Pirate Storm Master Chapter 644

In Ling Yu’s impression.

The back owner of that attribute is the second in command of the Revolutionary Army, the Chief of Staff Sabo!

As for why this familiar figure appeared on a woman, Ling Yu didn’t know!

Although I don’t know, I can’t stand the raging gossip of Ling Yu to guess!

As far as Ling Yu knows, Sabo has no younger sister or elder sister!

In addition to the Revolutionary Army, there is another Monster King who can change hormones.

Then the identity of the woman who appeared in front of Ling Yu is likely to be as Ling Yu guessed.

Okama King Ivankov temporarily changed his gender. For some reason, he sneaked into the Sabo of Holy Land Mariejois!

If this woman who looks like a decent beauty is really the female gangster Sabo!

Then this is very interesting!

But Ling Yu is not sure now, after all, everything now is Ling Yu’s own wild guesses!

But this woman must have a problem.

She should have noticed that she is investigating her, otherwise, she doesn’t need to speed up!

It seems to be because of a hurry!

The burly guard next to Princess Lolita looked at Princess Lolita, who was wearing high heels and almost trotting.

Can’t help but open the mouth and said: “Princess Lolita, please slow down, be careful that you get awkward!”


The moment the burly guard spoke, Princess Lolita screamed in her heart!

This is pig teammate!

It really cheated her to death.

This is all right. If the other party wants to find him, they don’t need to find someone in the crowd, just follow her name!

Encountering this kind of person, I was really bad luck!

On the other side, when Ling Yu heard the name “Princess Lolita”.

I can’t help but show a smile!

Princess Lolita?

I remembered it!

I really want to take a camera and take a photo now!

If you are really Sabo, then the value of this photo will definitely increase thousands of times!

But looking in front of me, the crowd has almost surrounded me.

Ling Yu could only give up the tempting idea he had just now!

And if that person is really a member of the Revolutionary Army, even if it is not Sabo, he must have come with some purpose, based on his current level of attention.

It is better not to contact them rashly.

Otherwise, it is easy, and it will attract the attention of many people to them all at once!

Cause unnecessary trouble!

What a pity!

Next, Florentino took Ling Yu and the others to a cluster of palaces.

Many kings have gathered in this cluster of palaces!

Obviously this is a place for the kings who came to Mariejois to entertain!

Here, Ling Yu met the kings of several countries adjacent to Alabasta Kingdom, and he had a good relationship with them.

There are also hostile countries in Alabasta Kingdom.

Of course, do not interfere with each other, and there are more kingdoms that do not catch cold between each other!

Here, Ling Yu also met the king of the drum kingdom that Vivi had previously bullied him, Wapol wave!

This Wapol wave who took Munch-Munch Fruit deliberately hit Vivi, who was a child, in the last Reverie.

Beat Vivi and cry!

Although Vivi told Ling Yu when they came, when they came down from Skypiea, Nojiko and the others took her to Drum Island to take revenge and beat Wapol.

But Nojiko and the others are them.

My younger sister was bullied, so Ling Yu can ignore it!

So after Ling Yu saw the Wapol wave, he pressed the almost condensed baleful aura towards the Wapol wave and several guards around him!

Squeeze the Wapol wave and the others directly on the ground!

Even the ground began to crack, full of spider web-like cracks!

The terrifying baleful aura, although under the control of Ling Yu, did not leak it to others.

But other people, as soon as they see the Wapol wave and the others.

I immediately left the Wapol wave vigilantly and ran far away.

Even the kings who had had a good chat with Wapol wave before, also ran away, for fear that they would also be implicated in it!

The Wapol wave at this time was crushed to the ground by the terrifying baleful aura, and it was impossible to even ask for mercy!

I can only look at Ling Yu with terrified eyes!

It’s like a little poor who has been bullied!

But who would have thought that such a guy is the kingdom of drums, and that authoritarian and brutal tyrant Wapol Bo!

“Big brother!”

Vivi next to Ling Yu, after seeing the pitiful appearance of Wapol Bo, he couldn’t help but yelled his big brother!

Vivi is not happy about Ling Yu helping her out!

But Wapol Bo is a king after all, so that he will be discredited by the public, and they will be evil to Alabasta Kingdom!

And this is not good for Alabasta Kingdom.

Although this is exasperating, it also worries Vivi.

So she pulled her big brother’s arm to signal that it’s all right!

Ling Yu touched the understanding Vivi’s head, smiled and said, “Vivi, this guy is the one who bullied you!”

“Well, big brother, but yes”

Ling Yu not at all what Vivi is, but turned to the side Florentino and said: “Florentino, Wapol Bo once offended my younger sister, which means he offended Celestial Dragon , What do you think I should do?”

Florentino is a smart man, otherwise, he would not be a senior official in the World Government at this age!

When Ling Yu and Wapol clashed.

Florentino didn’t mean to intervene at all, but stood aside with a smile, as if he hadn’t seen it.

It was not until Ling Yu spoke that Florentino stood up and opened the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, King Wapol has offended World Nobles and violated the most serious law in the world. Your Highness Ling Yu can call Marine Headquarter sanctions!”

After hearing what Florentino said, Ling Yu narrowed his eyes, “So, I can kill him!”

Florentino gracefully bowed and said, “Of course, this is your power, but that will damage your image. I suggest you hand them over to the judge on Judicial Island. Let the judge go to trial!”



This means that if I really kill Wapol Bo, it is fine, but I still don’t want me to kill Wapol Bo on the spot!

But this is not surprising, after all, Wapol Bo is also a king of a World Government member country.

If I were killed so easily, other kings would inevitably if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves!

The impact is too bad.

However, the World Government is actually willing to bear the consequences. It seems that the identity of this Celestial Dragon is really recognized by the World Government, not just given a name!

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