Pirate Storm Master Chapter 720

But just as the precognition Kuzan’s head was blown out, a huge ice thorn flashed away from the ground, directly knocking Buretto away.


Buretto slid so far out on the ice to stabilize his body!

Buretto glanced at his lower abdomen, which was bleeding from the sharp ice thorn, and sneered.

“It seems that you have made a lot of progress over the years?”

On the other side, the precognition of re-condense the body looks at Buretto with some seriousness.

This kind of physical strength is about to catch up with Kaido Kaido!

What did the Impel Down guys eat? How did Buretto be closed for 20 years, which made him stronger.

Faced with the arrogant Buretto, precognition icily said: “Buretto, you guy escaped from Impel Down, but didn’t want to find a place to hide. Instead, he dared to attack Marine Headquarters boldly. It seems that you are tired of living. Up!”

Faced with precognition’s mouth, Buretto smiled disapprovingly.

Then I shot again.

When he was very young, he understood a truth, no matter how strong it is, whoever has the big fist is the final decision!

So generally when Buretto can speak with his fist, he will never be too beep!

bang bang bang!

The clash of ice and fist, the collision of elements and the body, sounded passionately on the battlefield.

The battle between two top powerhouses.

Under the embellishment of artillery fire, they have become the two most dazzling new stars on the battlefield!

After playing for a while, the strength of precognition gradually emerged. On the battlefield, he began to fight Buretto.

Buretto was more or less affected by the continuous cold of precognition.

His body temperature is slowly dropping, and his rapidly circulating blood is slowly slowing down.

His speed is slowly slowing down.

These unfavorable factors are slowly affecting the strength of Buretto.


“The strength of tsk tsk tsk, precognition Kuzan, is almost the same as that of Baiju Kaido! Didn’t expect to be Marine Fleet Admiral for a few years, but his strength has increased so much! Hehe, Buretto This arrogant guy is going to be unable to hold on anymore, let me go up and help him!”

Watching the battle between Buretto and precognition.

Enel can’t help it.

With itchy hands, he wanted to rush to help Buretto.

After all, Buretto seems to lose if it continues like this.

Robin, who was in charge of the overall planning of this operation, frowned after looking at the precognition a few times.

But not at all let Enel go up to Buretto busy.

Instead, he ordered Enel: “No, you don’t have to worry about Buretto. Enel, go around quickly and cut off the retreat route of Marine Headquarters. We will meet with Marine Headquarters sooner or later. Instead of fighting again in the future, it’s better. Now weaken them as much as possible.”

“Is it this way?” Enel stunned for a moment, then gave Buretto a smirk again: “Hehe, it would be okay to let Buretto this arrogant guy suffer a bit, I’ll go over and solve the retreating Marine first. tsk tsk tsk, I hope I won’t be too disappointed there, at least leave me a few powerhouses to play with me!”


The electric light flickered!

The guy Enel disappeared instantly.

Within a few seconds, Enel appeared on the retreating Battleship.


Although Marine Headquarters has been recruited most of the Marine against the Revolutionary Army.

But there are still close to 30,000 Marine soldiers stationed at Marine Headquarters, Marine headquarters.

These people, plus some of the soldier’s family members who were brought along during the retreat, the total number of people who withdrew from Marine Headquarters at this time was nearly 50,000.

These 50,000 people were arranged on more than one hundred large and small Battleships, and they drove quickly toward the only gap left by the precognition in an orderly manner.

Of course, it is not everyone in Marine Headquarters who chose to leave.

There are many ordinary people on Marine Headquarters who are unwilling to retreat or have no time to retreat. At this time, most of them hide in their houses and dare not come out.

Some even hid in their own basement with food.

Of course, there are Marine soldiers who are unwilling to retreat.

These people are all faithful and determined people.

At the moment they decide to stay, they put their life and death out of the question.

There are about 4000-5000 such people, young people, and old people who have stayed in Marine for a lifetime.

Some of them want to buy time for their evacuated companions, and some want to perish together with people from the storm union.

Some are simply for the justice in their hearts.

Some people want to use their deaths to leave a trace of justice for the world.

Thousands of people and thousands of faces.

People’s hearts are changeable.

But no matter what, these people are determined to sacrifice themselves for the justice in their hearts.

And they finally ushered in endless fire.


After appearing above the Marine Battleship, Enel without the slightest hesitation released an enhanced version of Wan Lei.

Among the storm unions, Enel is the second and most cynical, but he is also the one who does not take life seriously.

Because of this, he has almost no friends in the storm trade union, but he has been a maverick and has his own way.

It is precisely because of this that Robin asked him to take action against these retreating Marine soldiers.

But what Enel couldn’t think of was when he sent ten thousand thunder against the dispatched fleet.

An old man with white hair-Garp.

Several consecutive feet of deng deng deng exploded in the air, and they jumped up from a Battleship issued at an incredible speed.

“damned bastard, get out of the old man!”

Before he could say anything, Garp’s face was smeared with a punch.

What’s more terrifying is that the old man’s fist didn’t know what attributes and powers he was carrying. He actually dodged the semi-elemental transformation and re-flashed it out of the state of elemental transformation.

A solid punch greeted his handsome face completely.

“pu! !!!”

With a punch.

Enel felt that half of his face was completely unconscious, and the pain was numb before it was passed.

He watched as Garp smashed half of his teeth with a punch.

I am even more like a meteor, smashing into the ice layer that was sent down.

Bang!! !

Next moment, a huge ice pit appeared directly beside the only one unfrozen waterway.

It is also fortunate that precognition Kuzan used the “Ice Age” to make hard ice that is as thick and hard as steel.

Otherwise, if Enel smashes out an ice hole and falls into the sea.

He is one of the strongest battle strengths of the storm guild, and he is about to seabed and wait for the rescue of others.



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