Pet King Chapter 1740

    Kim Chow.

    Wind and sunny day.

    Every time at this point, primary school students are placed by teachers in their homework or writing, a problem that often occurs in their operations, or a phrase that is often found in the writing written in their childish writing – autumn is the season.

    Zhang Zian’s homework in the kitchen just a few days ago also saw this empty issue, raising his child’s memory, because he did the same thing when he went to elementary school, and the answer he wrote was the same – autumn is the harvest season.

    It’s customary, but it’s a steady answer.

    But if he had to fill it up again, he would have written —— autumn is the season of power saving, fuck the scores!

    When he was a kid, he yelled at himself for a little bit of air conditioning, and he was guilty of blatant guilt, ignorant of the cost of water, and now pet stores and water cafeteria, in addition to the cost of buying puppies for young cats, were the largest part of the daily cost of electricity and, secondly, water. The price of commercial hydroelectric power was doubled compared to that of the population, and he was stimulated to commit a heart attack once the list of electricity costs came out.

    The summer air conditioning, the winter heating, the spring and autumn only have nothing to open, and the stores are open.

    “It’s hard on one side, eight backup! This is a contribution that we have raised, and today I turn all of it over to Mr. Shop, asking him to buy drugs for poisoning and vaccination for vaginal cats and dogs in the city of the Beach.”

    Snow lifted a plate with a four-digit number on it, and solemnly handed it to Zhang Zian in front of the cell camera.

    Zhang Zian answered the plate, “Then I would like to thank you on behalf of the floating cat in the city of the Beach, and I have since published the detailed list of drugs purchased to the Snow to ensure transparency on her microwave and on the public number of the store.”

    The money has actually been transferred to him, and today it’s just a little ceremony, and let the hotline friends know that their donations have come true.

    After the typhoon departed and flooded, the streets of the city were filled with wolf, even more horrible to see, and counterappetite was that small animal bodies, most likely rats, and then cats and dogs, were often seen.

    Most of the drowned cats and dogs should be vaginal animals and include a small number of families.

    Vladimir and Little White have done their best, but the typhoon came so suddenly that they couldn’t save all the cats and dogs.

    Whether for the survival of vaginal cats or for the inhabitants of the city, the post-flood prevention is a priority, and the municipality organizes a large number of human and material inputs in the priority areas to eliminate poisoning, but there is no good way to track unaccompanied cat dogs.

    Xiao Xiaoxi’s stay in the United States for a long time exceeding expectations, which had already bought airfares, was alarmed by the fact that the typhoon was pointing towards the city of the Beach, which could not be landed even if she returned on a plane, and it was not possible for her parents to agree that it would be a three-pronged delay.

    On the second day of her return, despite the fatigue of her journey, she immediately invested in outdoor direct broadcasting, informing fans throughout the country and throughout the world about the disaster in the shore. In her live broadcast, everyone saw the bodies of the vaginal cats drowned and not cleaned up, of course, just far away, otherwise the snow and the weaker sisters could not stand.

    Although some questioned her as an engine to suck powder, the cleaners themselves and their own selves.

    The drowned little animal corpses can trigger a large number of pests, such as flea, and send them to the vaginal cats. A lot of people think of this possibility, but there’s no good way to do it, unless it’s completely extinguished, but it’s too cruel and controversial to say how much the existence of a vaginal cat can limit the breeding of prosthetic animals, such as mice, kill a vagrant cat dog, and stop rats from rampant?

    Snow was also concerned about the problem and went to the pet store to ask Zhang Zian for instruction, which indicated that it could be solved through targeted drug injection to the vagina dog, and that he had intended to do so.

    Looking for pets and having lengthy enthusiastic tennis friends are generous in their pockets, no matter how much money they have, talking about their hearts.

    It’s the weekend, the people in the store, the snow just left, and Zhao Qi and Liu Wen came with the moon.

    “Chief Chang, I wonder if you took over this store for almost a week. When do you come to a one-year restaurant to celebrate the salesman?”

    Zhao Qi, with a new brand bag, Liu Wen english took the month, and he had a half of the ice cream in his hand, probably the last time this year that this little girl had a blessed ice cream, the cooler after all.

    “This little business in this shop has not yet been considered, has lost so much in the typhoon that the payee will sell blood.” Zhang Zian’s rhetoric is not relaxed.

    “Boom!” Who’s lying to? I don’t care. Today our cat’s food has to be broken, and it has to be fractured! “Zhao Qi has a bunch of imported cat food weighed on the cashier.

    Every time she and Liu Wen come to the cat’s food, she’ll find a variety of excuses to ask Zhang Zian to break, and it won’t be so much fun for Liu Wen. In fact, Zhao Qi’s thousands of bucks are paid. Do you really care if that’s 100 bucks for a discount? What she enjoys is a sense of discount, or she feels like she’s lost, which is probably the shopping logic of the city’s white collaborators, or you’re not going to be popular.

    Until Zhang Zian barely agreed to give them nine or five discounts, she and Liu Wen only returned with a bunch of cat food.

    “Little Zhang, do you have time? There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.” David Drive on a new private car to visit the door.

    “Professor David, congratulations on your promotion. Come on in.” Zhang Zian sees health as good as people, and finally takes the word “vice” before the title.

    “Not to mention this, this is not to mention…” The guards are humble, shattering eyes in the stores, ““ and you have a lot of people in the store, and I’m almost full of them, and I’m not going in, and let’s just say a few words. “

    “What?” Zhang Zian asked.

    He thought it was about Leiper and Lotus’s dog food, but Lee Pete was facing a protracted century trial in the United States, a decade and eight years of silence.

    “So, we left a lot of regret on our last Egyptian trip, and you see, this is almost half a year ago, and the radio device installed for the ear fox may be running out of power, and, after all, the local environment is too bad, the night is too bad, the battery lifespan is not necessarily able to meet design requirements. The retrieval of radio installations, which was given to local scholars and nomadic peoples, is not very reassuring, and this is our last heart blood, so I want to go back to the desert and take those devices personally, by the way of the co-archaeological students, and to resolve the regret left last time, what do you think?”

    Zhang Zian almost got dizzy, didn’t he realize to fall into the dream of a jewellery again? Or is it called a visual?

    It is not surprising that everyone in the dream of the Butterfly meets their own people, which makes her dream very promising, and that the physical health and the health of her dreams are equally deeply regrettable about the last act of the desert, and that the same decision will be taken with the opposite side, which is the nature of health.

    He quickly persuaded David to remove the concept and to recover the radio device, and to hand over it to the local population should be no big problem, as the ear fox was a communist, and the leakage of several devices would not have a disproportionate impact on the analysis of the state of survival of the entire community.

    Do you really need to remind him of this biology thing? And, of course, David knows that it’s just a pretext, and the ear fox is not at all the point.

    The fact that the teachers of David and the classroom referred to the golden pyramid hidden in the depths of the sand Sea, although health did not see it personally, raised a great interest in the archaeological faculty of the University of Le Pitt, which, after all, was a pyramid that had never been discovered, was probably the Green House of the Old Pharaoh of Egypt, and would definitely have bombed the world and would have allowed the University of Hampshire to sound out of the sea if it could enter first by a Chinese science team.

    The professors of the archaeological system have been thrilled and healthy, and if they are joint applications of the biological and archaeological systems, schools will certainly be approved, and there is also the last successful experience to be guaranteed.

    David had long been disappointed with the disciple of the pieces of his own, and it was said that students in archaeological systems had been working hard, eating hard work, often taking part in field excavations, even in the field excavations of ancient cemeteries in the West Side Beach, where there were several points of contact with the desert, which, if they cooperated, was familiar with this light vehicle, and material equipment and human hands had been strong for the last time, and it might be possible to find more secrets about the original Egyptian cats from the walls of golden pyramids.

    He and the archaeological professors agreed that golden pyramids were buried in yellow sand, just one word for Lee Pitt, saying that it might be the intention of cunning Lee Pitt to send his men to swallow the treasure in the golden pyramid, and that in order to avoid that, it would be necessary to reach out to the Egyptian desert before Lipit’s remaining sins started and to dig the golden pyramid protectively.

    Zhang Zian heard a silent laugh, and golden pyramid was actually buried, but he couldn’t easily prove that Lee Pitt would otherwise be concentrated on him.

    This is obviously a stupid move in the archaeological faculty of the University of the Beach, with a view to making a big news, ironing the heart to go to Egypt.

    He had been persuaded that, for the time being, his health had been persuaded to leave, which was only a matter of discretion, and that even if it changed his mind, the archaeologists would not have had to die.

    But what can I do? Take a step.

    He intends to wait for the next day to run to the Beach City Museum to see if there is really a woman spokesman in South Europe.


    just walked away, and he didn’t get into the store, and he saw a familiar man walking around the road with a wheelchair.

    That’s Guo Winterfell pushing his mother on a walk, the wheelchair was changed, a shelf was installed, a bird cage was hanging on the shelf, a few parrots jumped in the bird cage, and occasionally whispered and watched the walkers.

    The mother of Guo Winterfell in the face with a pure smile like children – and should not have appeared in the face of adults. She looked at the parrots in the bird cage like a kid, and her lips moved like she was talking to the parrot.

    Zhang Zian had seen Guo Winterfell’s friend circle, which seemed to have been renovated by the latter’s large house in the vicinity and now appeared to be in the house.

    He runs around the road, far away from Gogh Winterfell, and the latter looks forward to the pet store and waves at him.

    A cab parked on the road and blocked his sight.

    “Brother Zhang, business is thriving!” Feng came out of the car with a full spring.

    “Feng Chang? How did you get here?” Zhang Zian was surprised.

    “Shh!” Feng whispered more than shattered his voice, and now he’s still low, and he doesn’t want to be taken by nearby people.

    “Brother Zhang, I went to visit a friend of the visual circle, just through here, and I came by to see you and Famous.” How are you? “

    “Everything’s okay, Von, you come in?” Zhang Zian invited.

    Feng looked forward to the overcrowded store, laughing at his head, “Forget it, wait for the opportunity to talk again. By the way, Brother Zhang, I’ve been reading the” Dog 2 “script lately, and I think it’s good, you want to think about it?”

    Feng, after being a national director of the Dog, had no choice but to fish fast money like other well-known directors for one night, was cautious, was reluctant to defeat the sign at night, demanded very high quality of the script and the investor, and could not wait for his eyes.


    eruption of the Dog, which makes it like to be with the domestic film community of the wind, all kinds of animal cinema powder, 99.9 per cent of which are rough, cause domestic film ratings to grieve, deplore the loss of enthusiasm, and even comment: The Dog opens the door to Chinese animal movies and closes the door to other rotten films.


    domestic animal cinema market urgently requires another keen agent to continue the heat of the audience, which is not more appropriate than the Dog 2.


    double harvest of the warhounds’ stamp room, both in theatre and in investors, clearly does not give up the gold medal, continues to be on the agenda sooner or later, and the investment budget has doubled ten times more than the first, with no ceiling on external names.

    The drama of the Dog 2 was long overdue, and the Beach Vision City was actively functioning, indicating that it was essential to cooperate fully and to keep the sites of the continuing photography in the city of the Beach and not hand over, and even the leadership of the municipal cultural sector was actively contributing to the matter.

    Other details are as follows: only the monopoly cannot be replaced – of course, this does not mean the human being in the movies.

    For reasons of reason, Zhang Zian and Famous are very difficult to exonerate.


    knew that Famous did not sink in the past after the World Dog had been shown, but continued to observe life, practice and seek new breakthrough.

    Everyone expects Famous to be brilliant again in World Dog 2.

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