic after the disaster. The storms and floods drown a lot of animals, and the garbage is flooding. Plus the weather is not cool, floods. Retreating may breed a lot of mouse fleas, so I plan to buy some drugs online to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases,” he whispered.

He intends to buy medicines for dogs and cats online. It is not a medicine for humans. The clerk did not understand it. He also wondered that it was not so serious.

Vladimir nodded, and it would distribute the drugs of stray cats.

As for the stray dog, it must be relying on Xiaobai.

If stray cats and stray dogs die in large numbers because of infectious diseases, the rot will also increase the epidemic situation faced by the coastal citizens. Therefore, helping stray cats and dogs is helping the public from the side.

Several people surrounded the checkout counter, and Jiang Feifei took time to help them.

The small celery gripped the stray cat’s claws tightly, and kept sighing in the palm of his hand, trying to help it recover his body temperature as soon as possible, but her little hand was quickly wet and cold.

“I am coming, you wash your hands.”

Cai Meiwen walked to the side, holding the hand of the small celery and pulling her hand away from the cat’s claw.

Little celery looked up at Mother and smiled and listened to the hand.

Zhang Zian said subconsciously: “Thank you…”

“Don’t thank me, I am not trying to help you.” Cai Meiwen 趁 daughter briefly left, whispered: “I just don’t want this cat to die in front of the small celery.”

The clerk who was busy rescue the stray cat heard this sentence and felt that she was too inhuman and too iron-hearted, and she was somewhat disgusted with her.

Zhang Zian is a move. After all, he has seen and heard too many stories about people and pets. He has come to customers in pet shops. Some of them are not the first pets, their previous pets…

“Have you ever raised a pet before?” he asked.

Her complexity changed, although the moment returned to calm, but the sound still showed a tremor, “No.”

After the small celery washed his hand and ran back, he asked with concern: “How is the kitten?”

Now it is the turn of Wang Qian and Li Kun to keep the stray cat warm. Wang Qian, who is responsible for holding the front half of the body, suddenly cried: “Master! I don’t seem to touch its heartbeat!”

Zhang Zian quickly put the stethoscope on its chest and listened to the heartbeat.

There is silence in the stethoscope.

Everyone stared at him.

A few seconds later, he took off his stethoscope and shook his head and said, “Everyone has worked hard, it is a pity… It has been in the water for too long, we have not been able to save it.”

The clerk did not agree to sighed and went to wash their hands.

Little celery looked at everyone ignorantly. After a moment, I understood what I had. I pulled Zhang Zian’s arm. “Kitten… is it dead?”

Zhang Zian nodded. “It’s dead.”

The small celery hangs his head in sorrow, staring staring at the stray cat who has lost his breath.

She tried to save it, but failed to save her life. Her palm still retains the soft touch of the meat pad, just like a life has just slipped from her fingers.

“Let’s save it again? Okay? Maybe it’s still not dead?” She pulled Zhang Zian with tears, and was extremely reluctant to say.

Zhang Zian kneels down, “Little celery, it’s already dead…”

Unexpectedly, his words made Cai Meiwen completely erupt.

“Why! Why bring this stray cat in!” She snorted and groaned. The hair she had dried before she seemed to be crazy. “I have no ability to save it, why should I bring it in?” It’s not good to let it die outside? Why is it right to die in front of us!”

Little celery is sad because of the death of a stray cat. Tears are spinning around in the eyelids, almost to be taken out, but scared back by her mother’s roar.

The clerk all looked palely from the pet bath room, thinking that they had to fight, the key is to fight? Was it not okay just now?

The elves have stood up and haven’t seen the dare to make trouble in the pet shop for a long time. Is this woman a mental disorder? When stray cats die, they also blame Zhang Zian? Who can know in advance if he can save it? Is it because you can’t save it? What is the logic?

Zhang Zian was shocked when she first started groaning, but when she finished, he was calm.

“This is the real reason why you don’t let small celery keep pets? If you are destined to experience a painful parting, why not have it from the beginning?”

In the face of her seemingly unreasonable accusations, he did not go back, but said calmly.

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