Pirate Storm Master Chapter 717

“The more important thing is that after expelling the World Government, we don’t have to worry about getting enemies back and abdomen.”

“After destroying the Marine Headquarters in the New World bases, in a short period of time, the World Government has no time to mobilize forces again and conquer New World. After all, their current focus is still on the Revolutionary Army.”

“And in this way, we can truly expand in New World with confidence.”

“Otherwise, when we solve the Red Hair Pirates regiment, the World Government is a spike on our back, which is dangerous and deadly. After all, according to the information we have, there is definitely a certain relationship between the Red Hair Pirates regiment and the World Government. This kind of ulterior relationship.”

“I can tell you that the previous Revolutionary Army leader Dorag was arrested, and it was Akagami Shanks who personally handed him over to the World Government.”

After saying a lot of things in one breath, Robin couldn’t help holding up his teacup and taking a sip of black tea.

And at this time, in the Conference Hall, it is directly fried like a vegetable market.


“How is this possible!!!”

“There is such a relationship between the World Government and the Red Hair Pirates group. Are they undercover agents sent by the World Government?”

“There is a possibility, otherwise the explanation will not make sense, why Akagami Shanks will help the World Government capture the Revolutionary Army leader Dorag.”

“Hehe, the Red Hair Pirates group, this is one of the Yonko Pirates in the past! The World Government is hidden deep enough.”

“If this is the case, then it is indeed necessary to clear the World Government, which has the strongest heritage, first.”

“Well, I agree”


Although most of the people present are senior leaders of the Storms Union, even they do not know that there is such a hidden relationship between the World Government and the Red Hair Pirates group.

At this time, they were caught off guard and heard the big news.

It’s really a long experience.

After listening to Robin’s dissolution, Nojiko suddenly became Satori and understood the reason Robin suggested before.

“It turned out to be like this!”

Robin took a few sips of tea and moistened his throat.

When I found that everyone was discussing spiritedly, I didn’t worry about continuing to speak, but waited for everyone to calm down a bit before continuing:

“Moreover, we have some hidden benefits of expelling the World Government.”

“That is to show all the forces in New World that we are determined to unify New World. In this way, some small forces will naturally surrender to us after they cannot bear the pressure. Maybe it will save us. Less effort!”

Ling Yu is somewhat nodded with approval.

Robin’s suggestion is indeed very good. It not only provides a new idea for myself, but also very feasible.

Much more thorough than the plan I had considered before.

Although with my own strength, even if I re-follow the bigoPirates solution to solve the Red Hair Pirates group, it will not take me much time.

With Transmission Gate, he is almost the most mobile man in this World.

If it is unexpected, even Yim can hardly stop himself.

But, so you can’t let Ling Yu do everything alone!

In that case, what is the use of this storm union?

Now, following Robin’s plan to give it a try, it seems pretty good.

Next, after careful consideration, other people also put forward their own suggestions.

Some people have put forward their own plans, although they have all been rejected, but there are still some places to learn from.

Some people have added several suggestions to Nico ·Robin’s plan to make Robin’s plan more complete.

There are also muscular men who are silently nodded and do not express any opinions.


In short, after three hours of discussion.

The next expansion plan related to the true rise of the Storm Trade Union was laid down by them with a detailed plan.

On the backbone of Robin’s plan, a detailed policy has been formulated for each of the possible situations and countermeasures.

The redeployment of troops, the implementation of the beheading plan, the dispatched powerhouse, etc., have all been proposed and improved.

At the end, Ling Yu stopped talking, quietly watching the next high-level managers after the storm, which was perfecting the plan.


After this meeting was over, every measure and plan were immediately implemented one after another.

The Storm Trade Union is a war weapon developed by the militant soldiers in just a few years.

In this brief moment finally fully awake and functioning.

In this storm, the union targeted the World Government and cut off the World Government and Marine Headquarters’ actions in the new century.

Ling Yu does not intend to participate. Even Ling Yu does not intend to use Transmission Gate’s ability, and gives Robin the full authority to handle it by themselves.

This can be considered Ling Yu’s inspection of the storm union!

In the past, I have always been at the forefront, helping the storm union to take the lead.

Although this has reduced a lot of losses to the Storm Union, it has made the Storm Union soldiers lack the ability to resist large-scale battles or frontal resistance.

In addition, there are many new recruits in the storm union.

Don’t look at the strength of the Storm Warriors, all of them are not weak, but there is still a certain gap between them and Marine soldiers of the same strength.

Just taking advantage of this opportunity, let them fight Marine Headquarters and World Government to gain experience.

Now the World Government has transferred most of its troops away, and there are not many troops left at Marine Headquarters and various bases.

Even powerhouses are few and far between.

The Storm Trade Union now has so many powerful main players, it is more than enough to defeat them.


It was almost a week after Luo Mi was released.

Since the establishment of the Storm Trade Union, the first stage large-scale battle has officially started!

(The previous battles that encircled and suppressed the remnants of Beasts Pirates and bigoPirates do not count.)

This time, the rioters mobilized 200,000 troops and directly encircled the Marine Headquarters in seven Marine branches in the new century and dozens of Marine bases.

In New World, dozens of locations of the World Government c department that have been controlled by the Ministry of Intelligence were also immediately wiped out by a team of elite fighters headed by Black and Kate.

Cut off most of World Government’s intelligence sources in New World.


Among Marine Headquarters.

Precognition stood at the window with an ugly face, looking at the battleships that surrounded Marine Headquarters.

“Asshole, what are they going to do with the storm union! Are they declaring war with Marine Headquarters and World Government?”

In front of another window, He solemnly said: “They have already done this, Kuzan, I don’t know if the people sent by the World Government to support them will be here in a hurry! If they are not in a hurry… ···”

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