Pirate Storm Master Chapter 638

But what if?

He can’t afford this responsibility as a little liaison!

Wait for this contact person to report this matter.

After Gorosei learned about it, he didn’t say anything at all, but just ordered.

“We know, you don’t have to worry about this!”

Gorosei didn’t care much about such trivial matters after they knew it.

After all, Gorosei knows Ling Yu’s strength very well, and he will not worry about what will happen to him at this time.

Maybe something really happened to Ling Yu, and the Gorosei might be happier instead.

Over time.

The world held by Reverie is getting closer.

The kings of the countries that are scattered around the world and the member countries of the World Government have basically arrived at Holy Land Mariejois.

But this time.

Around the world.

Especially in the borders of World Government participating countries, news that shocked the world came one after another.

After each king left his country.

In this world, among dozens of World Government countries, one after another uprising revolution suddenly broke out.

The Revolutionary Army that has been hidden in the shadow of the world for many years.

In this brief moment, a force that shocked the world broke out.

Under the hidden plans of the Revolutionary Army for many years, more than ten countries were directly occupied and occupied by the Revolutionary Army.

More than 20 countries have been dragged into a deadlock, and most of the country has fallen. The Revolutionary Army and the former king’s army confronted each other, and fierce fighting broke out, spreading across the entire kingdom.

Among the thirty-forty countries, uprisings and revolutions broke out more or less, causing a lot of riots and shocks.

At the same time, these countries have unified a huge revolutionary movement.

If there is no shadow of Revolutionary Army, no one will believe it!

It can be said that the Revolutionary Army detonated these countries during Reverie.

The time for the Revolutionary Army to officially step onto the world stage for the first time was really good.

First, the kings of these kingdoms are almost all in Holy Land Mariejois at this time. Reverie, who is going to participate in this time, is not in the country at all.

And these countries will inevitably be unresponsive when they lack the king, the most important core figure.

Various departments in the country will also hesitate when making important decisions, which may cause them to miss the most cost-effective fighter opportunities.

It gave the Revolutionary Army the most precious time to conquer the city.

After the leaders of these departments and the real decision-makers of the living country make a decision.

It has been hidden for a long time, and once it broke out, Revolutionary Army like Raging Inferno Blazing Praire has long gained a huge advantage.

It is no longer a revolutionary fire that can be easily extinguished by those people.

Second, when those kings participate in Reverie, they will inevitably bring some guards to protect their personal safety.

Although they have the protection of Marine Headquarters along the way, they will not completely believe in Marine Headquarters.

After all, Marine Headquarters is a military force organization under the World Government, not theirs.

And the guards chosen by the kings are often the most powerhouses or those sub-powerhouses in their own country.

After these people were taken away by the kings.

None of the top powerhouses in these World Government participating countries are in their own countries.

So for the Revolutionary Army that set off a revolution, they have less pressure on the powerhouse level. I don’t know how much.

This is also one of the reasons why they can quickly achieve such huge results.

Third, it is this time when the kings of the countries that originally joined the World Government gathered in Holy Land Marineford.

As the largest violent organization under the World Government, Marine Headquarters, which is the military force, has also concentrated most of its forces near Holy Land Mariejois.

Guard the safety of Holy Land Marineford.

As a result, Marine Headquarters will inevitably greatly weaken the military force protection of the World Government member countries.

Originally, after Reverie was over, all this would be restored to the original state, and that was nothing.

But the Revolutionary Army this time, suddenly so many World Government franchise countries are blooming, and the remaining military force in Marine Headquarters is simply not enough to solve these problems.

I don’t have the energy to support that many countries at the same time.

So suddenly the Revolutionary Army, which was already deliberate, expanded the results and created a grand situation that no one had expected.

All of a sudden, the power and number of the Revolutionary Army has expanded dozens of times.

Coupled with the outburst of the Revolutionary Army, with so many countries seeking support, even the World Government cannot easily win the Revolutionary Army.

The above three points can all show that the Revolutionary Army has a good grasp of this opportunity.

It is definitely a very serious problem for the World Government.

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