Pirate Storm Master Chapter 724


Although there are empty cards behind them, those on the Battleship covered by spray.

Marine and ordinary people living in Marine Headquarters keep falling down, but Garp’s perverted Kenbunshoku Haki sensed it.

Those who have fallen are only in the simplest form of coma, and their lifeform signs are also normal. Not at all, what life threatening!


Garp feels relieved at this time, but Enel who trapped Garp, suddenly felt a little bulging in his heart!

There is a problem!

There is definitely a problem!

My lightning prison, no matter how outstanding he expected, it is absolutely impossible to trap a guy like Garp for so long!

And, more importantly, don’t look at Garp’s look embarrassed, but in fact, this old fogey didn’t suffer any injuries at all!

Here, the problem is big!

Enel is not a fool!

After realizing that something was wrong, Enel could not think of what conspiracy was brewing in Garp’s lightning prison.

But it also made him think of another way to make mistakes!

“Don’t you like to stay in a lightning prison and not come out? Then you will never come out!”

1 billion volts·lightning prison!

1 billion volts·lightning prison!

1 billion volts · lightning prison!


“Give me, go, go, go!!!”

Enel, with fire in his heart, has played more than a dozen 1 billion volts·lightning prisons in a short period of time!

These dozens of 1 billion volts·lightning prisons! , Like a ball of thread!

One layer, one layer is wrapped outside the lightning prison that trapped Garp.

All of a sudden, the thickness and firmness of the lightning prison have been increased more than ten times!

Enel, who sent out more than a dozen big moves at once, felt that his body was hollowed out, panting and saying: “Don’t you like to stay in it? Then just stay in it for me!”


There are so many layers, almost imprisoning Garp’s strict lightning!

Garp, who was originally relaxed, couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth!

“T’s, are you doing human things? I can’t get out of the first floor, but your t’s actually wrapped me up more than a dozen layers! You don’t want me to go out at all?”

If you talk about the previous lightning prison, Garp can still break through in an instant and get out easily!

Then there are a dozen layers of lightning prisons in front of me, even Garp can no longer easily break through!

If he wants a quick breakthrough, he must pay a part of the price!

This result made Garp feel upset for an instant!

Through the gaps between layers of lightning prisons, Garp sees Enel’s swollen face, which looks like a pig’s head, and is even more flat.

In my heart, there was an impulse to go out without thinking about the cost, opening up that pig-headed face again!

“Asshole brat, I wrote down this account!”

Garp, who was furious in his heart, wrote a note to Enel in his humming in the heart notebook!


Not far away, while dodging the continuous attacks launched by Marine, while speeding up, he sprayed hypnotic spray and stunned the empty cards of Marine Battleship.

It is also a little surprised that Enel really easily trapped Garp, a perverted old man.

Make his work here a lot easier!

Originally, the empty card was ready, and I was ready to face Garp’s raids at any time.

“But this is not bad! It seems that Enel is still useful?”


On the Battleship that Garp flew out of.

At this time, “Crane”‘s face is already ugly!

Regardless of what Garp thought before, at least now, he is really held back.

The circles of lightning prisons already contain terrifying power at this moment. If this power suddenly explodes on the sea.

I’m afraid they can wipe out hundreds of Battleships instantly!

With this intensity of prison, Garp may really be dragged down now.

Looking at the Enel gasped for breath in the distance, there are also empty cards sprayed with unknown potions!

Crane took a deep breath, then stepped on Geppo and quickly rushed towards the “lightning prison” that “trapped” Garp!

No matter what.

For the tens of thousands of Marines and their families below!

Crane have to give it a try to see if he can rescue Garp, the unreliable old bastard!

Crane moves!

Enel and the empty card in the distance were immediately noticed!

The empty card in the distance shouted: “Enel. Stop him, don’t let him release Garp!”

Crane, Marine’s chief of staff, although he is old and frail, he no longer possesses Peak battle strength!

The strength is much worse than Admiral.

But with her strength, after combining the inside with the outside, maybe she can really release Garp!

In that case, this battle will become troublesome again!

“hmph, don’t think about it!”

Facing the crane who came to rescue.

Although Enel is a little strenuous, it still works hard.

A flash rushes to the top of the crane!

From top to bottom.

Waving to find the Golden Rod wrapped in the power of thunderbolt, he hit Vice Admiral Tsuru with a blow!

Bang! boom! boom!

In the face of Enel’s attack, Crane never competed head-on!

The surging power to wash the fruit is surging out, as if it wants to wash away Enel’s attack!

Although Crane did not achieve this level in the end, it also weakened Enel’s attack a lot, and then with a push, he pulled Enel’s attack to other places!

It just seems that Crane seems to be struggling to do this!

“Hey, I’m getting old! I didn’t breathe in doing this when I was a year ago.”

Tsuru, who was a little struggling, blocked Enel’s attack, but was forced to stop the castration.

Looking at the lightning prison not far away, Hexin was unwilling to drink: “Garp, when are you going to stay in that broken cage? Come out soon!”

Garp, who deliberately hid in the lightning prison, was scolded by the crane, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty!

Fortunately, with the blocking of the lightning prison, Crane cannot see Garp’s guilty conscience for the time being!

Otherwise, Crane can guess what Garp is thinking right away!

After calming down a bit, Garp responded loudly: “Give me a while and I will find a way to break through this damn cage, wait a minute!”

Crane hearing this, his face turned black!

Give you a period of time, and give you a period of time, the Marines below will all fall!

It’s that time!

On the release of Battleship, those people from Marine Headquarters really can’t get out!

It was Enel who heard Garp’s voice, but showed a wild smile!

“hmph, dozens of floors of lightning prisons, it is such a good breakthrough, old fogey, you can stay in it for me!”

But Enel’s voice has not fallen yet!

A whoosh sound came from the lightning prison!

In the next second, Garp’s silhouette came out of the lightning prison!

Slaps on the face seemed a bit sudden!

Enel’s smile stiffened on his face!