Pirate Storm Master Chapter 645

After testing out some of the bottom lines of the World Government.

Ling Yu waved his big hand and directly lifted the Wapol wave away.

Regarding Wapol wave, Ling Yu didn’t really want to kill him, he just wanted to teach him a lesson, just for Vivi!

But the capital crime is exempt, but Ling Yu didn’t plan to let him go so simply!

I saw a dozen thick and deep azure “wind sticks” around the Wapol wave that was lifted off.

Then, these deep azure “wind sticks” started a round of cordial “greetings” to the Wapol wave still in the air!

Under the beating of the “wind stick”, even the Wapol wave whose whole body has been transformed mostly makes a very miserable cry!

That voice makes many people who hear it feel concerned!

This is too miserable!

The dignified king of a country, because he had offended a little girl before, is now turned over by his big brother.

It’s really embarrassing to be like this!

I don’t know how face he will face his people when the time comes back to his country!

After a gasp.

Ling Yu threw the Wapol wave of bloody nose and swollen face onto the street!

Don’t care about him anymore!

Anyway, Vivi’s anger has been enough.

If you continue to fight, Vivi is starting to worry, so it’s no longer a vent to Vivi!

After Ling Yu stopped, a group of people in white coats quickly appeared around Wapol wave.

These people carried the stretcher, and the babbled people were seriously overweight, and they all carried the Wapol wave, which was bent on the stretcher, to the hospital of Holy Land Mariejois.

Of course these people were arranged by the World Government.

After all, Wapol Bo is Lord of a Country, so you can’t let him just lie on the street like this.


After a lesson of the Wapol wave.

Ling Yu’s surroundings are a bit like a stranger not entering.

Even the people who had spoken to him a few words before seemed to be alienated.

Although Ling Yu will not teach them like Wapol wave for no reason, but this incident still left them with some distance from Ling Yu.

Because they finally thought of Ling Yu’s other identity, World Nobles Celestial Dragon!

Although Ling Yu is not as arrogant and domineering as the general Celestial Dragon, it seems that he is definitely not a good person to get along with.

Coupled with the difference in identity, some gaps are inevitable!

Most kings don’t want to be with someone who can teach themselves at any time!

There is nothing absolute!

Most kings want to keep away from Ling Yu.

But there are some kings, nobles, at this time, they want to crazily narrow the distance between Ling Yu and Vivi.

For example, Goa Kingdom’s new king Stelli!

At this time, he was cautiously approaching Ling Yu, and then surrounded Ling Yu and Vivi, and started to flatter them crazily!

For Ling Yuside and others, such as Nojiko and Kate, they have become to disdain as beneath contempt again.

The whole person looks a bit contradictory and stupid!

Adding to his performance, Ling Yu frowned.

Can’t this disgusting guy roll farther?

In the end, Ling Yu, who was impatient, directly used a wind wall to push Staley away.

Stay away from this guy who seems to make people angry.

However, Staley doesn’t seem to be angry at all about being pushed away and disgusting this thing!

It seems that he is treated differently by Ling Yu as an honor!

Instead, the gaze looking towards Ling Yu became even more fiery!

What a weird guy!


After the incident of the Wapol wave.

Except for those guys with ulterior motives who plan to get closer with Ling Yu and Vivi, the two Celestial Dragons.

The other kings are faintly separated from them!

This also made Ling Yu lose the desire to continue talking with them.

Simply, Ling Yu left here and asked Florentino to take them to a temporary rest place, Xiao Mian for a while!

Florentino brought Ling Yu and the others to a location close to the core area of ​​Holy Land Mariejois!

The buildings here are more refined and more atmospheric than other areas.

And the flow of people around here has also decreased significantly.

Obviously it is not something that ordinary people can live in. Even the kings of the franchising countries are placed farther away instead of this comfortable place!

Obviously people are different.

Ling Yu’s treatment is not comparable to other kings!

When resting.

Florentino brings exquisite afternoon tea!

Let Ling Yu and the others enjoy!


While Ling Yu was enjoying afternoon tea.

Princess Lolita, who returned to her residence, sat with the old king of Alpha Kingdom.

After Princess Lolita sat down, the old king backed away.

Be alone with the young and beautiful Princess Lolita!

The burly guard behind Princess Lolita seemed to let go, and quickly retreated!

After everyone went out, Princess Lolita and the old king whispered.

But the whispers they say will definitely startled if they are known by others.

The old king asked first: “Sabo, how is your investigation going? Have you heard about Big Bear?”

Princess Lolita, that is, Sabo, the lady’s lady who really disguised herself as Princess Lolita.

A little awkwardly opened the mouth and said: “No, I just met Ling Yu this time when I went out. He seemed to notice me a little, so I came back first.”

After hearing what Sabo said, the old kings of the Alpha Kingdom were somewhat jokingly said!

“Oh, did the storm master Ling Yu come here too? Didn’t expect he noticed you so soon! It seems that Sabo, your charm is really not small! You become a girl and you are so uncomfortable! Welcome, even your friend was attracted by you as soon as we met!”

Sabo, who was teased by the old king for a while, flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared: “Koala, you are enough. If it weren’t for the height of the king of the Alpha Neng Kingdom, I can’t pretend that I How could it be this woman!”

“Slightly! Is this to blame me!”

Facing Sabo fly into a rage out of humiliation, the old king of Alpha Kingdom.

Oh no.

Koala, who has replaced the old king a long time ago, laughed very happy!

It’s just that she is now holding the face of an old king with wrinkled skin, and the people watching it are a little weird that’s all!

After all, a bad old fogey, no matter how happy it is to laugh, it is impossible to compare with a beautiful young and beautiful smile!

After laughing.

Koala also quickly withdrew his smile, lest this fellow Sabo is overly embarrassed!

“By the way, how did that Ling Yu suddenly notice you? Maybe you exposed it!”

Sabo rubbed his temples with a headache, and said a little depressed: “That guy may really see it. I don’t know how that guy’s perception is so sharp, he noticed me all at once! “

“Ah! He really sees it!” Koala cried out in surprise.

She was just cracking a joke before, she really didn’t expect that Ling Yu could actually recognize Sabo like this!

You must know what Sabo looks like now, but he is an authentic beauty!

Ordinary people would never think that such a beautiful woman would be the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army dressed up as a woman!

Think of it here.

Koala is a little worried and said: “Does he really recognize you? If he does recognize you, will it affect our plan to rescue the big bear?”

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