Pirate Storm Master Chapter 642

Before Kizaru entangled with Dorag, he had notified “Fujitora” Issho and the others.

At this time Fujitora Issho is also on her way.

When other people arrive, even with the strength of Dorag, they may not be able to negotiate.

After all, in a single round of strength, Dorag is actually not much different from Kizaru.

After Fujitora Issho arrives.

The two-on-one, they can even consider keeping Dorag behind!

Dorag, who is fighting Kizaru, seems to see Kizaru’s purpose.

But he, who was entangled by Kizaru, didn’t panic at all.

On the contrary, it was hidden on the corner of the mouth under the hood, showing a faint smile!

At the same time that the World Government sent a large number of military forces to vigorously encircle and suppress the Revolutionary Army.

Above Holy Land Mariejois!

The high-profile Reverie this time has not been postponed because of the Revolutionary Army!

Even if many of the kings of the franchise countries have trouble sleeping and eating because of the Revolutionary Army, they don’t even have any interest in participating in Reverie.

But this time Reverie was held as usual.

The Holy Land Mariejois imagined by ordinary people is different from the gloomy look now, and the current Holy Land Mariejois is still very lively!

After the World Government dispatched a large number of troops and powerhouses, even those kings whose kingdoms have fallen have looked much better.

Facing the powerful, it is rare to move the real World Government.

They don’t think that the Revolutionary Army, which is like mud legs, will be opponents of the World Government.

In their view, these Revolutionary Army will be wiped out by the World Government, and that will happen sooner or later.

When the time comes, I can return home safely, rectify the chaos in the country, and get back everything that belongs to me.

The only thing worthy of their worries is that their kingdom has gone through the scourge of the Revolutionary Army and the World Government has paid off.

How much family property can be left for them!

Everything they have accumulated for generations, shouldn’t be endangered by the Revolutionary Army!

Those secret libraries they hid, It shouldn’t be discovered by Revolutionary Army!

And after this Revolutionary Army’s uproar, how many people will be left in my own kingdom!

Not if the population is too small!

When the time comes, do you want to buy a batch of slaves to fill the population, but this is a lot of money!


I blame this Revolutionary Army!

There are so many countries in the world who don’t look for them, so why did they just look for Laozi’s country?

Is Lao Tzu really bad luck?

Even the kings of the countries that have fallen into the hands of the Revolutionary Army are so optimistic.

Not to mention other people who are a matter of no concern to oneself.

However, the Revolutionary Army is still one of the hottest topics in conversation among kings!

Some people are speculating how long the Revolutionary Army can survive under the siege of the World Government.

Some people are guessing how many experts the Revolutionary Army hides, and how many experts can block the pursuit.

Some people are thinking deeply about how the Revolutionary Army has developed its power in front of one’s eyes to the current scale!

This crisis hidden in the shadows is too terrifying.

In the eyes of some wise kings, the most terrifying thing about the Revolutionary Army is their brainwashing ability with no opportunity.

Can quickly gather the people of a country together in the name of “revolution” without a foundation, and transform from an ideological perspective into a revolutionary fighter who is not afraid of sacrifice.

This kind of ideological brainwashing is really too dangerous. No wonder the World Government listed the Revolutionary Army leader Dorage as the most wanted criminal.

This is really prescient!

Suddenly, there were quite a few kings. For the rulers of the World Government, the Gorosei, they developed a touch of admiration!

At this time, Ling Yu also brought Vivi and the others to Holy Land Mariejois!

After a simple identity verification, Ling Yu led everyone into the gate of Holy Land Mariejois.

“Master Ling Yu, Vivi Princess, come in!”

After entering Mariejois, a guy wearing a white dress naturally took over the guidance of Ling Yu’s entire group.

This guy in a white dress is called Florentino, and he is a handsome middle-aged uncle with a funny speech.

From the manner in which other Mariejois soldiers respect him, he seems to have a high status within Mariejois or the World Government!

I just don’t know why such a guy would act like a receptionist, receive and guide their entire group.

While leading the way, Florentino touched his moustache and opened the mouth and said with a little pity: “Master Ling Yu is a bit tight this time, just the day before Reverie held Arrived, but I missed a lot of fun shows!”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s nothing more than some performances. If you miss it, you miss it!”

Ling Yu doesn’t feel a pity for the fun show that Florentino said!

They came to Holy Land Mariejois to do business, not for fun.

In this world, there are more interesting programs.

Why have to watch the show in Mariejois, a somewhat depressing place!

If they are interested, they can go to the “Golden Emperor” Tezolo’s boat at any time to watch and have fun!

Playing in the entertainment city where entertainment is supreme, isn’t it much better than here, don’t you know how many times it is?

See Ling Yu not very interested.

Florentino naturally brought the topic to the other kings who came from afar!

“Do you not dare to be interested in entertainment for your two Highnesses? This is really admirable for my majesty. I think the two majesty must have spent their energy on national affairs. Then I will introduce them to your highnesses now. How about the other kings who have made friends with Alabasta Kingdom?”

After finishing talking, Florentino also looked at Ling Yu and Vivi with a sincere look, as if he admired them from the heart.

There is no one in this acting!

However, Florentino’s suggestion, Ling Yu feels acceptable.

Anyway, Reverie still has one day to convene. It is good to take advantage of this time to meet the kings of other countries.

After obtaining the consent of Ling Yu.

Florentino took Ling Yu’s entire group and walked towards Mariejois’ side at a moderate pace.

On the way, Ling Yu met several kings wearing crowns.

But none of these kings knew Ling Yu.

So Ling Yu didn’t go up to say hello either.

When Ling Yu saw these kings, everyone else also saw Ling Yu.

For Ling Yu, most of them know Ling Yu.

After all, Ling Yu’s identity is extraordinary.

He is not only one of the top experts in the world in terms of strength, but also one of the most noble bloodline in the world.

Coupled with his outstanding appearance, and the serial bombing in the newspapers in the past few years!

It is difficult for these kings to remember this face!

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