Pirate Storm Master Chapter 721

Enel almost became a joke at the same time.

Garp, standing proudly in the sky, once again bloomed with peerless heroism.

It is ushered in the cheers of countless Marine soldiers on the Battleship below!

“Vice Admiral Garp!”

“Hero of the Marines!”


But above the sky, Garp, who was cheered by countless people, had a stinky face and looked unhappy.

No way!

My own son was encircled and suppressed by the World Government and Marine Headquarters. It is no wonder that he is in a good mood.

But Dorag chose the road himself, and Garp can’t do anything about it.

Even as in the current situation, Marine is in danger. Even if he knows that precognition arranges him here, there is some plot against him, but he still has to take action!

After all, he won’t watch Enel bury these Little Brats here.

“Precognition this bastard brat!”

After cursed precognition, Garp frowned and looked down.



With a face like a pig’s head and covered in lightning, Enel slowly climbed up from the ice pit.

He was lifting his head and looked at Garp standing proudly above the sky while stepping on Geppo with a gloomy expression.

This is his fight with Garp’s First Stage, but it left an indelible impression on Enel.

“Damn old fogey, I will kill you!”


The endless electric arc shot from Enel’s eyes, symbolizing the unquenchable anger in Enel’s heart.

“Lei Lai!”

Suddenly, the sky that was still clear and ten thousand li was darkened by dark clouds from where I never knew.

Among the dark clouds, one after another thunder sounds from time to time, and one after another lightning that lights up the clouds, bred and walked through the clouds from time to time.

In the dark clouds that flicker and disappear, it seems that a deeper terrifying is bred!

“Da da da da!”

People have not yet arrived, and a series of heavy machine gun fires have swept over Garp, who is entangled in midair and lightning.

“dang~ dang~ dang~ dang~ !”

After the bullet hit Garp’s body, a series of sparks burst out.

Bullets that can easily sweep through walls, after hitting Garp’s body, apart from relying on huge kinetic energy and the continuous hind legs of Garp, it seems that it can’t bring any other damage to Garp!

“Good opportunity, the spear of thunder and punishment!”

While the empty card keeps playing Garp back.

Enel also seized this good opportunity, directly condensing a Dark Violet’s thunder spear, and locked Garp.

Just like Thundergod punishes the world, it lifts the divine spear high and threw it at the retreating Garp with the force of Thunderbolt!

After being locked by the Spear of Thunder Punishment, even Garp felt a bit of crisis.

But under the impact of nearly a hundred heavy machine guns per second, Garp missed the best time to avoid the spear of lightning.

A moment before Thundergod’s spear approaches.

Enel couldn’t help showing an evil smile on his face.

There is the pleasure of getting revenge, and the wanton killing of Hero of the Marines!

But at the moment the spear of thunder punishment came to him, Garp stretched out his right hand, and in a flash, fiercely caught the spear of thunder punishment.

Then, with the help of the impact of the heavy machine gun, a beautiful turn came from an incredible angle. After a round turn, he actually threw the spear of thunder punishment in a flash again.

The Spear of Thunder Punishment, with Garp’s all-out effort, directly exploded a few laps of sonic boom, and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

When everyone perceives it carefully, they find that there seems to be something else in the previous sonic booms.

“Enel, you idiot, after your lightning was caught by Garp, don’t you know how to control your lightning directly?”

Until the heavy machine gun sweeping Garp stopped, and the anger of empty cards came, the others understood what had just happened.

It turned out that after Garp grabbed Enel’s Thunder Punishment Spear, he directly used Enel’s Thunder Punishment Spear as a weapon and threw it.

And exploded the fighter plane that was turned into an empty card.

You must know the lightning power contained in the spear of thunder that Enel condenses. It is terrifying and irritable.

After all, this was originally a spear of thunder and punishment that Enel used to avenge his blow and condense.

After Garp was used as a weapon, it completely broke out its terrifying side.

In a flash, it shot through an empty card and transformed it with a high-strength alloy. Not to mention, the spear of thunder penetrating through the empty card body only broke out terrifying for a few seconds. formidable power.

It directly exploded a terrifying hole in the clouds behind the empty card.

The terrifying hole even runs through the White Sea and the White Sea, letting the sun shine again on the Marine Headquarters, which is shaded by dark clouds!

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