Pet King Chapter 1742

    What’s left is his own private car, his weather, the windows and the windows are open, and the windows are open, while the winds are blown up, and the voices of Hinko’s phone talk are sent outside the car.

    Zhang Zian was not interested in listening to people’s calls, and it was probably a call on official business, but only because he was close to him, and he had a high voice on the phone and heard it passively.

    His men reported a new case to him.

    It is reasonable that the large and small cases received daily in such a medium-sized city in the city of the Beach are unknown, and that if each report to Hinko is not sufficient for 48 hours a day, it is certainly a more exceptional case to report to him, such as major criminal cases, cases of suspicion of lack of head, or cases in which he specifically requests it.

    For the police, the most offensive is the case in which the suspects have been clearly locked, but the suspects have escaped first, which will stir them up and feel sorry for the victims.

    The new case, the discovery of some commonality with a previous pattern of cases by his men, coupled with other doubts, may be a case involving suspects at large and thus called him.

    Hinko looked at Zhang Zian through the rear mirror, said solemnly: “Don’t go to act blindly without thinking, wait for me to go back to rehearse, no matter what.”

    As soon as it comes out, his wife and child’s face has become clear.

    “Do you have to go? You ran out all day, and child almost didn’t know you!” His wife had been used to her husband’s temporary overtime, and she wouldn’t have complained about it, because it was useless, but after all this was a long time ago, the family was going out to play.

    the child is even more eager to weep and sneak out his eye.

    Hinko knows that there’s too much money for her wife and child, but…

    “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you later, and it’s more important today, and I have to be there.” He tried to explain.

    “Reparation! Reparation! How many times did you say that? It’s important all the time. It’s just our mother and daughter that doesn’t matter?” She complains that words, though somehow unreasonable, don’t blame her. Who kept her complaining for too long?


    ‘s a matter of urgency in Chinko’s heart, and there’s no emotion to argue with his wife, and then he’s a real loser, nor can he argue.

    “I’ll send you back first, and if I end up there sooner, maybe tomorrow’s time…”

    “You’re leaving yourself. We’re not going back!”

    His wife’s temper came up, and he got off the car with the gas.

    The family business is hard and hard to say about it, but he’s definitely going to go, and it’s hard to let his wife go.

    Zhang Zian walked over to the round table and said, “Captain Captain, if you don’t let sister-in-law and niece sit in my store, see fish, cats, dogs, you go ahead.”

    “Yes, yes! Go to the pet store and the water cafeteria, more fun than that. Look at that many people in the store.”

    His wife was very kind, but she was angry this time, and she knew the man of her husband, even though she was useless, and said that the fight on the streets was too embarrassing to say which good thing might have affected her husband’s journey.

    With Zhang Zian as a colleague, she’s barely down the donkey, or what else?

    When I saw my wife and child drum into the aquatic house, a stone fell in the heart of Hirosko and said to Zhang Zian, “Thank you, brother, I have a first step.”

    He can’t say much. Drive the car right away.

    Zhang Zian heard the top of the leaves screaming, looking up, it was Old Tea sneaking into the trees.

    Zhang Zian can hear Hinko speaking on the phone, but I can’t hear what the opposite side is saying, but Old Tea can hear it.

    “Tea Old Lord?”

    He took note of Old Tea’s eyes and looked out for some direction.

    “The people on the phone said that the glamorous beauty house was first extortioned by huge sums of money, and was hit last night by a group of unknown people, fortunately because Boss was not there last night, otherwise Boss called the police, claiming to be jealous of his colleagues.” Old Tea said.

    This model…

    He and Old Tea looked at each other and thought of someone.

    “Seems like the young man’s back.” Old Tea said with a sneer, “he probably felt that the wind was over and returned to the city of the Beach for the crime. Last time he ran away, this time he came back, the city was the last stop before he went to jail.”

    This is probably the case, so he quickly left and personally set up arrest operations against young people.

    “Old man has nothing to do, and he’s moving on to help Constable’s arm.” Old Tea resolutely said.

    The police have moved, Zhang Zian is not in a position to participate in it. He may have won the grass to scare the snake, and he knows that Old Tea’s intentions have been resolved, so warnd repeatedly: “Tea Old Lord, be careful.”

    “It’s okay, just a thief, old man goes back.” Old Tea lightly smiled, under the cover of the shadow, the rabbit falls in a row between a tree crown on the sidewalk, blinks disappear, while the man under the tree hears that there’s a leaf vibration on his head, and his head doesn’t see anything.

    Zhang Zian knew the hands of Old Tea and was not aware of the strength of Old Tea, and, after all, Old Tea was always full of strength and insignificant, so he was not worried.

    Again, this operation was fought by the police, and Old Tea was just a hidden server, and there would be no danger of holding the young cunning. Young people are no more powerful than a weaker version of Lee Pete, just a little bit of a mess, too small.

    “Hey! How did you drive? You don’t have long eyes?

    At this juncture, there was a noise on the streets, and then a series of screams.

    Zhang Zian looked forward to seeing only one municipal engineer parked immediately on the road, and a woman riding a bike next to the car was relentless to yell.

    So, the engineer drives forward, and the caravan keeps spreading water from the outside, as if it was sewing on that woman’s clothes, so she doesn’t stop the engineer car, and she doesn’t have to pay for it.

    It wasn’t about Zhang Zian, and it was really pissed off if it was a more expensive or favorite dress, but he noticed that the person who jumped out of the engineer’s driving room was familiar.

    The man apologized to the woman for his pleasant plea.

    Zhang Zian looked at the face of that man for a while, and finally remembered where he was met, when he was with the yellow father and son on the beach to rescue the shallow whale, when they called the fishermen and then saw him next to the dead grey whale that almost exploded.

    What’s his name?

    Zhang Zian turned over the phone transcript and found his name, Kosovon.

    The woman was haunted by that woman, who had to pay for it, and he paid her a hundred bucks after the bargain, and asked her to clean the laundry, which was why she stopped.

    He secretly sighed, the fishery’s working capital came down and lost 100 bucks for nothing. What’s wrong with this 100 bucks? Even if the fishermen are asked to drink beer, it’s stronger than throwing it, it’s just too bad to blame themselves for driving, it’s too bad to be careful, or it’s easy to sail at sea, and how to drive.

    “Master, are you okay?”

    He was just about to get in the car, hear someone call him, because his last name is not very common, and there’s usually no mistake.

    At first glance, he also recognized Zhang Zian, who, after all, fought twice, just remembered his name.

    “I’m Zhang Zian, the one who opened the pet store.” Zhang Zian laughed at pointing at the sign of the pet store.

    “Oh! Yeah! I remember!” Kosovie, look at me! Sorry to show you a joke. ”

    He knew Zhang Zian would have seen the scene just now, and there was some fever on his face.

    Zhang Zian, looking at the crack of the cars, dropping out the water, the color of the water, and the smell of a strong sea of bloody blood, is no wonder that the woman just turned on her clothes, which is not easy to wash.

    “Master, this water goes on a hard way out.” He says.

    Kosovie was sighing, “There’s no way this car was temporarily borrowed, there’s no proper car, but it’s only working.”

    Zhang Zian sniffs, “Master, what water is this? Smells like a sea water.”

    “It’s seawater.” Kosovon Nodded.

    He fought with Zhang Zian twice, during which he felt that Zhang Zian was well known and that he knew more than the ordinary people, especially some strange cold knowledge.

    “Come on, look.”

    He went to Zhang Zian, who first stepped on the tires of the engineer’s wheel and climbed to the edge of the car.

    Zhang Zian came here to climb with curiosity, so he learned how he was, stepping in a tire looking for a car fight.

    “It’s delicious.”

He was

    surprised by the bloody nose on the wagon, that there was a piece of green oil in the wagon and that it was full of algae.

    It is clear that algae wet, which has just been extracted from the sea, and that the leaf is particularly capable of harvesting water, and it is not surprising that it will be dried.

    The problem is, what’s the use of municipal engineering vehicles to pull algae? Is this something of economic value?

    Besides, where did this algae come from? Is there so many algae around the city?

    Zhang Zian had doubts about connectivity, but wondered whether it would be convenient to ask.

    Kosovie said it himself.

    As a result, the previous wind was generated from the remote South Sea, and then the sound went a long way north, not only with large quantities of gasoline, but also with large quantities of algae coming from the South Sea.

    After the typhoon landed in the shore, energy was slowly dispersed and entered the hybrid model, while the algae from the typhoon remained outside the coast of the shore.

    The days after the typhoon, which have been calm, the wind and the ocean flow, the large amounts of algae are stuck outside the sea and are gathered in the waters south of the city.

    The algae collides with each other as intense fibres, occupies a great part of the sea, far from looking like an unrealistic inkgreen carpet.

    The headache is that, once they enter the algae area, the spiral cord will soon be trapped and the ship will be trapped in it.

    Look, the rest of the time is over. The fishermen come to sea fishing, or what?

    The seaweed blocked the fishing port terminal, the vessel was unable to enter or leave, and the fishery administration was in a hurry to fire, and it had to do so by putting algae on it and then transporting a bunch of cars – a measure of the right to a water truck payroll, and the fisheries administration and fishermen were not foolish enough to think that it would be possible to remove all seaweed in such a way as to force fishing vessels into and out of the dock.

    But who knows when the season will blow? With the warming of the global climate, the temperature has become increasingly untouched.

    The typhoon has arrived, and it is not good to have no wind.


    fisheries administration in the Faroe Sea has been more bad luck and has just ended the typhoon rescue effort, and has not yet had a breath to rest, and everyone is tired of dying in the battle against algae.

    The same is true of Kosovon, who was just a little tired of driving, a little shaking the gods, and the dirty water flowing in the fight was spinning on the road and blaming himself. He took the opportunity to spit with Zhang Zian at this time to make himself a little awake.

    They are going to transport the algae from the harvest to a designated location far from the city, dry, then burned.

    Zhang Zian heard the original committee and sympathized with the fishery administrators, but he loved it, and he was neither the wind nor the dragon master, and what could he do with the algae?

    Large-scale algae builds together, and encounters appropriate conditions that can explode, with a magnitude beyond the ordinary imagination that, when Columbus was looking for a new continent, fleet was trapped by algae for a month.

    Of course, seaweed is far from as scary as it is, but it still poses great difficulties for the daily lives and production of the population.

    It was also noted by Zhang Zian that Kosovoi had just mentioned that algae was currently gathered in the waters south of the coast of the shore city, and it was no wonder that he had not seen the algae when he came out of the sea to broadcast Shihua’s songs in the past few days.

    Where did Zhao welder and Wu electrician go, like a beach on the south side of Beach City?

    In the words of Kosovie, Zhang Zian has no other doubts, and I’m sorry to continue to delay people’s time, to jump off the tire and suddenly to feel that there seems to be something moving in the algae.

    Sea algae is not an isolated organism, with large algae assembling, which can be saluted by large marine predators and fishing vessels, and in itself becomes a warm bed for many small marine organisms, such as those floating from the field, and often find marine organisms that do not exist locally.

    Fishing for algae by fishermen is inevitably accompanied by some small organisms attached to algae.

    Zhang Zian, look carefully, pull out the napkin and pink a small, semi-transfer bug.

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