Pirate Storm Master Chapter 641

Pay more attention to Straw Hat brat Luffy?

Isn’t the biggest threat now the Revolutionary Army created by Monkey d Dorag?

Why does Lord Yimu pay more attention to Straw Hat brat Luffy?

Will Straw Hat brat Luffy pose a greater threat than Revolutionary Army in the future?

Gorosei has seen the threat made by Monkey d Dorag.

Then let Master Yi pay more attention to Straw Hat brat Luffy, and what heaven-shaking, earth-shattering major event will be produced?

Gorosei, who has already learned a lesson, did not dare to relax his vigilance this time!

As for what Gong Ya said earlier, this may be her illusion, none of the Gorosei will take it seriously.

Given Gong Ya’s character, she will never aimlessly.

In addition, she was just a granddaughter to remind her grandfather.

Then the authenticity of this news will undoubtedly have to go up a few more steps.

“Straw Hat brat Luffy”

When the news of the Revolutionary Army spread throughout the world.

Less than a short day.

The World Government began to fight back.

Three Marine Headquarters plus several Army Admiral escorting the Red Line mainland.

30,000 Marine Headquarters elites, plus hundreds of regular Marine soldiers dispatched from various branches, and hundreds of army soldiers.

Under the leadership of various Marine generals, they are scattered into huge fleets.

Fast drive to the member countries of the World Government occupied by the Revolutionary Army.

The kings who joined the country originally wanted to follow these Marine Battleships to return to China to suppress the domestic rebellion.

But the requests of these people were all rejected by the World Government.

The World Government still knows a little bit about what these kings are.

Although taking them back can increase your chances of winning, compared to taking them together, they may be affected by them, leading to an unpredictable situation.

The World Government finally refused without the slightest hesitation.

It has caused domestic rebellion. You can imagine how much prestige these kings will have in their country.

If you really take them back, it’s impossible to say how much it can do, maybe it’s counterproductive!

In this case.

The high-level battle strength of the Revolutionary Army also showed up.

East, South, West, North, oversee the Corps Head of the four major Sea Territory’s East, South, West, and North Legion.

“Eastern Army” commander Belo Betty.

Mori, commander of the “Western Army”.

“Southern Army” commander Lindbergh.

Karasu, commander of the “Northern Army”.

Together with the Monster King Ambrio Ivankov from Corps Head of the Grand Line, he appeared in various battlefields one by one.

And whenever the Revolutionary Army is almost out of support, there will always be experts in the Revolutionary Army camp again.

The original plan for Thunderbolt to sweep the hole, and to lay the foundation for victory with absolute advantage, Marine has been delayed again and again!

But even so.

The absolute advantage of World Government has gradually emerged.

Regardless of the level of strength of the troops, as well as the standard new weapons, it can be said that they are fighting against the Revolutionary Army.

The army of the World Government, and the mobs assembled together for the Revolutionary Army.

It is often possible to hit a ratio of one to five, one to ten or even more casualties

To a large extent, the reason why the Revolutionary Army is able to survive is because now is where the uprising took place.

The blood in their hearts is supporting them to work hard with the World Government!

Wait for this momentum to pass!

The Revolutionary Army will inevitably slowly fall into a disadvantage.

And the good situation the Revolutionary Army is playing now will disappear, and even quickly become a desperate situation!

But at this moment!

Monkey d Dorag, leader of the Revolutionary Army, joined forces with Sabo, Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army.

Attacked a fleet of troop carriers of the World Government together.

World Government’s large troop carrier fleet! Fully loaded, even one ship can carry thousands of Marine soldiers.

This fleet, plus three combat frigates, will not have a total number of 30,000 people.

The number of people in this fleet, even in the fleet sent by the World Government this time, is considered to be a large number!

But under the influence of Dorag’s wanton use of his Devil Fruit ability.

A huge rainstorm was directly set off on the sea.

In the squally wind.

Some of Marine’s Battleship canvases were blown by this hurricane.

There are more bad luck eggs that are brought to the reefs or coral rocks by the hurricane without paying attention!

These troop carriers were sunk by Dorag and fell into the ocean.

Marine Headquarters soldiers are basically proficient in water, even if they fall into the sea, they can hold on for a while.

But the army soldier, who was close to 20,000, was in bad luck.

They are basically land ducks, except for some people who can swim by themselves or who are rescued by Marine.

Other people sank into the sea along with the troop carriers.

Using the same method, Dorag destroyed another Marine troop carrier.

But when Ling Yu wanted to leave, he suddenly ran into Marine Headquarters Admiral “Kizaru” Borsalino!

Kizaru’s desperately blocked it.

Dorag did not leave here smoothly.

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