Pirate Storm Master Chapter 714

If the storm union continues to expand, sooner or later it will confront the two remaining Yonko Pirates.

And because of the affairs of the country of Hezhi, Ling Yu has been evil, and the Whitebeard Pirates, whose territory is larger than the Red Hair Pirates group, is undoubtedly easier to become the target of the storm union than the Red Hair Pirates group.

And Whitebeard Pirates, can you still compete with the storm union?

Hehe, impossible!

Whitebeard may have seen this through.

Will take the initiative to disband Whitebeard Pirates, and use the site he laid as a bargaining chip, and rebuild with the storm union.

This way at least one can leave a favor!

On the dissolution of Whitebeard Pirates alone, I will bear the crew and children’s dissatisfaction, and strive for the determination and courage of a glimmer of survival for them.

Beckman had to admire Whitebeard Edward Newgate!

It’s easy to say, but who can do what Whitebeard does?

At least, their Red Hair Pirates group can’t do it.

At this moment, Beckman also knows what Shanks is worried about.


Yonko Pirates, who once dominated the New World and overwhelmed the Marine Headquarters in New World, is now out of the box.

Only one of the Red Hair Pirates group is left, and there is still there.

They have now become the only obstacle for the storm union to completely dominate the New World!

The predictable way.

Even if their Red Hair Pirates regiment ignores World Government’s orders, it does not trouble the Storms Union.

In the near future, Ling Yu or the Storm Trade Union may turn to them for some reasons.

This thing is almost inevitable.

In the end, Beckman frowned and said, “Look again when the time comes! If it doesn’t work, we will quit New World. Well, this World is so big, and it’s not just New World that allows us to relax.”

“Hey!” Shanks sighed, “For the time being, this can only be done!”

Thinking of me dignified Yonko Akagami Shanks, I will be forced to such a degree one day. This is really shameless!


At the same time.

In the first half of the Grand Line, Ling Yu saw Buretto who looked like a devil muscle man in a sparsely populated island.

There is also the “world destroyer” Byrnndi · Wapol with him.

At this time, the two of them had just robbed an unknown Pirate Ship with the Pirate flag.

At this time, it is being repaired on the shore near the sea. In front of him, there was a fire that was roasting huge wild boar!

Pirate, who was forcibly conquered by them, is helping them prepare other food.

Ling Yu ignored Byrnndi Wapol, the “world destroyer” beside Buretto.

Walked straight towards Buretto.

Originally Byrnndi Wapol did not care about Ling Yu, who suddenly appeared, but Ling Yu ignored him.

When directly moved towards Buretto.

Byrnndi · Wapol De’s heart burst into an unknown rage.

“What do you mean, I am such a big person here, can’t you see it?”

Although he knew that Ling Yu dared to move towards them, he must have a certain degree of confidence and strength, but these are not reasons to ignore his “world destroyer” Byrnndi · Wapol.

After being imprisoned for more than ten years at Impel Down, after finally coming out, there is a lot of Byrnndi · Wapol Germany who wants to vent his anger.

Draw out the pistol directly and fire a shot at Ling Yu.

He increased the size and speed of this bullet 100 times.

In the blink of an eye, a bullet the size of a cannonball hit Ling Yu.

Then he passed through his body.

“Not good, this is afterimage!”

When I realized the bad Byrnndi · Wapol, I didn’t react.

His head has been taken over by Ling Yu.

After the lonely head turned several times in the sky, Byrnndi Wapol’s consciousness plunged into the final darkness.

After taking the Seven Stars Sword back into the scabbard.

Ling Yu glanced at Byrnndi Wapolde, and finally commented.

“The fruit is good, but the strength is too bad!”

Then he took another step towards Buretto.

As for the group of Pirate next to Buretto.

Ling Yu was stunned when he first appeared.

They are not Byrnndi Wapol, those of Old Antique who have been stunned by Impel Down and don’t like to read newspapers. They don’t know anything.

How can they, who are hanging around on the Grand Line, know nothing about Ling Yu, the most extremely powerful and arrogant on this sea today.

There are newspapers about Ling Yu, and they don’t know how many times they have read it.

At first, they thought they had mistaken the person, but when Ling Yu killed Byrnndi · Wapol, the “world destroyer” who used to be Daimyo.

They realized that they had met Allah this time.

Realizing this, after thinking of Ling Yu’s rumors, they immediately paralyzed on the ground in terror. Some were a little bit unbearable, and they even got their pants wet by some yellow-brown liquid!

Buretto was seeing Byrnndi Wapol, who was beheaded by Ling Yu with a single sword, and the group of people who scared Pirate.

Slowly stepped out of the big blue stone where he was sitting.

Although Byrnndi Wapol’s strength is not as good as him, he is also a famous person in the sea.

If you can kill him with a single sword, I am afraid that even Marine Headquarter can’t do it.

So who is this young guy in front of me?

“Dagras Buretto!”

After walking to a place not far in front of Buretto, Ling Yu slowly stopped and asked.

Buretto frowned slightly after his name was broken.

“This guy is here for himself!”

Realizing these, Buretto slowly opened the mouth and said: “Who are you?”

“My name is Na Nefertari · Ling Yu, I wonder if you have ever heard of this name!”

Na Nefertari · Ling Yu?

The storm dominates-Ling Yu!

The master of the storm union!

Killed a Marine Headquarter and killed two terrifying guys from Yonko Pirates!

Soon after listening to Buretto, he matched this name with a name in his mind.

Although Buretto, like Byrnndi Wapolde, has just run out of Impel Down not long ago, he has ingested a lot of things from newspapers in recent days.

Ling Yu, who has just overwhelmed bigoPirates and caused the boiling world, is still heard.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that he would meet such a guy so soon.

But at the same time, after seeing the highest powerhouse of this era.

Daglas Buretto couldn’t help but get excited!

He is already impatient and wants to fight Ling Yu!

Look at yourself and the powerhouse of the cream of the crop of this era, who is strong and who is weak.

Test the results of my 20 years of continuous exercise.

Ling Yu looked at Buretto as the battle was boiling, and seemed to understand his thoughts.

“Do you want to challenge me? Then as a price, if you lose, please submit to me!”

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