Pirate Storm Master Chapter 719

After receiving the call from precognition.

Among the various branches of New World Marine, it is as if they have received a life-saving straw, one by one is relieved.

While quickly preventing manpower from retreating, it also quickly sent messages to the various Marine bases under their jurisdiction to let them retreat by themselves.

But after they received this news, it was a little late after all.

At the moment they retreated.

The fleet of the storm union moved.

One after another The cannon with a long range and large formidable power, which was transformed by the Mechanical Throne Scientist, was launched from the battleship amidst the rumbling sound of the sky-shaking artillery fire.

bang bang bang!

The sound of the gunfire alone is deafening.

At the moment when the artillery fire really falls, the fireworks that are ruthlessly rising everywhere are like fire like fires of destruction emerging from hell.

Swallowed all the things that were caught in the flames.

The castle made of solid stone turned into fragments of fragments in the artillery fire.

The soldier who had been guarding inside often had no time to escape and turned into a broken body with the city wall.

Even a soldier who is a little further away will be hit by the shock wave generated when the shell explodes.

In just a few rounds of artillery battle, the various Marine branches suffered heavy losses.

Among these Marine branches, with the exception of some higher cannons or large shore defense artillery, they can take advantage of the commanding superiority to hit the battleship of the storm union.

The other cannon shells are of no use to the storm’s battleship.

Cannonballs can’t hit the storm’s battleship at all, and they fall into the sea powerlessly. Apart from blowing up a bunch of splashes and shaking the storm’s battleship, they can’t make much waves.

Oh no!

These artillery fires are still useful.

At least under their interference, some of the battleship’s artillery fire lost its accuracy and hit a lot of space.

And the formidable power of those large coastal defense guns is terrifying extremely, it seems that they were improved by the Begapunk Court Academecian.

These huge might shore defense guns are terrifying in terms of formidable power and accurate head.

If it were not for their small number and slow launch speed, it would take a lot of time to fill one after another giant ammunition.

I am afraid that the casualties they cause to the storm union will double.

Even so, there are no fewer than a dozen battleships destroyed by shore defense artillery, and the number of storm fighters killed by shore defense artillery is almost a thousand.

Know that the battle has just begun.

After both sides of the battle saw the fierce fire from the other side.

Powerhouses in their respective camps have also begun to take action to intercept the roaring shells.

One after another slash soars into the sky, and every slash rise is often accompanied by a cannonball being cut in half by the volley.

Some shells were intercepted by one after another bullet at a distance.

Some were made by snipers, and some were hit by stray bullets from the little soldiers, which happened to detonate.

Although the battles between the various Marine branches and Marine bases and the Storm Trade Union are also wonderful, they are not as good as the battlefield of Marine Headquarters.


During the battle at first, precognition personally used the ice age to freeze the sea, leaving a small gap, allowing the Marine Headquarters’ Battleship to carry the soldier through the Marine Headquarters.

In which direction, not only the storm union has the least force, but also the powerhouse sent by the World Government to support them.

The probability of breaking through from that direction is the greatest, and their losses will be small but not small.


On the battleship of the storm union.

Enel looked at the sea completely frozen by the ice with a playful smile on his face.

“tsk tsk tsk, the sea is frozen! Now, won’t our battleships become live targets that can’t move?”

peng peng peng!

Enel’s tone barely fell, a series of rumbling sounds of artillery fire sounded.

That is a roar of huge coastal defense guns.


Next second.

All the people around Enel who heard the sentence just now turned their eyes to Enel one by one.

“Is this ability a crow’s mouth?”

Enel spread out, “Why are you all looking at me? I didn’t fire these shells!”

Although Enel looked as if he didn’t care about it, dozens of precise lightning strikes broke out after he finished speaking, exploding dozens of shells on him.

Enel was not as calm as he showed.

“hehe, hard-mouthed guy!”

Buretto glanced at Enel, the middle-two guy with disdain.

Even if we only get along for a while, Buretto has almost touched Enel’s character.

After standing up and flexing his muscles and bones, Buretto jumped directly from the battleship and stepped on the thick ice.

Walk towards the precognition standing in front of Marine Headquarters.

“Precognition Kuzan, didn’t expect that the little demon that followed Garp at the time became Marine Fleet Admiral, then let me see how far you are from the Old Guy Garp!”

Garp the Fist left a deep impression in Buretto’s mind. This was the rare powerhouse that was able to convince him with a pair of Iron Fist alone and left a deep psychological shadow.

At the beginning, Garp beat him to the head several times. If Captain Roger hadn’t helped him several times, Buretto might have been arrested by the World Government several years in advance.

Now these old accounts are just retrieved from the precognition Kuzan, this Garp’s discipline.

“Ice Block: Partisan”!

While Buretto was walking towards precognition, precognition also recognized Buretto, a terrifying guy.

Although he doesn’t know how Buretto, a terrifying guy, just ran out of Impel Down, he got involved with the storm union.

But he still shot without the slightest hesitation.

Dealing with Buretto, the monster, even if the precognition has made great advances in the past two years, he dare not look down on it at all, so he directly took action.

It exudes endless chills, just like the “Ice Block: Partisan” of the soldiers of the Nether Nether, which appeared beside Buretto in an instant, and pierced Buretto’s head fiercely.

In the trajectory after “Ice Block: Partisan” was crossed, even the air was frozen.

The sparkling, dense water vapor turns into ice crystals and falls from the air.

“hmph! The flowers are fancy!”

After Buretto quickly turned his head to avoid the tip of Ice Block: Partisan, he raised his hand and punched the Ice Block: Partisan into two parts.

After breaking the tip of the spear.

Buretto’s silhouette disappeared in an instant, and the fast as lightning appeared beside the precognition.

The punch of momentum is big, power is deep directly exploded the air and imprinted on the head of the precognition.


Countless small ice slags, under the power of Buretto’s fist, splashed out like bullets.

The ice layer has sputtered pits of different depths.

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