Pirate Storm Master Chapter 723

With this trick alone, do you still want to hit me a second time?



This time Enel has a long memory, not at all using elemental transformation skills!

Instead, borrowing the fast as lightning speed of lightning, he bursts backwards and evades this fist of Garp!


Although Enel escaped Garp’s fist, but he couldn’t prevent Garp’s unpredictable and mysterious leg!


Poor Enel was kicked away by Garp again.

But compared to the last time I was caught off guard, Enel’s injuries this time are much lighter.

But even with temporary changes, Enel almost feels that his intestines are about to be broken.

“This Old Guy is really difficult!”

In just a few fights, Enel became jealous of Garp.

If you run into Garp, the monster alone, I am afraid I am already thinking about how to escape!

But now I can’t run away!

Whoosh sound!

Enel dragged his injured body, turned into lightning, and distanced Garp again.

For Garp, a purely terrifying powerhouse, only a long distance can give Enel a sense of security!

“Enel, it’s you to entangle this old man, I will complete the task!”

At this moment, the voice of an empty card came from afar.

“Fuck, let me entangle this terrifying old man, did you guy make a mistake? Your eye can see that I can entangle this perverted old man!”

When Enel wants to swear!

The empty card went on to say: “Enel, entangle him, I want to change my form and put all the following people down!”

Enel was taken aback for a moment: “Leave it down? Don’t you want to kill these people?”

“Asshole, did you listen to it when you were in the meeting? If you can catch them alive, why should we kill them? My god still wants to surrender these people?” Kongka replied silently, and quickly said He became a hypnotic battleship.

Some translucent sprays are continuously sprayed on the rear wing of the fighter!

Shrouded in the battleships issued!

“Is that right?”

On the other side, after hearing the empty card’s response, Enel thought about it carefully and found that Robin and Ling Yu seemed to have said so at the time.

This was because he didn’t pay attention at the time.


Since Ling Yu and the others said that at the beginning, they can only temporarily try to see if they can hold down this terrifying old man.

After all, if you let him capture others, besides stunning people, there is really no such convenient method as an empty card.

Facing a powerful Garp like a monster, Enel had no choice but to release a small style he had previously tested against Garp in an enhanced version!

“1 billion volts·lightning prison, go!”

In just one or two seconds, dozens of lightning with the thickness of the arm enveloped Garp from all directions.

Then quickly tightened, gathered, and intertwined into an oval cage, which just covered Garp!

Originally, Enel just hoped that his lightning prison could trap Garp for a few seconds so that he could prepare more time for his empty card.

After all, he didn’t really expect his prison to be trapped in a powerhouse like Garp!

But it was beyond Enel’s expectation, when Garp wanted to get out of this seemingly very difficult to deal with, but actually just that kind of prison.

First, the lightning on the lightning prison, the electric limbs twitched, and then the Lightning Flash flew upside down, bounced onto the rear lightning prison, and the limbs twitched again…

Until several rounds later, Garp barely got rid of the appearance of Lightning Flash, barely stepping on Geppo, controlling himself at a certain height, hanging in the air, and not contacting those power grids, no, electric poles!

This realization of Garp, I just looked at Enel and didn’t say anything.

It made the distributed tens of thousands of Marine soldiers almost desperate.

Their savior, their hero, Vice Admiral Garp, was temporarily trapped in a lightning prison by the despicable fellow Enel.

And the other party also has an equally powerful top powerhouse outside, constantly spraying those unknown sprays to the issued Battleship.

“Swallowing” the life boats carrying their relatives and friends!

On the Battleship below, “Crane” looked at Garp who was trapped in prison with an ugly face.

“What the hell is this guy Garp doing?”

As a companion who has been with Garp for many years, He never believes that a lightning prison of Enel can trap Garp!

Even if you are really stuck.

Will Garp slap the lightning prison with an “anxious look” like he is now, and then be electrocuted out again?

In Crane’s impression, even if Garp smashed his head in a lightning prison, he would not seem to be as serious as he is now, but his teenage years did not hurt him so quietly in the prison!

“cough cough, have you seen it by the crane?”

Garp took a surprised look at the delivered crane, and then he was knocked out again because he touched the lightning prison!

Garp, who happened to fly out on his back, happened to avoid Crane’s sight!

In fact.

It is for Garp to break Enel’s lightning prison.

Although it is a bit difficult, it is not too difficult!

If he really wants to solve it, he can break the lightning prison in a second and get out again!

The way he is now, it’s just that he doesn’t want to go out!

This is an idea he suddenly came up with after hearing the words of the empty card just now!

If the empty card really just stuns these Marines and doesn’t intend to harm their lives, then it seems that you can stop shooting!

Maybe, I can still take this opportunity to get rid of the Supervisor of World Government.

Go and see my son and grandchildren, how are they?

People are not plants, who can be ruthless.

For the justice of Marine, he has devoted his whole life to Garp.

In the end, I miss my son and grandson the most in my heart!

The World Government aggressively encircled his son. Can Garp really remain indifferent?

Although Dorag chose the road himself, in the end, Garp still did not want Dorag to die in front of him.

So he also wants to take this opportunity to give it a try! Can I succeed in the suddenly have a thought?

Can I take this opportunity to sneak out!

Of course.

All this is based on the premise that the empty card really does not intend to harm and kill these Marines, but only intends to capture them!

Although he intends to “sneak away”, Garp’s justice will never tolerate so many Marines being massacred for no reason!


Garp doesn’t mind tearing up this lightning prison, let the guy Kongka taste his angry Iron Fist!