Pirate Storm Master Chapter 643

After Ling Yu walked into Holy Land Mariejois.

It can be said that it became the focus of the whole street in an instant!

“That person, it seems that the storm is dominating Ling Yu!”

“That’s right. It’s him, you see, it is Florentino, a senior official of World Government who leads the way. Except for the storm master of World Nobles, who has the face to make Florentino Lead the way yourself!”

“World Nobles! Celestial Dragon! This is really enviable treatment!”

“Province! Reincarnation is a technical job. Who made you the ancestor of Celestial Dragon!”

Ling Yu was a bit speechless about these people’s comments.

Do you want this?

I really can’t hear you!

After listening for a while, Ling Yu, who had not heard any useful news, turned off large-scale perception.

Otherwise, the perception is turned on every moment, and you have to identify useful and useless information, even Ling Yu’s brain can’t stand it!

But what Ling Yu didn’t know was.

On a street not far from him.

A beautiful woman with long golden-yellow hair is embarrassingly pressing her sun hat down!

He glanced at Ling Yu with a little bit of resentment.

“Why is he here!”

And a burly guard in scales on the side of this beauty seems to have noticed the beauty of this beauty.

After hesitating for a while, the burly guard opened the mouth and said: “Princess Lolita, you are”

The blonde beauty glanced at the burly guard next to her, and then spoke softly.

“It’s nothing, I just saw an old person. I didn’t expect him to be so dazzling now. I can hardly recognize the dazzling! Hey!”

In the eyes of the burly guard.

At this time, Princess Lolita’s eyes are full of resentment, as if, um, as if a deep-seated woman had seen her lover who had abandoned her!

Some grievances, self-sorrow, and some inferiority, loss

Anyway, the emotions are very complicated, and the burly guards who are not highly transformed are somewhat indescribable.

But relying on his intuition and experience alone, the burly guard can make up for the grievances between Princess Lolita and the storm lord who just walked past.

That is a love story with tens of thousands of words!

But the final outcome shows that it is a sad story.

“Let’s go! Let’s go back! I’m tired!”

After Ling Yu and the others passed, Princess Lolita turned and walked back.

It seems to lose interest all of a sudden!

Of course, all of this was pretended by her.

After all, she came to Marineford, but she has a very important task.

In order not to cause unnecessary trouble, she felt that she had better not meet Ling Yu first.


Ling Yu absolutely cannot see what I am like now.

Otherwise, I will not be able to look up in front of him in the future.

Princess Lolita!

This is really a joke!

And following the burly guard beside Princess Lolita, she thinks she understands everything.

After Princess Lolita turned around, she naturally followed along and continued to act as a guard.

But his inner drama at this time is very full.

The burly guard glanced with emotion at the tall Princess Lolita.

Didn’t expect Princess Lolita, actually has something to do with the legendary storm master, but I don’t know if the king Your Majesty knows about this?

Thinking of the elderly King Your Majesty to whom he is loyal, he may wear a green hat on his head.

There was a touch of sympathy for the king in the burly guard!

Then Princess Lolita saw that the storm is dominating the matter, should we report to the King Your Majesty?

This Princess Lolita is now the heart of King Your Majesty. This time, King Reverie Your Majesty is bringing Princess Lolita.

It can be seen that he loves Princess Lolita!

If Princess Lolita learns about this incident by making a small report, he may not be able to withstand Princess Lolita’s revenge in the future!

He is very aware of the strong pillow wind.

In the entanglement of the burly guards, he and Princess Lolita disappeared on the corner of the street!

After Princess Lolita disappeared, Ling Yu moved towards the corner of the street where he disappeared and took a look.

Was there who was looking at me just now?

But when I think of this street now, I am almost completely behind the person looking at me.

Ling Yu was relieved.

Ling Yu, who turned his head nonchalantly, calmly combined himself with Kenbunshoku Haki and Wind Element perception, and the domain of wind with stronger perception ability moved towards that direction spread over!

Not for a while.

Ling Yu vaguely sensed the pedestrians who were already to-and-fro on another street out of Ling Yu’s sight.

At this time, on the streets of Holy Land Mariejois, the people who go shopping are usually kings, princes, or princesses and princesses of various countries.

They have more or less guards around them.

At this time, many local residents of Holy Land Mariejois did not go out shopping.

Think about it too.

In this special time, I might meet the king of any country when I went out.

If one is not good, what kind of conflict occurs, don’t they just face the disaster?

So every time Reverie is held, the local residents of Holy Land Mariejois generally can not go out without going out.

And now these are still on the street, among all kinds of people.

Princess Lolita is one of them!

When Ling Yu’s wind field swept over her, she seemed to have noticed something.

Unconsciously accelerate the speed of rushing back.

Ling Yu didn’t feel anything if she didn’t accelerate, but Ling Yu felt abnormal when she accelerated!

Is this the investigator who discovered him?

Otherwise, how could she suddenly accelerate!

Then, Ling Yu, who felt wrong, immediately cast more perceptions on her!

In fact, Princess Lolita felt wrong when she suddenly accelerated.

She almost scolded herself in her heart!

Isn’t this speed up?

But now she can’t get back to her original speed anymore, otherwise it will be even more strange.

Based on the fuzzy picture sent back from his own perception, Ling Yu felt that he did not know this accelerating person.

But this figure from the back seems a bit familiar!

Who will this be?

It is rare that I have seen people before but who I have forgotten about.

But it’s not right!

Ling Yu is pretty sure that he has never seen this person!

How can you feel that this person is so familiar?

And a person who makes him familiar with his back is definitely someone who has left a deep impression on him. Why can’t I recognize him?

It shouldn’t be I know this woman!

Hey, woman!

This kind of woman from the back has no impression of herself!

But if this figure is replaced by the figure of a man, there will be a figure of a person in my mind, and it is almost like this!


I shouldn’t meet a big guy anymore!

Real women’s clothing boss?

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