Pet King Chapter 1741

    Feng loved feathers and would not have come personally to talk to Zhang Zian if it was not a very good play of Dog 2.

    To think of that year, Famous was playing The Dog, and the lump sum received was a new price, even though it was not particularly low, but there was a significant difference in the remuneration of human actors. Unlike previous days, the budget has doubled the 10-fold War Dog 2 producer by directly dumping a film that appears to be costly in Zhang Zian, and it is entirely possible for ordinary people not to work in vain for a lifetime.

    This is not the highest reward he has ever seen, looking for the producer and director of the film to talk about, like, the river, some of which are very much more than half of the total film budget, while the remaining human actors are second-line flower actress and meat, and they account for another quarter of the budget. If he had signed a contract for Famous, the rest of his life had only been the food, the drink and be merry yacht, but Famous’s name was almost destroyed.

    Famous, what kind of luxury life has never been through? And when it’s luxury, these actresses are still eating their ancestors. It used to treat the top and cow as a regular meal, and now 30 pounds of beef from the food market are delicious. The house is bigger and the place of sleep is no more than a square metre.

    It looks at these things outside, and no one will remember the old star of the recession in 20 years, and it will be famous for a vertical history.

    Zhang Zian has taken over the script sent by Von Zian, which is not very thin, detailed and certainly impossible to read and respond to it on his own, and he wants to study it repeatedly in private and Famous in an attempt to be perfect.

    Feng Xiang Zian was so busy that he would leave the script.

    He just walked away, Zhang Zian was standing at the front door, sweeping the script, wanting to take a look at the episode, and, after all, as Famous’s shadow, he was curious about the contents of the Dog 2.

    At this point, another private car parked on the road, pushing two horns to attract his attention.

    Zhang Zian, come on.

    Sun Xiaomeng opened the car trunk and left the car himself.

    “The drugs you’re asking are ready to see enough.” She pointed out a few plastic barrels in the trunk.

    “Almost enough to use me to find you again.” Zhang Zian opened one of those barrels, and saw white powder in it, a mixture of several insecticide-treated drugs.

    “But what are you doing so much?” Sun Xiaomeng, when receiving a request for a prescription from Zhang Zian, has guessed that such a drug mix can only be used in the bath, but it is far more than the amount to be used in the ordinary pet store, and that the common pharmaceutical bath drugs are liquid shape, in the form of a bath shower, in order to be user-friendly, but Zhang Zian’s intentional request is dry powder, because they are too large and liquid occupies the place.

    It was difficult for outsiders to have access to several effective drugs and not to get them, and the factory was more willing to sell profitable drug-bathing showers, so he asked Sun Xiaomeng to buy and transfer them.

    “Yeah, one more time, can we lower unit prices?” He answered.

    Sun Xiaomeng saw him pretending to be foolish, making it clear what he did not want to answer for such a large amount of doses, although they were very toxic to humankind, and would not normally cause harm to humankind unless the whole barrel was eaten.

    She was also busy in her clinic, and the typhoon caused a lot of family pet fractures, burns, burns, etc., and she had to go back to the clinic to receive customers.

    She hastened to explain the rate of exchange and which barrels were for cats, which barrels were for dogs, with particular emphasis on the low toxicity of these effective insecticides to pets and the inability to drink in them.

    Zhang Zian nodded remembers that this information will also be transmitted to Vladimir and Xiao Bai.

    He’s going to buy a domestic ballast pool, put it outside the outskirts, then put it in the flour and water, and then use the generator as a simple water cycle shower, while it’s not cold, looking for a wind and a beautiful weather, and letting the vagina dogs get poisoned, and then sunshine.

    He greeted Wang Qian and Li Kun to move these barrels of powder into the store.

    Manager Zhang!

    Sun Xiaomeng was still alive and would have wanted to explore further the real reason for his purchase of so many drugs, but suddenly there was a big voice shouting Zhang Zian, who didn’t know the skinny old man, who had to resign and return to the clinic.

    Zhang Zian looked at himself as an old man with a very low body, but a very big voice, just as Zhao wells, and a Wu electrician near Zhao’s wells.

    Zhao wells ride three wheels of electric power, Wu electricians ride bike with electrical motor, and the spirit of both old people is good.

    “Master Zhao, Wu Master, how are you guys here? Recently, there’s no time to visit you, and if you didn’t help me get back to the water, I wouldn’t be able to sustain this storm.” Zhang Zian’s cold lane.

    “If you don’t, you’re welcome.” Wu electrician said, “If it weren’t for you, my old partner would have lost his life a few times.”

    “How many times do you have?” Zhao’s welding worker shouted unhappy, and his voice was loud, almost as much as a fight, and drew attention to the customers in the store.

    Zhang Zian’s afraid they start arguing again, so move the subject, “Master, is your body all right?”

    Zhao Wei was doing a good shot at the chest, “It’s all right, it’s all right, it’s all right, it’s hard for me to have a bone… and it’s a meat in my hand.”

    As a result of the infection of marine traumatic archers, his mask was thrown away by a doctor, and now the wounds have just healed the bandages and revealed ugly scars.

    “I’m so old, and nobody cares what I look like, less meat, no big deal.” He carefree said, “Eat a few more meat and maybe grow back!”

    He’s such a personality, or is he supposed to be excused, or is he remembering? Maybe it’s all right.

    “Master Zhao, Wu Master, what are you doing here?”

    Zhang Zian noted that the three wheels of electrical motor cars were struggling with a number of unusual tools and were not like repair tools, including plastic barrels, wooden shovels, careful eyeballs, lengthy boots, a long, rough wire hook, a flat stone with ropes, a rough pencil… and, most strange, a bottle of salt.


    Wu’s electrician didn’t say anything first, and said, “Not yet, he didn’t have a mask, he hurt his life and death the other day, he couldn’t sleep without a painkiller.”

    Zhao’s welding worker broke down and said, “Old Wu! Why did you bury me? Is this a discount? I’m a little wild, thank Manager Zhang! Besides, who hurts hovered over life and death? Who can’t sleep all the time?”

    Wu Electric hehe’s smiling, “Manager Zhang, I really don’t rarely tell him! His wounds were not very painful in the past few days, and he began to eat meat, especially the shrimp, but just shave the winds, the shrimp was generally cut off, the price was too high, and he couldn’t afford to buy it. Yesterday, he listened to the fishermen in the water community who said we had a beach coat, a typhoon, where people dig big shrimp, dig a few kilos, go home and make their own chili shrimp, say it’s better to eat it, eat your fingers.

    Zhao’s welding worker, with his neck, said, “Manager Zhang, you’re a critic, and this big shrimp lies under the sand, and I dig, and I dig, and I dig. Why can’t I dig? Manager Zhang, I told you I brought lunch today. I don’t dig ten kilos of shrimp. I’m not going home! My brother is gone, I’m… I’m five pounds!”

    Speaking of Zhang Zian five kilos, Zhao Wei was full of emotional pain.

    Zhang Zian heard that Zhao’s welder was trying to eat shrimp and couldn’t afford to buy little lobster, so he had a big shrimp idea.

    The size of the shrimp is not as good as a little lobster, some ugly, but it’s really delicious, and the most important is not to spend money.

    This shrimp is hidden in the sand coated by the beach in order to capture it, and it will be used in the capture of a stubborn tool, such as gross pencils, to blame them for carrying a rough pencil in their car fight.

    However, the arrest of large shrimp is a technical undertaking, and no experienced person is afraid to be able to catch a few of them a day, and Zhang Zian has serious doubts as to whether Zhang’s luxury to dig 10 kilograms of wells can be achieved.

    Most importantly, Wu Electric is on fire because of the shrimp? It’s because of Zhao’s welding body!

    “No, Master Zhao, you keep it yourself, and I’m not particularly in love with a lobster or a big shrimp.” Zhang Zian excuses.

    How many people actually don’t like little lobster? He said that it was just understandable that Zhao’s welder was miserable…

    Zhao Wei, listen, I’m glad to say, “Don’t you like to eat? Well, there’s no way that I’ll give you a little rural chicken or something to fix the body.”

    Anyone can hear how unreasonable the promises of this message to drive the river, and Wu electrician can hear a sigh and hate to find a sewer to drill in.

    “Well, Master Zhao, I don’t know which part of the southern beach you’re talking about, I haven’t been there, but remind you that it’s dangerous.” Zhang Zian said.

    What Zhao wells and Wu electricians have to do is pump the beach, run the beach and catch the sea, which is very similar and even partially overlapping, but not entirely identical.

    To catch the sea, it is usually on the beach off the coast or on the rocks of the coast to find living or shell that has been surrounded by the wave, especially during the tide, with a focus on stepping on harder sand or reef.

    The beach painting took place on a very soft sand beach, stepped on one foot, the sand might not be able to return safely to the coast, even by digging the creatures from the sand, owing to the difficulty of walking between the sand and sand.

    He focused on reminding them not to overlook the beach during the tide, otherwise the tide would be in trouble.

    Zhao Wei was promised that he would listen to the fish friends and would never lose his mind.

    To be sure, Zhao’s welding workers are not a loss, but they have been able to work at the factory for decades, and security is still strong, just so bad.

    Pick up a reef, and the reef is hidden in Bobby’s worms.

    Neighbors have raised their children’s aquatic organisms, and they mixed them into drastic sand sunflowers.

    When fishing, your hands were cut, infected with marine traumatic archers…

    These ordinary people have been in bad luck for a lifetime, almost all of them.

    So bad luck, he can jump alive, just say miracle, and in a superstitious word, it’s hard.

    Wu’s electrician would also like to say a few more words, and Zhao’s welding workers are long overdue, and hate to have to go to that beach, to fear that the shrimp will be exhumed at night, to speak to Zhang Zian and to force Wu’s electrician to leave.

    Zhang Zian looked at Old Partner, who walked all the way along, without laughing, and prayed to them in silence, and returned safely.

    Those two just left, and he was about to go into the store and see another private car coming in.

    He doesn’t know the car, but look carefully, the guy who drives the car is wearing a clothing.

    It’s a busy day.

    He looked forward to a long time and felt in his heart, which seemed to predict that the next year would not be lighter than the previous year.

    “Captain Wong, is something wrong?”

    He walked over, helped stop the car in Chinkola to drive the door.

    He was asked, “No, I’m on vacation today, not hanging around the street with my wife and children, just to see you standing by the road and say hello.”

    Zhang Zian sighed in relief, and if there’s anything to find him, he’s really gonna cry.


    was the first time that Zhang Zian had seen a picture of her wife and child in the back of the car.

    They laughed at Zhang Zian, and their faces were full of sweet joy.

    Always busy flying to the festival, often working on weekends or overtime, without valuable holidays and having to go to the streets with your wife and children on weekends.

    Zhang Zian invited them to the store for a while, but they said that they had booked tickets to the park, feared that too many tourists were late, and that he had no longer insisted that the valuable holidays of the family should enjoy the joy of heaven after all.

    It’s just a few short, very good things, and I’d like to talk a few more words, and Zhang Zian pushed him to go, and don’t let sister-in-law and nephew wait too long.

    Hinko understood his suffering, sat back in the car, reopened the car and headed towards the park, and his wife and child waved goodbye to him in the back window.

    However, the car had just started for a few seconds and had brainstormed.

    Zhang Zian saw Hinko pick up his cell phone and put it in his ear.

    Indeed, his vision is right. It’s a long fall.

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