Pirate Storm Master Chapter 718

When the storm union first mobilized its forces on a large scale, no one in Marine Headquarters paid much attention.

Because the Storm Trade Union has just taken over two huge sites during this period, the mobilization of troops is inherently very ordinary, this matter cannot be normal.

When the Storm Union sailed one battleship to the Marine Headquarters, there were also Marine branches and Marine bases, they realized something was wrong.

Although, afterwards, they quickly transferred back to the Marine battleship that was attached to the parade, guarded at various branches and bases, and immediately asked the World Government for help.

But the World Government originally transferred the main force to pay the Revolutionary Army.

In such a short period of time, it is a question of whether someone can come in a hurry.

Moreover, even more importantly, even if the World Government sends people over, can it really stop the already prepared storm union?

After all, the strength that the Storm Trade Union has exposed today is not so strong.

For a long time, precognition Kuzan sighed: “Crane Senior, the order is passed down, so that everyone can start preparing for the retreat. Once the situation is unstoppable, then give up Marine Headquarters and quit the New World! When the time comes, I will personally cut off and block the pursuit. !”

Crane is not surprised by the precognition decision. If there is no good solution at this time, then retreat is also a choice.

At least this way, Marine’s vitality can be preserved.

At this moment, precognition seemed to have thought of something, and said to Crane: “By the way, Crane Senior, please go to Garp Sensei, if Garp Sensei is willing to take action this time, then our pressure It will be much smaller.”

“Garp?” Crane nodded, “I will go to him, but Garp has been emotionally unstable recently. You know the reason, and I’m not sure if he is willing to make a move this time!”


“He will!” This sentence of precognition Kuzan is pretty sure.

He knows that although his Sensei is not usually tuned, it is also a well-deserved Hero of the Marines.

Although the World Government is dealing with his son and letting himself monitor him, he is very upset recently.

But for Marine, Garp Sensei will still take action this time.

“I got it!”

After the crane was complied, he quickly retreated.

The siege of the storm union has taken shape, and there is not much time left for them.

She must quickly explain everything and bring out Garp, the Old Partner.


At the same time.

The Gorosei who received the request from Marine Headquarters couldn’t believe their ears.

The Storms Union blatantly surrounded Marine Headquarters and destroyed more than half of their World Government intelligence clicks in New World.

They dignified the World Government have not yet begun to deal with the storm union, the storm union actually dared to take the lead in attacking the World Government.

These guys are simply bold.

The bald Gorosei furiously said: “Damn it, Marine Headquarters also raises some rubbish. The Storms Union has mobilized troops on such a large scale. They have only now discovered that these idiots are not going to die!”

“Okay, you pipe down! Our cSystem didn’t give us a reminder, just relying on the information network of Marine, how could they detect it, and now the important thing is how to solve this matter, and Not cursing here!”

Gorosei, the bald head holding a long sword, knocked heavily on the ground with a sword hilt a few times before letting the bald Gorosei quiet down temporarily.

Another Gorosei also opened up the intelligence in his hands and calmly analyzed: “According to the information that Marine Headquarters has worn back, they have no power to stop the forces dispatched by the Storms Union this time, and in terms of powerhouse, the three Admiral are absent. , They are also impossible to be the opponents of the storm union.”

“If you support it, only the group c0 closest to Marine Headquarters can be passed by the Lucci team in time, but this can only support Marine Headquarters, and other basic Marine branches, we can do nothing.”

“After all, with such a long distance, even the fastest Marine Headquarter Kizaru, it is too late to rush back at this time. For those wastes that rush back, no matter how much they go, they will only die.”

“In my opinion, we can authorize Marine to retreat independently, so as not to cause greater losses!”

“With the strength of precognition, it is possible to retreat with a part of Marine.”

This Gorosei finished.

Several other Gorosei in the room were meditating. Even the most grumpy bald Gorosei became silent.

There is no easy way for Yim to be selected as Gorosei.

Even if Gorosei, a bald head who was very angry just before, can rationally analyze the pros and cons of things.

Then opened the mouth and said: “Then let the precognition retreat, so that we can bring some more people back. When the time comes, after we have solved the Revolutionary Army, we will be able to counterattack the storm union with more people.”


Several other Gorosei also spoke up.

“Then, let Marine retreat! I don’t know how many people will be left after the retreat of Marine in New World.”

“It doesn’t matter how many people can survive in Marine. If there are not enough people, then recruit troops, but after New World is lost, I am afraid it will not be so easy to get it back.”

“hmph, what are you afraid of, the “king of heaven” is about to fully wake up! After it wakes up, isn’t it okay for us to retake New World?”

“Since everyone agrees, then I will order Marine Headquarters to let them retreat by themselves.”

For Gorosei, Marine’s life is really not in their eyes. No matter how many deaths they have, as long as they don’t shake the foundation of World Government, they may be just a bunch of numbers. .

From Gorosei’s words, an important piece of news was revealed.

The foundation of World Government, the “king of heaven” is about to fully wake up!

With Yim’s existence, he can still be regarded as one of the “kings of heaven” by the World Government. Even if you only imagine it, you can imagine his power.

And this news is obviously not good news for all forces that are enemies of the World Government.

Not for the Revolutionary Army!

Not for the storm union!

Only at this moment, whether it is the Revolutionary Army or the Storm Trade Union will not know this hidden news.

When they know the news, then it’s time for them to see the terrifying of the “king of heaven”.


“Blubrubru, Blubrubru······”

After a brief phone call.

Precognition Kuzan hung up Gorosei’s call.

At the same time, his heart is slightly sighed in relief.

With the order issued by Gorosei, the recognition is sure to bring more people to life.

In order to reduce the casualties for Marine, precognition Kuzan personally opened up the calls of the various branches of New World, asking them and their bases to abandon New World and retreat quickly!

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