Pirate Storm Master Chapter 716

Because if they were allowed to come by themselves, the time wasted on the road alone, I am afraid it will be more than half a month.

In order to save time, I have to do it.

Ling Yu had to temporarily act as a tool man.

Through the transmission ability of the door fruit, the door is constantly opened in all parts of the world.

All the high-levels of Alabasta are sent to Skypiea -Upper Yard one by one!


Repeatedly, after opening the door-pulling the person-closing the door, opening the door again-pulling the person-closing the door again.

Ling Yu finally brought all the senior members of the Storm Trade Union to Skypiea-Upper Yard.

This time, even Vivi and Cobra were also pulled over by Ling Yu.

Because Ling Yu’s decision this time is not only about the storm union, but also about Alabasta Kingdom.

When everyone arrives.

There are almost dozens of people on the scene.

Some are responsible for the battle strength of the Storm Union, some are senior officials responsible for the management of the Storm Union, and some are special personnel who are irreplaceable like Annie and Shirley.

Don’t look at the scene, there are only dozens of people, but you can stand out from the huge aggregate of more than several millions (people directly under the storm union) to participate in this high-level meeting.

All are the elites of the storm union elite.

This time the meeting can be regarded as the most comprehensive gathering of senior staff since the establishment of the Storm Trade Union.

For this meeting place, Ling Yu specially selected God’s Shrine above the upper Yard cloud layer as the meeting place.

Above the sky.

Self-heating will give people a feeling of being relaxed and joyful all the time.

This also gave most of the senior leaders of the Storm Trade Union who have never been here a different experience.

Ling Yu looked at Nojiko, Kate, Annie, Brook, Waipa, Enel below, and Buretto and the others who had just joined the storm guild.

Except for a smile, there was a smile on his face.

This is the country that I smashed, cough cough cough…


Ling Yu tapped on the desktop and waited for everyone to calm down before opening the mouth and said.

“In this meeting, there are a lot of new faces, some people know, some people don’t know, I won’t introduce more here, you can get to know each other when you have time.”

“The purpose of bringing everyone together this time may have been guessed in everyone’s mind!”

Except for the Buretto who just joined, there are each one, basically nodded.

The Storm Trade Union has now occupied half of the New World. What will happen next? Not only them, but even the bottom sellers of the Storm Trade Union have had a lot of discussions.

“I won’t sell it anymore. I can tell you for sure now that the storm union will not stop its expansion in the future. On the contrary, we will completely occupy the New World in the shortest time.”

“Most of the World Government’s attention and main forces have been attracted by the Revolutionary Army. This period of time is the best time for our storm union to expand and rise.”

“After the World Government solves the stubborn problem of the Revolutionary Army, the next gunpoint will be transferred to us.”

“After all, the World Government will never leave a power that grows enough to threaten them.”

After listening to Ling Yu’s last sentence, the guy who was a little excited was startled by the word World Government, but quickly calmed down.

Even the expression on his face has become a little gloomy.

At this time, someone asked with a hint of luck: “My lord, will the World Government take action against us? Even if the adult is Celestial Dragon?”

This naive question was raised by the first batch of young management talents who came out of the training course. This person is capable of literary and military skills. Not only does he have outstanding management skills, he is also a third-tier talent.

Otherwise, I won’t be here today.

But the questions he asked were a bit naive.

No, it can not be said that he is naive, mainly because of his insufficient knowledge reserves at certain levels and insufficient awareness of World Government.

This may be some shortcomings of the crash course, but when you have enough experience in the future, these will naturally make up for it.

So Ling Yu patiently replied: “Impossible, it really threatens the moment of World Government, let alone a Celestial Dragon family, even if there are ten Celestial Dragon families, they will be solved without the slightest hesitation. .”

“even more how, the identity of the Celestial Dragon of the Nefertari family is more of a comfort, but now the World Government feels that we are no longer in peace, so the identity of the Celestial Dragon will naturally disappear A little effect!”

The person who asked the question just now is not an idiot. When Ling Yu wakes up, he understands the point of the matter.

It does not lie in whose storm union is the storm union, but the strength of the storm union has faintly threatened the World Government’s position in ruling this World for hundreds of years.

This is something that the World Government cannot tolerate.

It does not allow any forces to be comparable to or close to itself.

After understanding this, the newly promoted senior executive of the Storm Trade Union sat back.

“In this case, I understand!”

Ling Yu scanned for a week and saw that other people had no doubt about it.

“Since everyone has no questions about this, then everyone will discuss how to occupy the larger territory of New World in the shortest time.”

Ling Yu paused, and then continued: “Best, completely occupy the entire New World, advance and attack, retreat and defend, so that we can truly have the capital to counter the World Government.”

Robin also said: “Now, after the annexation of bigoPirates and Whitebeard Pirates, our storm union has occupied one of the 20% of New World’s territory.”

“And one of the remaining 20% ​​of the territory, the Red Hair Pirates group occupying the largest territory, followed by Marine Headquarters and World Government, and finally the various strengths scattered into a group.”

“It stands to reason that we should eliminate the Red Hair Pirates group and other forces before finally attacking Marine Headquarters and World Government.”

“But I suggest that the Marine Headquarters and World Government should be expelled from the New World first.”

Nojiko was a little puzzled and asked: “Why is it expelled from the World Government in the first place? If we attack them first, didn’t we directly declare war with the World Government?”

Robin shook the head, confidently said: “Nojiko, there is no difference, even if we don’t move anything, the World Government will not let us go.”

“And if we act first and cut off the tentacles of World Government in New World, it won’t be that simple if World Government wants to come in in the future.”

“More importantly…”

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